Meiling air conditioning fan cooling fan dormitory cooler


Meiling air conditioning fan cooling fan, household small water-cooled fan, bedroom bladeless tower fan, mobile small air conditioner


The Meiling air conditioning fan is a powerful and easy-to-use small air conditioning device, making it an ideal choice for summer cooling.

Additional information





Power mode





1st, 2nd, 3rd gear

warranty period

12 months

Additional features


control method

remote control

Refrigeration method

Water cooling

Does it support sleep mode

not support

Air conditioning fan type

Single cold type

Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence

Water tank capacity

5L (inclusive) -7L (inclusive)

Air conditioning fan timing function

Over 7.5 hours


Hefei Meiling Group Holdings Co., Ltd.

Energy efficiency rating

No energy efficiency level

Air supply type

Natural Wind Sleep Wind Standard Wind

3C certificate number

two thousand and twenty trillion and ten billion seven hundred and two million two hundred and seventy-eight thousand and eighty-four

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Mechanical upgrade version [refrigeration and humidification+upgraded large water tank], Remote control upgrade version [three types of wind+temperature digital display+remote control+refrigeration and humidification+upgraded large water tank], Mechanical flagship model+[upper and lower water addition+refrigeration and humidification+upgraded large water tank], Remote control flagship model+[upper and lower water addition+three types of wind+remote control+refrigeration and humidification+upgraded large water tank], Remote control top configuration+[Add water up and down+Temperature digital display+Three types of wind+Remote control+Refrigeration and humidification+Upgrade large water tank]

20 reviews for Meiling air conditioning fan cooling fan dormitory cooler

  1. Anonymous

    I really like the air conditioner after buying it. It is much stronger than the fan and it really blows out cold air.

  2. Anonymous

    The wind is quite strong, and the sound is also quite quiet. The logistics are also fast, and the packaging is intact and undamaged

  3. Anonymous

    The second one I bought at home is very easy to use, and can afford this price. sisters who hesitates can be sure not to lose to others

  4. Anonymous

    It's the kind I want. When plugged in, it has low sound, strong wind power, multiple functions, and trustworthy quality. It must be praised.

  5. Anonymous

    Received the tower fan, the packaging is intact and undamaged, the logistics is fast, it is easy to install, and the style is beautiful. It is the kind of fan I want

  6. Anonymous

    Mute effect: The sound is quite quiet, and there will be a slight water flow sound when there is cold air. Appearance material: It looks pretty, and the white color is very new,

  7. Anonymous

    The quality of the air conditioning fan is very good, the price/performance ratio is really high, the seller's service attitude is very good, I will continue to buy it if necessary!

  8. Anonymous

    The quality of the tower fan is good, the appearance is beautiful, and the wind blowing out is also very comfortable. There are three adjustable wind speeds, and the sound is still acceptable

  9. Anonymous

    Appearance material: I was really surprised when I got it. The appearance is relatively atmospheric, the wind rate is very large, and it can be used for cooling. It is really good. It can be used without installation and plugging in.

  10. Anonymous

    Appearance and Material: It is very light and easy to lift with one hand. It also has a handheld position. Silent effect: the sound is very low, and water can be added up and down. It has a large capacity and is expected to be durable

  11. Anonymous

    After receiving the goods, I tried them for a few hours and the effect was very good. The humidity increased from 48% to 55%. The effect of the Supor humidifier that was returned a few days earlier is much better. And the price is 40% cheaper, very satisfied.

  12. Anonymous

    Mute effect: generally acceptable. Appearance material: simple and atmospheric, with a texture. Cooling and heating effect: good big brand, high quality, really good. I recommend everyone to buy! Great product! Great user experience, suitable for living room!

  13. Anonymous

    Received, one air conditioning fan with remote control, with slightly higher noise in the first and second gear compared to the * * * gear. But overall applicable, it also comes with 8 ice bottles, a remote control, and a manual, making the product very practical.

  14. Anonymous

    Very good. At this price, the texture is good, and the base is very stable. The sound is acceptable when placed in the living room during the day, and I haven’t used ice crystals yet.The wind is strong, and the water tank is quite large. You can add water from above, which is very convenient.

  15. Anonymous

    First of all, from the outside, it looks slender, so it doesn’t take up much space. Since my home is small, this baby is just what I want.Secondly, the noise is low, and the cooling effect is comparable to that of an air conditioner. Thank you seller, and I wish you a prosperous business and abundant financial resources.

  16. Anonymous

    The wind is quite strong, and it can be cooled by adding water. It is particularly useful in summer. You can put ice crystals in the refrigerator to freeze them, and then put them in water. The water will freeze and become cold. It is very useful in summer, saving electricity compared to air conditioning, cooling better than fans, and water air conditioning. It is recommended to purchase it

  17. Anonymous

    Cooling and heating effect: The wind speed is very fast and can be blown to various modes. There is also a remote control, and even if it is not added to the water tank, the three gears are enough for daily use. It is very cool and comfortable to add to the water tank, which feels like air conditioning. It is very cool, comfortable, convenient, and occupies a small area, which is not a problem

  18. Anonymous

    I have an Oaks at home. I bought it for more than 300 yuan. It is exactly the same as this one. This one is much more cost-effective. I have not used it for the time being. I have packed it up. The packaging itself has a bag, which is very good. If it is not used, just put it on. It's very good when it's on, there won't be any dust. It needs to be chilled for cooling. It will cool down.

  19. Anonymous

    This price is very cost-effective. The water-cooled fan is very comfortable to blow in summer. Although the delivery was violent midway, there were some minor issues with the machine. The seller actively dealt with it, but now there is no trial run, there are no problems. I suggest that the product packaging should be more careful. The delivery is too violent, the product is good, but the delivery is not good

  20. Anonymous

    In fact, it is a cold air conditioner. There is a water pump in the water tank, and then it is cooled through water circulation. The ice crystals are frozen in the refrigerator and put inside to make the water cold and the wind becomes cold. In our hometown, someone pumps in water to make it. This is the principle of cold air conditioning. Very reasonable. This price is very cost-effective. It is not used for the time being. It is packaged. It is designed with a transparent bag inside. It is very good. When not in use, it can be put directly inside. There will be no dust. It is very good. I hope the merchants can improve the packaging. The express delivery is too It was violent. When I received the goods, it was beyond recognition. I was scared to death. I thought it was broken. Fortunately, Meiling is of good quality. I recommend buying it.

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