[Technical Bull] Large capacity with less water! dishwasher


Midea Variable Frequency Dishwasher Fully Automatic Home Embedded Independent Disinfection 16 Sets of Lingdong Island GX1000 Pro


Midea Variable Frequency Dishwasher GX1000Pro is a fully automatic household embedded dishwasher suitable for disinfecting 16 sets of tableware. It adopts a flexible island design, with a fashionable appearance and large capacity, suitable for large gatherings such as family gatherings. As a variable frequency dishwasher, it adopts advanced variable frequency motors and spray systems to ensure stability and efficiency during the dishwashing process. It has multiple washing modes and an intelligent sensing system, which can automatically adjust the washing program according to different tableware materials and stains, saving time and energy. In addition, it also features an independent design for easy cleaning and maintenance, while providing multiple washing and drying modes to meet the needs of different households. Overall, the Midea Variable Frequency Dishwasher GX1000Pro is a powerful and well-designed dishwasher, making it an ideal choice for home kitchens.

Additional information







net weight



Foshan City



gross weight





Chinese mainland

laundry guide

Spray type

Spray arm


time to market

July 2023

warranty period

72 months

Package Size



Guangdong Province

Installation method


Maximum water consumption


Number of tableware sets

16 sets

Energy efficiency rating

Level 1

Maximum washing time

285 minutes

control method

Microcomputer based

Limit of stacking layers

4th floor

Power consumption per time


Opening and closing method

front opening

Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence

Logistics delivery installation service

Delivery to door installation

sort by color

obsidian black

20 reviews for [Technical Bull] Large capacity with less water! dishwasher

  1. Anonymous

    It should be good to install it before moving in

  2. Anonymous

    Not bad, just got it. The installer is very careful and has a large capacity.

  3. Anonymous

    The appearance is very good, perfectly matched, with a large capacity, and the dishes have not been washed yet. Looking forward to using it

  4. Anonymous

    A great product that really frees up hands and solves family conflicts. Recommended for purchase. Cleaning capacity: 16 sets. Sound size: not big. Other features: intelligent

  5. Anonymous

    I have long been optimistic about this dishwasher, and when the event started, I quickly started. It has now been installed and used, which is great. Finally, I have freed my hands! Great! Ha!

  6. Anonymous

    The dishwasher has been installed by the master, and it fits perfectly. The interior is made of stainless steel, and the space is large. The operation interface is user-friendly during the upper test

  7. Anonymous

    I have been paying attention to dishwashers for home decoration for a long time. From last year's gx1000 to this year's pro, I finally got it during Double Eleven. It was installed and it feels good.

  8. Anonymous

    I didn't expect it to be quite big after I opened it. I can fit many bowls in it. I really like this dishwasher! I love it so much! Sound level: It's very quiet! Don't worry about it being noisy.

  9. Anonymous

    It's really good. It can hold a lot of dishes and wash them very clean. It washes dishes at high temperature and it feels good to free your hands. It's also convenient to put dishwashing powder when washing.

  10. Anonymous

    The dishwasher has been installed. In order to install the dishwasher, the refrigerator space was specially emptied. I washed it a few times, which is much more convenient. I hope the quality can be guaranteed for a long time~

  11. Anonymous

    It was my first time to buy a dishwasher and I chose a flagship model, hoping to have a good experience using it.Midea’s dishwasher is pretty good, but Haier’s is a door-type dishwasher, which is not very convenient in the south.

  12. Anonymous

    My wife and I chose this dishwasher after a lot of shopping. It frees up both hands and we no longer have to argue over who washes the dishes. The dishwasher is cleaner than washing the dishes by myself. It is clean, worry-free and safe.

  13. Anonymous

    It's very big and can hold a lot of tableware. It can be used as a disinfection cabinet. The buttons are on the top. I asked the chef and said that all the new models are on top. I don't know what is customary. I haven't lived in it yet.

  14. Anonymous

    My husband looked at online reviews and said the evaluation was very good. I bought it and tried it out, and it was very clean. The first time I used the disinfection and drying function, it took 2 and a half hours, which is still worth it. In the future, it can be washed very quickly.

  15. Anonymous

    After reading a lot of reviews, I finally chose the Midea brand, which is pretty good. The frequently used functions are standard + hot air drying. The tableware is quite clean, but there are still some water stains on the inner wall of the dishwasher.The noise is okay, I don’t feel anything.

  16. Anonymous

    I didn't consider a dishwasher when I renovated it seven years ago. Fortunately, there is a free-standing one that can be installed alone. There is no need to modify the cabinets. I bought a shelf and raised it 40 centimeters without having to bend down. The installer was also very professional and the installation was perfect. !

  17. Anonymous

    I accidentally saw that Midea has a new gx1000pro, which is a three-layer bowl basket with top buttons and comes with a baseboard. The pure black panel matches my home very well, and the size is slightly higher than the original reserved S65. It fits perfectly when the top cover is removed. If you want to install it directly on the ground with a top cover, it will also look good. I recommend it

  18. Anonymous

    I have never bought a dishwasher before, and I was always worried whether the washing effect of machine washing would not be as good as hand washing. I only found out after using it. It washes cleanly and frees up labor. I highly recommend it. The drying effect of dishes and chopsticks is good. The only drawback is that it sometimes dries out. There will be small water droplets on the inner wall of the machine after it is finished, but for me who does not want to store it in the dishwasher, this is not a big problem.

  19. Anonymous

    The cleaning ability of the product is really strong, and the space is very large. The area for placing dishes and chopsticks has been greatly upgraded compared to the previous model. The spray arm is attached to the top, leaving more upper space for placement at will.The installation process was also really awesome! The master was very professional and the cabinet renovation was completed in one go and very efficiently.This customer service aspect is the only one that sucks. I strongly recommend that Midea improve the quality of pre-sales and after-sales customer service. Such a good product is a perfect win at the hardware level, so don’t let it fall short at the customer service level.

  20. Anonymous

    The black appearance has a good texture, it is not particularly bright, and the function adjustments are easy to operate. This set looks big, but in fact, it can only hold a few bowls when it comes to putting pots and lids, so just buy this large capacity one. .I originally wanted to disassemble the skirting line and replace it with my own, but the legs of the dishwasher protruded a little and were not flush with my skirting.I tried cleaning. If I wash it quickly, the time is shorter, but the porridge pot cannot be cleaned and it is not dry. It is suitable for small and clean bowls.After more than an hour of normal cleaning, the effect is not bad. There are only a little water droplets when I take it out, and the drying degree is also very satisfactory.

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