10 sets of fully automatic intelligent oil stain detection dishwashers


Midea dishwasher X4-Y fully automatic household embedded desktop hot air drying and sterilization 10 sets can be installed under the stove

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Midea dishwasher X4-Y is a fully automatic household embedded desktop dishwasher with hot air drying and sterilization function, suitable for 10 sets of tableware. It uses advanced drying technology to thoroughly dry tableware, avoiding water stains and odors. In addition, it also has bactericidal function, which can effectively kill bacteria and ensure the hygiene and safety of tableware. This dishwasher also supports installation under the stove, making it convenient for users to use. In short, the Midea dishwasher X4-Y is a powerful, easy-to-use, and suitable dishwasher for home use.

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Foshan City



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net weight





Chinese mainland

Spray arm


laundry guide

Spray type

time to market

July 2022

control method


warranty period

72 months

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Guangdong Province

Installation method


Maximum water consumption


Number of tableware sets

10 sets

Energy efficiency rating

Level 2

Maximum washing time

178 minutes

Limit of stacking layers

4th floor

Power consumption per time


Opening and closing method

front opening

Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence

Logistics delivery installation service

Delivery to door installation

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deep black

20 reviews for 10 sets of fully automatic intelligent oil stain detection dishwashers

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    Sound size: Can also be cleaned. Capacity: Good. Harvest waiting for installation

  3. Anonymous

    The price-performance ratio is good, the appearance is online, the customer service attitude is good, and the installation was quick and easy.

  4. Anonymous

    The third Midea dishwasher I bought at home. I used the previous two to save trouble, so I will continue to buy them. It fits very well. Sound size: small

  5. Anonymous

    The capacity is just enough, and the cleaning is also quite clean. The black color matches the color tone at home, making it a great helper at home. Not bad.

  6. Anonymous

    This dishwasher is really good, but you don’t have to wash it yourself. It can save for 72 hours. The effect is very good, but it is troublesome to use consumables.

  7. Anonymous

    Sound volume: small.Washing capacity: I think it holds quite a lot. It’s enough to wash the dishes and chopsticks for a family of four every two days.Great value for money.

  8. Anonymous

    The dishwasher has been installed. The chef is very attentive. It has not been used yet. I will tell you after using it. Ten sets should be enough. I am very satisfied so far!

  9. Anonymous

    The house has not been fully renovated yet. Originally, it was planned to be delivered around December 20th, but as Double Eleven cannot cross the month, we will not dismantle or install it for now. We will evaluate the rest later.

  10. Anonymous

    Other features: Under the event, Midea has a high cost performance ratio and excellent customer service! Cleaning capacity: A family of five with ten sets is completely sufficient, with adjustable bowls and baskets, and a large capacity. Sound size: The sound is not loud, and the mute effect is done very well!

  11. Anonymous

    It has just been installed and has not been cleaned yet. However, the old brand should be good. The capacity is enough for a family of three. I can finally free my hands. The master helped move the machine so that it is closer to the sink for convenience. Once installed, the space is perfect. No big changes required~

  12. Anonymous

    It looks very good and is perfectly embedded under the stove. The machine can be installed very well. There are more than enough dishes and chopsticks for a family of four. It is clean and the stainless steel glass products are especially good and shiny.The most important thing is that it frees up my hands, it’s perfect! Love it

  13. Anonymous

    First, let the master help measure the size, and then place an order according to the size given by the master. The order was placed on the first day, and it was delivered at noon the next day. In the afternoon, the master came to help install it. The size measured by the master is very suitable, and even the cabinet door does not need to be removed, perfect

  14. Anonymous

    It’s the same style as my aunt’s house. Seeing that it works well for her family, I also bought it. The 10 sets I bought are suitable for three people in my family. The operation is also simple. The price I bought on Double Eleven is also very beautiful, but because I bought a new home , so it hasn’t been officially used yet. I’ll comment on it when the time comes.

  15. Anonymous

    The product is ok. It looks good and I am very satisfied. I have used it once and it saves effort. However, the installer did not install it very smoothly. The first time he said the hole could not be drilled and the second time the extension tube was not there…Finally, I bought the extension tube online and took care of it.I hope there will be no problems with the product later.

  16. Anonymous

    Before installing the dishwasher, it is important to have the master come to inspect and guide it, otherwise the protruding pre filter valve will be unsightly if it stands 4 centimeters against the dishwasher. After the water and electricity master renovated the pipeline, it fully fitted the overall cabinet. The decoration is on its way to completion, come on, and I can use the dishwasher myself during the Chinese New Year. How about the actual effect

  17. Anonymous

    Sound volume: The sound is very small. Cleaning capacity: It is enough for a small family. The kitchen is relatively small and it is a well-decorated room. I first asked a master to inspect the cabinets, and only the stove can be installed. There are not many choices, so I bought this one. The installation was perfect.It took the master about an hour to install it, and the floor and cabinets were well protected! I haven’t tried washing it yet, but I will comment later after using it.

  18. Anonymous

    For the price, it’s worth it.It meets my own requirements and is basically rinsed clean.Pots and pans can be thrown in.The only drawback is that the upper basket sometimes cannot catch the water outlet at the back, causing the dishwasher door to not close. This happened once or twice after delivery.Everything else is basically fine.If you tumble dry it, it will dry, but you have to dry it overnight.Overall it is worth buying and has high cost performance.Shipping, delivery and installation were quick.I would like to praise the customer service Xiaoqi, he is very patient and professional.

  19. Anonymous

    It’s okay for the price, and it’s pretty clean.The disadvantage is that the operation is not simple and convenient.For example, there is no separate drying button, you have to wash it first before drying it.If a second-hand house like me is stuck on size, I would still recommend this one at this price.If you are newly renovating and the size is up to you, I still recommend buying a larger one. Believe me, no matter how many people you have, the dishwasher must be used to the maximum capacity! Generally speaking, it will not be idle at all, you will just find it too small to put it in 4 or 5 pots go in. Once you get used to it, you want to throw yourself into it and wash it.

  20. Anonymous

    Technology liberates productivity.Excellent for cleaning china and glass.However, there may be residue in the iron pot. It is recommended to briefly rinse the heavy oil stains and residue from the container before putting it in. If it is highly sticky, it is best to brush it off before putting it in.I don’t know whether it’s because the strong mode has a strong impact or because the beads are corrosive. The metallic paint on the chopsticks is a little faded, but it’s not harmful.In addition, I hope the customer service can know more about our products.Since there is no space in the kitchen, I said I would place it on the floor of the balcony.I had two customer service calls and they both said that it cannot be placed directly on the ground, it is best to embed it.But the product description also says that it can be used as a desktop.When I asked why, I was told that the operating surface of the machine was different in level.But I read the comments and found that many buyers placed them directly on the platform, and there was no level difference.When I inquired in detail, the customer service staff just showed me Picture 4 and said there was a height difference of two centimeters without any explanation.In fact, that picture is a visual error. The extra two centimeters are horizontal, not vertical, and do not affect the plane placement.I can understand that customer service hopes that while selling goods, buyers can also buy the products they like, but what should I say… Midea does have many products, but it is better to know more about its own products.The conclusion is that placing it externally on the countertop or the ground does not affect its use.Midea’s after-sales installation technicians were also very capable and installed a water injection port for thirty or forty yuan.If arranged well, it can be loaded easily. It is no problem to wash the wok and steamer at the same time. You can consider buying it.

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