Midea’s new variable frequency disinfection dishwasher Tianjing 1000


Midea dishwasher Tianjing 1000 embedded fully automatic household variable frequency 14 sets of large capacity desktop disinfection integrated


Midea dishwasher Tianjing 1000 embedded fully automatic household variable frequency 14 sets of large capacity desktop disinfection are an efficient and fully automatic dishwasher suitable for household use. It has a large capacity of 14 sets, which can accommodate up to the washing needs of the entire family. Using frequency conversion technology to ensure stable washing effect and energy-saving performance. In addition, it also has a disinfection function to comprehensively disinfect tableware and ensure the health of family members. The Tianjing 1000 dishwasher adopts an embedded design, suitable for installation under the kitchen countertop, saving space, beautiful and practical. It is an integrated desktop dishwasher that is easy to operate and maintain. Overall, the Midea dishwasher Tianjing 1000 is a powerful, efficient, convenient and practical dishwasher suitable for families pursuing high-quality living.

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gross weight


net weight





Chinese mainland

laundry guide

Spray type

Spray arm


time to market

March 2023

warranty period

72 months

Package Size


Installation method


Maximum water consumption


Number of tableware sets

14 sets

Energy efficiency rating

Level 1

Maximum washing time

179 minutes

control method

Microcomputer based

Limit of stacking layers

4th floor

Power consumption per time


Opening and closing method

front opening

Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence

Logistics delivery installation service

Delivery to door installation

sort by color

TJ1000 14 sets of obsidian black

20 reviews for Midea’s new variable frequency disinfection dishwasher Tianjing 1000

  1. Anonymous

    Installed, washed very clean, with ample space, perfect.

  2. Anonymous

    It is more perfect than I expected, very awesome, and worth starting with

  3. Anonymous

    I am very satisfied with the cleanliness, convenience, and effectiveness.

  4. Anonymous

    A product with a high appearance, I tried it on and it was washed very clean, freeing my hands.

  5. Anonymous

    Good reviews, I like it. The gas has not been installed yet. I will use it when the gas is ready!

  6. Anonymous

    The dishwasher has been successfully installed, with powerful functions, simple operation, and good quality

  7. Anonymous

    Cleaning capacity: Large, 15 sets in large quantities, can also be washed in layers, and the items are genuine.

  8. Anonymous

    Received that it has been used. The interior space design is reasonable and the capacity is large. It is very clean and practical to wash

  9. Anonymous

    The logistics is very fast. The installer contacted me by phone in advance. I have not used it yet. I will review it after I have used it.

  10. Anonymous

    The dishwasher has a high appearance and a large capacity. It can hold two pots and is also very clean. It has high-temperature disinfection and storage functions. Like it??

  11. Anonymous

    The machine was shipped and delivered very quickly, and it arrived within a few days of placing the order.It has not been used yet. It looks the same as in the picture. The customer service responded very quickly.

  12. Anonymous

    It was washed very clean and dried well, without any water stains. The capacity is also very large, with a frying pan, a small frying pan, and a milk pan all placed inside. In short, the quality exceeded my expectations.

  13. Anonymous

    It has been installed for several days, and I only tried it out last night. It was washed very clean and shiny, and the rice grains adhered to the spoon were also washed clean. I forgot to take a photo and enlarged the picture to see it

  14. Anonymous

    The dishwasher has been received. It has not been unpacked because it has not been renovated yet. However, I believe in the big brand Midea and look forward to the effect after installation. I also like the customer service and logistics.

  15. Anonymous

    The machine has a large capacity, and can fit all the dishes and pots in a normal meal. It is washed very clean, and the running noise is relatively low, which will not affect normal rest. After using it for a few days, it feels very noisy.

  16. Anonymous

    The yard is still being renovated. I washed the dishes very clean and tried it after installation. At present, in the price range of 4000 plus a little, I have done some homework on this one, which is very good, whether it is the motor, washing method, or drying method

  17. Anonymous

    Before placing an order, I had various worries, but only after using it did I realize that it was really good. Even a large pot of space can be placed inside, truly freeing up my hands. The main feature is the variable frequency motor, which saves water and electricity. It has three layers of spray, and the washing is very clean. If you like it, you can buy it

  18. Anonymous

    The cleaning ability is very strong, and all the old dirt has been washed away. The after-sales service was also very good. I contacted the technician to install it and quickly arranged a time to come and install it. I punched holes to install the lower water pipe, and it went smoothly. The noise of the variable frequency motor is not very high and is completely acceptable.

  19. Anonymous

    Taking advantage of the broken disinfection cabinet at home, I quickly replaced it with a dishwasher, did some homework, and chose to buy Midea. My relatives and friends also recommended it. It saves time, effort, water, and electricity, and has a large capacity to clean dishes for the whole family in one go. It saves a lot of time and effort for the elders, which is very commendable

  20. Anonymous

    I am the first person in our village to buy things online.Most people here don’t shop online.The price of their shopping usually does not exceed five yuan. After hearing that I bought things online, the whole village was shocked. The village chief came to my house and asked my dad, “Am I crazy? I can’t survive this life.” I went out to rent a house and faced a lot of pressure, but I insisted on buying it.I held it up and stood proudly at the entrance of the village, and they jumped into the well. I was so frightened that I quickly put away my treasure, squeezed out of the crowd and ran away.To test, I immediately went to our village to test the effect of the baby in the living room of the village elder’s house, which is 100 meters high. After using it, I walked away with my head held high and my chest held high in the envious eyes of the whole village.

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