Chuansheng 24 inch/27 inch 144Hz esports monitor


27 inch 2k curved display LCD IPS secondary screen external laptop 144hz desktop computer ultra-high definition




This is a high-definition monitor suitable for external notebooks and desktop computers. It has the advantages of a curved screen and an LCD IPS panel, making it suitable for various usage scenarios.Whether for work or entertainment, it can provide an excellent visual experience.

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screen ratio

16: 9

refresh rate


Backlight type


Panel type


screen size

27 inches

Interface Type


warranty period

3 years


Chinese mainland

Energy efficiency rating

Level 2

Additional features

Wall mounted

Screen Resolution

2560×1440 pixels

3C certificate number

two thousand and twenty-three trillion and ten billion nine hundred and three million five hundred and eighty-five thousand five hundred and seventy-five

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24-hour photo printing contact free keyboard and mouse set/large mouse pad esports earphones with 3 options, [Must Check Before Auction] Confirmed receipt within 24 hours and receive a 3-year replacement free of charge (excluding special prices), Must See Before Shooting (All Series A+Screen Damage Compensation/Excluding Special Offer), N270 [27 inch straight face 2k+180Hz+FastIPS] special price for the last 3 units, N270 [27 inch straight face true 2K+180Hz+FastIPS+GTG1ms], N270 [27 inch straight facing true 2K+180Hz+quantum dots+QLED screen] pre-sale, CS24F [24 inch straight face+200Hz+FastIPS+high color gamut] original module, CS24F [24 inch straight face+180Hz+FastIPS] original module, CS24F [24 inch straight face+144Hz+IPS] laptop external model, CS27X [27 inch Face to Face 2K-240Hz Fast ips Quantum Dots] Esports Eye Care Recommendation, CS24S [24 inch curved surface+200Hz+high color gamut+Fast fast LCD], CS24S [24 inch curved surface+165Hz+fast LCD], N270 [27 inch straight facing true 2K+165Hz+FastIPS+QLED screen] pre-sale, N270-27 inch straight face 2K-165Hz Fast IPS, CS24S [24 inch curved surface+180Hz+fast LCD], CS27X [27 inch straight face 2K+240Hz+FastIPS] flagship model, CS25S [24 inch straight face 400Hz+high color gamut+GTG0.1Ms] TN competition specific panel, N27F [27 inch straight face 2K+300Hz+FastIPS] original module, CS27L-1k-360Hz Fast IPS panel FPS player preferred, CS274 [27 inch straight face 2K+100Hz+IPS+QLED screen] Quantum dot eye protection

package type

Package One

20 reviews for Chuansheng 24 inch/27 inch 144Hz esports monitor

  1. Anonymous

    Easy to install: easy to display on screen: very clear Appearance Material: very designed

  2. Anonymous

    Easy installation: very simple screen display: very clear appearance Material: feels good to the touch

  3. Anonymous

    Appearance Material: The visual effect is very good, I really like it, and the Mao family also offers gifts as a gift

  4. Anonymous

    The shipment was sent quickly and the screen was received. It was quite good and used for a few days. It was also good

  5. Anonymous

    A good monitor, customer service is also very patient, attitude is good, and they actively help me solve small problems

  6. Anonymous

    Easy installation: Easy to install. Screen display: very comfortable, can choose 200Hz. Appearance material: also acceptable

  7. Anonymous

    Easy to install: better than imagined. Screen display: At this price, it can be said that there is not much adjustment. Appearance and material: affordable

  8. Anonymous

    The screen received a full experience of SF Free Shipping, with good colors and a 2K screen. The installation was also very convenient, and it was well received.

  9. Anonymous

    Easy installation: The base can be easily inserted and is very simple and secure. The screen display shows that there are no defects and it is in good condition. The screen has a high cost performance ratio

  10. Anonymous

    The previous 17-inch laptop felt a bit weird when used to play games. When I connected an external monitor, I realized that there was a big gap. What else do I need from a bicycle? This price is already very good.

  11. Anonymous

    Ease of installation: very simple. Screen display: colorful, very good. I have bought from them many times. The price-performance ratio is really good. It is no different from the ones on the market. It is very good.

  12. Anonymous

    The screen display is good, with a 2K100 refresh rate. Unless it is a heavy gamer, I think it is sufficient. When purchasing, it is important to pay attention to whether the laptop or console can be moved, and what type of wiring port is used

  13. Anonymous

    Easy to install: Simple and easy to display on the screen. The colors are very full and 24 inches are perfect for the size of a computer desk. The LOL is very clear. After reading many reviews, I decided to buy this brand, the king of cost-effectiveness.

  14. Anonymous

    The monitor has been received, and the logistics are fast. The customer service communication is also very friendly, and there are no problems at present. The screen texture is very good, and the colors are very bright, which meets my expectations. It was a pleasant purchase.

  15. Anonymous

    The screen is simple and elegant, with rich colors and high refresh rate. It is a real value to buy this kind of monitor at this price. I like it. The seller’s service attitude is also very good. If the screws on the base cannot be tightened, he replaced me with a new one. It is worth recommending. I plan to buy another one

  16. Anonymous

    The installation is relatively simple, the overall display effect is good, and there are no defects detected. It is a perfect screen. Compared with the old Dell monitor, it feels slightly stronger. Unfortunately, the high-definition interface of the old graphics card cannot support 2k high refresh, and the display standard for matching with the old computer is a bit high. However, it is necessary to consider selecting a high standard in the future. Domestic products are cheap and good.

  17. Anonymous

    Ease of installation: Very easy. Screen display: Perfect appearance. Material: Very good. Overall, it’s great. When I bought it before, I hesitated for a long time and didn’t dare to buy it. After all, with this parameter and price, the price/performance ratio is over the top.But I didn’t have enough budget, so I bought it without any hesitation. I was amazed when I got it. The display is perfect and it supports the bracket arm. What kind of bike do you want at this price? Go ahead!

  18. Anonymous

    Ease of installation: The installation is simple. The display effect is good and delicate. You can also buy a 1080p screen at this price, or 200hz. Don’t be too affordable. This affordable price and excellent screen must be praised for daily office work and audio-visual entertainment. It is enough for playing games. You can adjust the screen brightness and contrast, and you can choose from various preset brightness scenarios. I measured the screen size with a tape measure. It is a standard 24 inches. It is enough for daily use. I hope the quality can be better. Use it for a few more years

  19. Anonymous

    This display screen is really amazing! Its image quality is very clear, with bright and realistic colors, giving me an immersive feeling when watching movies and browsing pictures. Moreover, its refresh rate is very high, and there is no lag phenomenon when playing games or watching videos. In addition, the appearance design of the display screen is also very fashionable, with a narrow border, giving people a simple and beautiful feeling. Its adjustment function is also very convenient, and I can easily adjust parameters such as brightness and contrast according to my needs. Overall, this display screen has excellent performance and reliable quality, and I am very satisfied!

  20. Anonymous

    The packaging of the monitor is very appropriate, the mold should be a male mold, and there should be a space for the speaker on the back. The screen thickness is too thick (I used the Titan Legion G22A before, which was too thin and the screen hanging light was very unstable), but this is not a disadvantage and does not affect the installation of the screen hanging light. I turned on the power and adjusted the screen, and after adjusting it, I can now see it clearly (make sure to adjust the screen when buying it, and the appearance settings have high brightness and contrast, which looks very eye-catching). I played a few rounds of fearless contract at night and experienced it. After a few days, I will review the power indicator light at the bottom of the screen, which is too bright. I think this aspect can be improved.

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