[Subor popular model] 23m3 top side double smoking stove


Subor flagship store ML11 range hood gas stove set, top side double suction household high suction stove set

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Subor flagship store ML11 top side dual range hood gas stove set, high suction stove set, bringing a brand new experience to your home kitchen. This range hood adopts advanced top and side dual suction technology, effectively preventing oil fumes from escaping and ensuring fresh kitchen air. Paired with a high-quality gas stove, you can easily cook delicious dishes. The Supor brand is always committed to providing high-quality kitchen appliances, creating a healthy, comfortable, and enjoyable cooking environment for you.

Additional information







warranty period

36 months

Range hood model

Smoke stove set

Type of range hood

Top side double suction

Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence

Range hood exhaust volume

23 cubic meters per minute

Material of control panel for range hood

tempered glass

Category of Smoke Stove Disinfection Set

Smoke and stove elimination combination

3C certificate number

two thousand and twenty-two trillion and ten billion seven hundred and sixteen million four hundred and ninety-seven thousand nine hundred and seventy-one

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ML11 [single product] 23m3 top side double suction single range hood, ML11+MB11S [Set 1] 5.0kw Easy to Clean Strong Fire Stove, ML11+MB16 [Set 2] 5.2kW Easy to Clean Strong Fire Stove, ML11+MB17 [Set 3] 5.2kw Adjustable Stove, ML11+Q8S [set 4] 5.2kW timed stove, ML11+MB16+13R-MM33 [set 5] Smoke stove+13L water heater three piece set, ML11+MB16+303S [Set 6] Smoke stove+90L disinfection cabinet three piece set

fuel type

natural gas, Liquefied gas

20 reviews for [Subor popular model] 23m3 top side double smoking stove

  1. Anonymous

    The thing is really good, it looks very comfortable

  2. Anonymous

    Easy to clean: Yes, pumping effect: very good heating effect: very good delivery time: on time

  3. Anonymous

    It is of high quality, and the use effect is good (pickled Chinese cabbage fish is very timely)

  4. Anonymous

    The range hood and stove are all fine, and the customer service attitude of grabbing lamb is also good

  5. Anonymous

    On time delivery: fast and of good quality! Overall satisfied! The customer service provided by Orange is good

  6. Anonymous

    Oil pumping effect: low sound, strong force, timely delivery, fast installation speed, and patient customer service,

  7. Anonymous

    The master provides free on-site installation, which is professional and fast. The overall effect of the range hood is good

  8. Anonymous

    The machine is aesthetically pleasing, with timely response and careful installation, providing a perfect shopping experience!

  9. Anonymous

    Customer service, fish flavored shredded meat, good guidance, super timely response, good product quality, high appearance, good looking

  10. Anonymous

    Easy to clean: Good cleaning and oil pumping effect: Good effect. Delivery is on time and will arrive the next day with excellent service

  11. Anonymous

    Heating effect: good oil extraction effect: good delivery on time: timely delivery from the seller, good range hood effect, quite good, customer service responds promptly

  12. Anonymous

    Delivery on time: Delivery is very fast, and it arrives in rural areas the next day.Oil pulling effect: It looks very good but has not been used yet.Is it easy to clean the one I bought for my mother? Look at Gao Dashang

  13. Anonymous

    The delivery was very fast, just like the merchant said, the loan was sent to the household. The range hood has been installed and the installation technician is also good. I tried it very well and the suction is also very strong.

  14. Anonymous

    Oil pumping effect: I tried it and lit a cigarette. The heating effect of the suction bar: I boiled a pot of water and felt it was hot and fast. Delivery was very timely. The installation technician made an appointment and came over

  15. Anonymous

    The delivery is fast, and the installation is also fast in rural houses. The smoking effect is also good. I bought it for my parents and will evaluate it after using it for two days. It is worth buying. The customer service replied quickly and recommended it.

  16. Anonymous

    The three piece kitchen set was all selected from Supor, and the seller shipped it quickly. It arrived the next day, and the installation master quickly contacted me. As the kitchen was not fully decorated, it will take some time to install and use it. We will follow up on the review later!

  17. Anonymous

    Is it easy to clean: easy to extract oil. Effect: very good. The customer service is very good. The range hood and lighter are very good. The installer's service is also very good and professional. The delivery speed is also very fast. I give Supor a thumbs up. Really. Very good delivery on time: on time

  18. Anonymous

    Choose Supor for all three piece kitchen sets, big brands are trustworthy! Tall and stylish, worth buying! On the day of arrival, an installation technician contacted me for on-site installation. However, since the kitchen cabinets were not yet installed before the New Year, I am looking forward to the effectiveness of the installation and use this year. I will review it again

  19. Anonymous

    Kitchen brand, trustworthy. I replaced my old kitchen with a new one, and immediately upgraded it to several levels after installation. The experience was very good. The range hood has a good smoking effect, low noise, and strong suction. Customer service responds quickly and patiently. Express delivery is timely and careful, with active communication. The installation master is professional and meticulous, and the service attitude is very good.

  20. Anonymous

    Delivery on time: Delivery was three days ahead of schedule. Great! Oil pumping effect: Just tried plugging it in and the wind is strong! Great! Is it easy to clean: It comes with a self-cleaning function, which is great. The purchasing experience was great, the customer service was great, and the service quality was flawless. Great. The set I bought. Help my new home! The installation master said everything that should be said before installation. The attitude is very good. Very efficient. Ten minute supersonic!

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