Midea dishwasher desktop installation mini fully automatic


Midea 3 sets of dishwashers, household fully automatic small desktop, no installation, disinfection, sterilization, no installation M10 Pro


Midea’s 3-set dishwasher is a fully automatic small desktop dishwasher for home use. The installation-free disinfection, sterilization and installation-free M10Pro is a small desktop dishwasher suitable for home use.It uses fully automatic washing technology, which can thoroughly clean tableware, disinfect and sterilize, and protect the health of your family.M10Pro has a capacity of 3 sets, which is suitable for daily use at home. No additional installation is required, and it is easy to move and place.It adopts energy-saving design, low energy consumption and low noise, making the washing process more comfortable.In addition, M10Pro also has multiple washing modes and intelligent control functions, which can select the appropriate washing mode according to different tableware and stain levels, making washing more efficient.In short, Midea’s 3 sets of dishwashers are fully automatic small desktop household, installation-free, disinfection, sterilization and installation-free M10Pro. They are fully functional, easy to operate, energy-saving and environmentally friendly dishwashers, making them an ideal choice for home kitchens.

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Spray arm




gross weight


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time to market


laundry guide

Spray type

control method


warranty period

12 months


do the washing up

Package Size


Maximum water consumption


Number of tableware sets

4 sets

Maximum washing time

135 minutes

Limit of stacking layers

2nd floor

Intelligent type

Other Intelligence

Installation method

Platform mounted

Energy efficiency rating

Level three

Power consumption per time


Opening and closing method

front opening

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18 reviews for Midea dishwasher desktop installation mini fully automatic

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    Satisfied with door-to-door delivery

  3. Anonymous

    Strong cleaning power, not very loud, recommended.

  4. Anonymous

    The machine is good, and the installer is very good

  5. Anonymous

    Not bad. Anyway, having a dishwasher is much better than not having one.

  6. Anonymous

    It's very easy to use. I can't leave the dishwasher after using it. The dishes are washed very clean.

  7. Anonymous

    Compact and practical, washes quickly and cleanly, very convenient. No installation required, worth recommending!

  8. Anonymous

    Compact and exquisite, just right next to the sink, no need to worry about water supply and drainage, very convenient.

  9. Anonymous

    I have always liked Midea. This model requires no installation and is very convenient. It can be placed at will. It is very good.

  10. Anonymous

    I purchased it for the second time and it is suitable for placing on the countertop, with manual water addition and high convenience

  11. Anonymous

    I tried it once and found it very clean, but I haven't mastered the drying function yet. The capacity is enough for a family of three.

  12. Anonymous

    Sound size: The sound is not loud. Cleaning capacity: It is acceptable for a family of three. No installation required, overall easy to use

  13. Anonymous

    Sound volume: Very quiet after washing and drying. Washing capacity: Meets daily needs. Other features: Foolish operation can be done with hands.

  14. Anonymous

    Sound size: The sound is relatively low. Cleaning capacity: basically enough for two or three people to use. Other features: No installation, small footprint.

  15. Anonymous

    Sound size: The dishwasher is not very loud and easy to use. Cleaning capacity: It has enough capacity for a family of three to use. Other features: good-looking appearance, simple operation

  16. Anonymous

    It's ok except that it's inconvenient to pour water in every time. It would be nice to have more spouts for basins. Now there is only one. The spout above is too small and has no sense of presence.

  17. Anonymous

    I used it immediately after I received it. It is very easy to wash and clean. The interior space is larger than expected. It is suitable for family members who use it sparingly. I like it very much.Very cost-effective

  18. Anonymous

    Recommended by a friend, it feels great. It has complete functions and the price is right. It is genuine and worthy of the people's trust. The machine is very good and saves electricity. The delivery is timely and the installation is timely. The various services are very good and super considerate. The installation master is very professional and skilled in installation. The service is attentive and enthusiastic, and the use is carefully explained. The quality is also guaranteed. The installation is very standardized. The capacity is large and sufficient. I am very satisfied. The master is very good and patient. The price is affordable and the delivery is fast. It is consistent with what the seller described. The service attitude of the installation master It's better. The installer really considers the customer and likes it. My family likes the color very much. It's a very satisfying purchase.

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