Qianhu Fish Tank Sterilization Lamp UV Ultraviolet Disinfection for Algae Removal


Qianhu Fish Tank Sterilization Lamp UV Lamp for Ultraviolet Disinfection, Algae Removal, Green Removal, Diving Sterilization, Aquatic Fish Pool Water Purification


Qianhu Fish Tank Sterilization Lamp UV Lamp is a UV disinfection and algae removal equipment designed specifically for aquarium enthusiasts. This device can effectively remove green algae, purify water quality, and also sterilize and disinfect fish ponds. It has efficient sterilization ability and can kill various harmful microorganisms, such as bacteria and fungi, providing a safer living environment for fish. In addition, its UV photosynthesis can also promote the growth of aquatic plants, making the fish tank landscape more beautiful. As a professional aquarium fish pond water purification equipment, Qianhu Fish Tank Sterilization Lamp UV Lamp is your ideal choice.

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Qianhu Lake

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UV lamp

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Germicidal lamp

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Indoor fish tank

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Third generation 5W timer+360 degree light barrier, Third generation 7W – Timer+360 degree Light Barrier, Third generation 9W – Timer+360 degree Light Barrier, Third generation 11W timer+360 degree light barrier, 5W, 7W, 9W, 11W, Second generation 15W (power cord 2.8 meters for fish ponds), Second generation 20W (power cord 2.8 meters for fish ponds), Second generation 30W (power cord 2.8 meters for fish ponds), Second generation 40W (power cord 2.8 meters for fish ponds), 3W (for small fish tanks and turtle tanks)

19 reviews for Qianhu Fish Tank Sterilization Lamp UV Ultraviolet Disinfection for Algae Removal

  1. Anonymous

    Second time purchase, really useful

  2. Anonymous

    Very prompt and high quality every time

  3. Anonymous

    Sterilization improves water quality.??????

  4. Anonymous

    The price is expensive, but it is indeed useful.

  5. Anonymous

    I received it, but I haven’t used it yet so I don’t know the effect.Praise first

  6. Anonymous

    Noise free: No noise. Convenience of use: Convenient, easy to set up, and easy to operate.

  7. Anonymous

    The design is innovative and practical, easy to set up, and has a high aesthetic value, which is very good!

  8. Anonymous

    I am quite satisfied, which meets my expectations. The effect is good and convenient to use. The appearance is also quite attractive

  9. Anonymous

    It looks good. The outer layer of the UV lamp is tightly protected and should not leak electricity. Use it for a while before following up on reviews.

  10. Anonymous

    This sterilization lamp is really effective in purifying water. After a few days, the green water turns into clean water, and the effect is very satisfactory

  11. Anonymous

    It's very effective. It became clear after three days. It's very effective against green cocci. I didn't put the lights right in this video because they should be placed where the fish can't be illuminated.

  12. Anonymous

    Since the beginning of fish farming, most of them have used products from Qianhu Family. Sterilizing lamps are essential for fish farming, and the effect is indescribable. The quality and service of major brands are good, recommended!

  13. Anonymous

    There was an algae explosion in the tank before, and the water quickly turned green.Nothing can be seen.Picture 1 was taken before it was used. After using the sterilizing lamp, the effect is really great, the water is clear and translucent.

  14. Anonymous

    This one is good and worth buying. Within a week after changing the water, the water turned green and you couldn’t even see the fish. I bought this one later and after putting it in for half a month, the water became clear. It’s trustworthy.

  15. Anonymous

    The aquarium sterilization lamp is well-designed and can easily block light without harming nitrifying bacteria. The timer is easy to operate, the suction cup is stable, and the effect is obvious after using it. After a month of rampant water mold, it has finally been solved

  16. Anonymous

    The green algae in the fish tank is too troublesome. It needs to be thoroughly cleaned once a week. The apple snails I bought before are almost bursting, but it has not stopped the rampant growth of green algae. I hope this time works and I will follow up with reviews after using them for a while

  17. Anonymous

    The video can prove everything. When the mini parrot was giving birth, its small house was not cleaned. I cleaned the fish tank once and used his UV lamp. The algae was gone and the water was clear! It is recommended that everyone use it and buy a protective cover. The fish don’t get sick and are all healthy!

  18. Anonymous

    I bought one and drove it continuously for three days. The water quality became clear and transparent. When I was excited, I placed an order to buy a spare one. It is indeed a good thing, more advanced than similar products. Come and comment after a week. Whether there is noise or not: No Convenience of use: acceptable. Effect of use: good

  19. Anonymous

    Let me tell you my real thoughts. The quality is great. It turns out that the water is all green and no fish can be seen. This is the effect on the third day. I am really surprised. It is a very satisfying shopping. Although it is a bit expensive, I feel it is still worth it. It is a must. Like??????, it is recommended to buy if the fish tank has green water.

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