32 curved 165HZ display with fish screen large screen


32 inch desktop computer 165 esports LCD 34 display 27 curved 144HZ high-definition 2K fish screen 24


This esports monitor is an ideal choice for esports enthusiasts, suitable for users who pursue high-definition and smooth visual experience. It is suitable for various scenarios such as gaming, design, and video editing, and is a highly cost-effective display.

Additional information



Panel type




HDR level


refresh rate


screen ratio

16: 9


brand new

Backlight type



SANV (Digital)

Camera type

No camera

screen size

24.5 inches


Chinese mainland

Color gamut

SRGB ≥ 100%

warranty period

36 months

Vertical viewing angle

178 °

Color difference Delta E

≤ 2

average brightness

350cd/m ^ 2

dynamic contrast

50 million: 1

Horizontal visual angle

178 °

Interface Type

HDMI, DP, Audio

Energy efficiency rating

Level 2

Additional features

Wall mounted

Screen Resolution

3840×2160 pixels

Energy efficiency filing number


Touch screen or not

Non touch screen

Grayscale response time

1 millisecond

Does it come with a built-in speaker


Black and white response time

1 millisecond

point distance

zero point two seven four five

After-sales service

Nationwide joint guarantee

3C certificate number

two thousand and twenty-one trillion and ten billion nine hundred and three million three hundred and ninety-seven thousand three hundred and seventy

sort by color

Orange black 24 inch curved surface 1K75HZ, Bright white 24 inch curved surface 1K75HZ, Nightfall black 24 inch straight face 1K165HZ, Atmospheric black 24 inch curved surface 1K165HZ, Black and red 27 inch straight face 1K75HZ, Black 27 inch curved surface 1K75HZ (recommended for office use), White 27 inch curved surface 1K75HZ (recommended for office use), Black 27 inch straight face 2K75HZ, Black Speckle 27 inch Curved 2K75HZ (HD Office), Silver black 27 inch straight face 1K165HZ, Speckled black 27 inch straight face 2K170HZ, Gorgeous black 27 inch curved 1K165HZ (recommended for popular models), Matte black 27 inch curved 2K165HZ (popular high-definition game), Pure black 27 inch curved 2K165HZ lifting and rotating base, Full black 29 inch straight facing 2K200HZ fish screen, Graffiti black 32 inch straight face 1K75HZ, Elegant black 32 inch curved 1K75HZ (recommended for popular models), Apricot white 32 inch curved 1K75HZ (recommended for popular models), Black matte 32 inch curved surface 1K144HZ (game recommendation), Miscellaneous black 32 inch curved surface 1K165HZ (recommended for gaming), Large black 32 inch curved surface 2K75HZ, Pure black 32 inch curved surface 2K120HZ, Gray 32 inch straight face 2K75HZ, Black gray 32 inch straight face 2K165HZ (high-definition gaming), Dark black gray 32 inch curved 2K170HZ (game specific), Double black and gray 32 inch curved 2K170HZ lifting rotating base, Single black 32 inch curved 4K75HZ (suitable for design), Double black 34 inch curved 4K100HZ with fish screen, Deep double black 34 inch curved quasi 4K165HZ with fish screen, Dark gray 34 inch curved surface 4K165HZ with fish screen and TypC

package type

Official standard configuration

20 reviews for 32 curved 165HZ display with fish screen large screen

  1. Anonymous

    Clear and cost-effective

  2. Anonymous

    A cost-effective and good display

  3. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  4. Anonymous

    Easy Installation: Easy Screen Display: Good Appearance Material: Good looking

  5. Anonymous

    The appearance is very nice, the screen resolution is very high, and it looks very comfortable

  6. Anonymous

    Easy installation: very simple screen display: clear color, appearance material: simple and elegant

  7. Anonymous

    Happy New Year, a great and satisfying shopping experience. Convenient, it will be repurchased again.

  8. Anonymous

    Easy to install: Easy to display on the screen: very clear, with a wide field of view, able to parallel many contents

  9. Anonymous

    Easy installation: It is easy for one person to install. Screen display: can be installed. Appearance material: good-looking

  10. Anonymous

    Easy to install: Easy to install. Screen display: Clear display. Appearance material: Beautiful appearance, especially breathing lights

  11. Anonymous

    After waiting for a few days, I finally arrived. The screen is very large and the resolution is very strong. Watching TV and movies is really enjoyable

  12. Anonymous

    The product has been received and the quality is reliable. I recommend friends to continue purchasing. The express logistics service is quite good and worth recommending.

  13. Anonymous

    I bought three yuan in one go, and the busy service provided by the store is really impressive. The price is also very affordable, so I will come back if there is a chance

  14. Anonymous

    I bought one before and it worked well for 2 years. Now that I have a demand, I have bought another one, which is quite good. I am very satisfied with it. Installation is easy: simple

  15. Anonymous

    This display screen is easy to install, the screen display is very clear, and the entire material looks textured, which I personally like.It’s big enough, looks comfortable, and can be used as a TV.Does not tire the eyes.

  16. Anonymous

    Great, very imposing. Watching TV dramas feels even better, and the working line of sight is also very good. Easy to install: easy. Screen display: clear, eye protection. Appearance and material: all very satisfactory. Recommended for purchase

  17. Anonymous

    The installation is very simple, the display resolution is particularly good, and the appearance is fashionable. The seller also specially provided a connecting cable, which took more than a week to come and evaluate, and received positive reviews

  18. Anonymous

    Easy installation: Easy screen display: Good appearance. Material: I really like the quality of the monitor. The black crystal like panel is very beautiful, and the display clarity is high-definition. The cool and warm colors can be adjusted, making it vibrant.

  19. Anonymous

    170Hz refresh rate, perfect for running 3A masterpieces without lagging. Rotate up, down, left, right, pitch angle, and so on freely. The screen is super awesome, large and stylish, and there is a breathing light behind it. The breathing light can be turned off.

  20. Anonymous

    It’s pretty good. I didn’t have much hope at this price, but it’s really pretty good.I would like to remind everyone that you can only use dual screens with a 34-inch screen. I bought the 32-inch screen by mistake.Although I bought the wrong one, I can’t stand the bargain price. If you want to replace the broken screen in your office with a new one, you can rush in. Good reviews, good reviews, good reviews

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