Wanjiale 22m3 self-cleaning range hood


Wanjiale AL3/TAJ4/AL061 Range Hood Household Kitchen High suction Self Cleaning Side Suction Range Hood


Made of high-quality materials, durable and stylish in appearance, it matches various kitchen styles. The Wanjiale AL3/TAJ4/AL061 range hood is the ideal choice for your kitchen, making your cooking experience more enjoyable and healthy!

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Key type


net weight




gross weight


Product alias



Chinese mainland

time to market

April 2021

warranty period

60 months

Package Size


Range hood brand


Type of range hood

Side suction

Energy efficiency rating

Level 1

Body material

Cold plate spraying

Limit of stacking layers

4th floor

Range hood exhaust volume


Control panel material

tempered glass

Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence

Range hood air pressure

four hundred and fifty

Wanjiale range hood gas stove model



Guangdong Wanjiale Gas Appliance Co., Ltd

3C certificate number

two thousand and twenty-one trillion and ten billion seven hundred and sixteen million three hundred and seventy-seven thousand three hundred and eighty-three

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Grey black [TAJ3] 20m3 suction/automatic cleaning, Silver black [AL3] 21m3 suction/automatic cleaning, Gold black [TAJ4] 21m3 suction/automatic cleaning, Black [AL061] 22m3 suction/automatic cleaning

20 reviews for Wanjiale 22m3 self-cleaning range hood

  1. Anonymous

    The Macro brand is trustworthy.

  2. Anonymous

    Delivery on time: Fast delivery. Sound size: The sound is good, the suction is good, and it is also very beautiful

  3. Anonymous

    It has been installed and is very good. My husband chose this one after choosing from several. It is also a big brand.

  4. Anonymous

    The sound is still good, just a wave of your hand is enough for suction or can it be installed quickly by the master????????

  5. Anonymous

    This range hood is really good, it can be manually turned on, it is very high-tech, and the oil suction effect is also very good.

  6. Anonymous

    Is it easy to clean: Very good. Delivery on time: I received it within two days by express delivery. Sound level: The sound is good, not too noisy.

  7. Anonymous

    Timely delivery, timely installation, meticulous and patient installation master, strong suction power of the range hood, and convenient operation.

  8. Anonymous

    The installation master was very responsible and took 2 hours to complete the installation! It has good suction, just installed and used, and can still be experienced in self-cleaning mode.

  9. Anonymous

    The baby was received, the express delivery was very timely, and it was installed only one day later. It looks very high-end, but it has not been used yet. I will see the effect after using it.

  10. Anonymous

    After using it for a while, I feel it's okay. It's easy to operate. It's actually just one gear. It only takes 90 seconds to stir-fry. The sound is acceptable, but the light is too small!

  11. Anonymous

    Is it easy to clean: It is also possible to remove the panel for cleaning. Sound level: normal sound. Delivery is on time. Delivery is very timely. The scheduled time for delivery to the door is in advance

  12. Anonymous

    Delivery on time: The wind is quite strong, the installation technician is very careful, the range hood looks very high-end, and the customer service attitude is very good. Will introduce friends to purchase.

  13. Anonymous

    The oil absorption effect is good, the installation technician is serious and responsible, and the customer service representative Xiaoqiu has a good attitude. The explanation is detailed and very satisfactory????

  14. Anonymous

    Smoking has a great effect and is affordable. Easy to clean: Easy to clean, glass panels are easy to clean. Sound level: The sound may not be very loud. Delivery is on time: The installer has a good attitude and the installation is fast

  15. Anonymous

    The range hood has been received and installed. Merchants ship quickly and logistics deliver to households. The installation master is skilled in technology and provides meticulous service. The smoking effect of the range hood is good and satisfactory.

  16. Anonymous

    Delivery on time: Macro’s products are as good as ever. I bought a water heater from them before and it was very easy to use. This time I wanted to replace the range hood, so I immediately thought of buying Macro.It really didn’t disappoint me. Whether it’s function, suction power or appearance, it all met my needs. It’s great.

  17. Anonymous

    The sound is okay and acceptable.Door-to-door delivery, the master is Macro’s own after-sales installation, and the service is pretty good.It is recommended to make an appointment in advance~ A check valve is provided. If you have a public flue, you need to prepare one yourself (installation fees may be incurred), or buy the one they provide (no installation fee)

  18. Anonymous

    Is it easy to clean: The renovation of old rural houses requires a range hood. After comparing many brands, styles, prices, suction, functions, etc., we finally decided to buy this black and gold range hood that is easy to clean. It is fast to deliver and free to install. I tried it a few days ago and found that it has a high suction power. The old brand of Wanjiale can be trusted

  19. Anonymous

    High cost-effectiveness, low noise, strong suction. Sure enough, you need to buy this type of high suction machine that is strong enough and fast to install. It will be delivered on the first day and installed on the second day. Additionally, you will need to install a check valve of 100 and dismantle the old machine of 20, which is convenient. The customer service fish ball service is excellent, answering every question and providing detailed and clear explanations.

  20. Anonymous

    The old brand is trustworthy, and it is more reassuring than some fake branded range hoods (such as 38 cubic meters per minute, boasting without making a draft). No need for buttons, gesture swipe to automatically turn on and off, good. It is convenient to remove oil stains, just take out the bottom grid (about 90 centimeters wide) and clean it. Side suction, when the baffle is opened, it does not affect the hands of the stir fry and will not touch the plate, so there is no need to worry about this.

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