Little Bear Drip Tea and Coffee Pot Fully Automatic Dual Use


Little Bear American style fully automatic coffee maker, household drip type small mini coffee pot, dual-purpose for brewing tea and brewing tea

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N n1 Fully automatic drip brewing, no need for manual operation; N2. Both brewing coffee and brewing tea are compatible, making one machine versatile; N3. Compact and portable, suitable for various home environments; N4. Energy saving and environmental protection, low usage cost. This bear American style fully automatic coffee maker can easily achieve a refreshing cup of coffee in the morning or a cup of fragrant tea in the afternoon. It will become a beautiful scenery in your family, adding infinite flavor to your life.

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warranty period

12 months


111V~240V (inclusive)


American drip filtration

Coffee machine brand

Bear/Little Bear

Coffee machine capacity

Less than 5 cups

Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence


Foshan Shunde Huashen Electrical Appliance Manufacturing Co., Ltd

3C certificate number

two thousand and twelve trillion and ten billion seven hundred and seventeen million five hundred and eighty-eight thousand five hundred and ten

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package type

Official standard configuration

1 review for Little Bear Drip Tea and Coffee Pot Fully Automatic Dual Use

  1. Anonymous

    After receiving the goods, I used them for a while before evaluating them. The appearance of the product was okay, but it did not match the description.But the quality is very poor. The boiled water has a strong plastic smell. When I bought it, I contacted the store. I saw other reviews saying that the boiled water smells of plastic. He told me that there is no plastic smell. I have never bought it. I have been using such a bad product for more than ten days and it still has a strong plastic smell and I dare not drink the boiled water.Bad review, bad review, bad review. He told me to get the pot and wash it with water before using it. I washed it too, boiled the water with vinegar and water, poured out the water, and filled it with fresh water for boiling. It still smells like plastic.Bad review, bad review, bad review.

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