Konka 138L disinfection cabinet integrated stove


KONKA Konka Integrated Stove Household Integrated Stove Range Hood Gas Stove Disinfection Cabinet Integrated Collective Stove Authentic


Suitable for various home kitchens, especially for users with limited space who want to improve cooking efficiency. Hurry up and choose Konka integrated stove to revitalize your kitchen!

Additional information



Key type





Chinese mainland

Number of stove eyes


Smoke machine noise


net weight

75kg 72kg 87kg

warranty period

60 months

Rated heat load

5000W 4500W


K06S K05 K07ZS K08ZS KDD10

Energy efficiency rating

Level 1

gross weight

90kg 87kg 99kg 92kg

Disinfection cabinet capacity


time to market

August 2023 May 2019

Gas stove panel material

tempered glass

Ignition method

Pulse electronic ignition

Product Size

900x600x1285mm 900x600x1350mm

Material of range hood panel

tempered glass

Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence

Limit of stacking layers

5 floors and 2 floors

Smoking methods

Side suction and bottom discharge

Smoke hood structure

Shallow cover spanned airfoil

Flameout protection device

Thermocouple flameout protection

Package Size

1015x685x1105mm 1015x685x1120mm 950x650x1120mm

Range hood exhaust volume

26 cubic meters/minute 22 cubic meters/minute 15 cubic meters/minute

sort by color

K05 5000W Black, Color Screen Anti drying Storage, K06S 5000W black, variable frequency air volume disinfection model, K06S 5000W white, variable frequency air volume disinfection model, K07ZS Black, Variable Frequency Air Flow Steaming and Roasting Fried Style, KDD10 4500W black, variable frequency steaming, baking, and frying all-in-one model, K08ZS 5000W black, variable frequency independent steaming, baking, and frying style

fuel type

natural gas, Liquefied gas

17 reviews for Konka 138L disinfection cabinet integrated stove

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    The installer is very professional and patient, like it!

  3. Anonymous

    The smoking effect is good, the appearance is beautiful, and I gave it a five-star rating

  4. Anonymous

    It's very easy to use, as advertised, and the delivery is OK. It's very heavy to carry up the stairs to the third floor!

  5. Anonymous

    The integrated stove has a novel style and is suitable for the aesthetic of young people. It is very good and supports the Konka brand!

  6. Anonymous

    Fashionable style, powerful functions, very practical, the installation master's service is also very good, there is no charge! I must give it a good review!

  7. Anonymous

    The integrated stove has a beautiful style and is easy to use. The quality is not a problem and I am satisfied! Not to mention its appearance, black is very atmospheric and beautiful!

  8. Anonymous

    The actual product is the same as the description. The quality is quite good. The seller has a good attitude and answers all questions. The delivery speed is very fast. It is worth buying.

  9. Anonymous

    The appearance is really amazing, and the installation master replied promptly. Come and install according to the agreed time! I am really satisfied with this product, whether it is the appearance of the integrated stove or the after-sales installation!

  10. Anonymous

    This is very intelligent. It has a hot dish function on the top, and I bought something that can be grilled or steamed. This way, one item can hold several appliances and cook at the same time without waiting. Too happy, value for money, cost-effective choice.

  11. Anonymous

    Super quiet, the oil fume is particularly clean, and there is no smell when cooking in the kitchen. Cooking is also fast, saving a lot of space compared to traditional methods. Steaming and baking are independent and convenient to use, making it the most satisfying item to buy in a new home renovation~

  12. Anonymous

    For the decoration of new houses, we will conduct follow-up reviews after moving in. The test results are very popular, attractive, and intelligent. The delivery guy is average, and the installation technician is pretty good. Good talkative attitude, saying that the quality of the cheap products online is good.

  13. Anonymous

    This integrated stove for steaming and grilling is very convenient, stylish, grand and textured.The integrated stove was installed at your doorstep, and the master was very prompt.After ventilating it today, I tried it out and was very satisfied.If I need it in the future, I will still buy it from you. It must be praised!

  14. Anonymous

    The integrated stove works well, with strong firepower, strong smoking ability, and a beautiful style. I am quite satisfied because it is an old integrated stove and needs to be re drilled when replacing it. There are many things to do. The master has helped me solve it. I am very satisfied with this transaction! Thank you all for your help!

  15. Anonymous

    The style looks as good as described, with fast heating and good oil extraction effect! The decoration effect looks very good and matches my home style very well. Overall, it looks very comfortable. The shipment is fast, the installation is very careful, and the advantages of the integrated stove are obvious. It is beautiful, generous, and multifunctional

  16. Anonymous

    Very good, beautiful, great value for money, with a high level of aesthetics. It eliminates oil fumes very well, and there is a thermal insulation table on top that is also very useful. You no longer have to worry about the dishes getting cold when stir frying. The timing function is even more considerate, and you often have to worry about forgetting something when stewing. This problem has been solved.

  17. Anonymous

    When cooking, you will get angry quickly and cook quickly. Don’t worry, the oil fume is very powerful. There is no oil fume or smell at all. It is smokeless and odorless.It’s really good and easy to use.Now the kitchen is clean and free of fumes.Great! I was worried about the quality of the product at first, but when I got it, I realized that I was completely over-worry! I would like to remind those who want to buy it, when I bought it, the liquefied gas and natural gas were reversed.

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