Drone obstacle avoidance aerial photography high-definition entry-level remote-controlled aircraft


Drone aerial photography, high-definition professional GPS obstacle avoidance and remote control aircraft, long endurance elementary school student toy four axis aircraft


This drone is a high-definition professional GPS obstacle avoidance remote-controlled aircraft for aerial photography, suitable for elementary school students. It has the characteristic of long endurance and uses four axis aircraft technology to achieve smooth and accurate flight. It has a high-definition camera that can capture high-definition photos and videos. This drone is also equipped with an advanced obstacle avoidance system, which can safely fly in complex environments. In addition, it is easy to operate and suitable for anyone who wants to experience drone flight. Whether used for learning, entertainment, or filming, this drone is an ideal choice.

Additional information

Empty weight

1.5KG and below


Blueside/Radiant Sky Blue

Takeoff total weight

1.5KG and below

maximum flight altitude

Over 120 meters

sort by color

Dual camera obstacle avoidance and stabilization – fixed point hovering, Three camera obstacle avoidance GPS brushless power, Dual camera obstacle avoidance GPS-three-axis gimbal digital image transmission

package type

(One power+one power transmission version), (Two power+one power transmission version), (Three electric+two electric power transmission, Shuangfei version), (Four electric+two electric power transmission, Shuangfei version)

19 reviews for Drone obstacle avoidance aerial photography high-definition entry-level remote-controlled aircraft

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    The aircraft controls very flexibly and flies very high, highly praised!

  3. Anonymous

    The quality is very good, exactly as described by the seller, very satisfied

  4. Anonymous

    Such toys are very helpful for children's hands-on ability and help them adapt and react.

  5. Anonymous

    High cost-effectiveness, this is my second purchase, and all the children at home have arranged for one

  6. Anonymous

    The workmanship is good, and the packaging is also careful. This is my second purchase, I am very satisfied

  7. Anonymous

    There are guardrails, so novices don’t have to worry about damaging the aircraft and can fly with confidence.

  8. Anonymous

    Sure, the child likes it. A hundred or so is indeed better than a few dozen. I bought a 40 minute battery life

  9. Anonymous

    The children have been admiring it these days, and the workmanship is also excellent. The cost-effectiveness is good

  10. Anonymous

    A birthday gift for my son, flying smoothly and with a decent battery life. I plan to buy another one to give to my nephew

  11. Anonymous

    The aerial photography effect is really good. You can directly see the picture by connecting your phone, which is very impressive

  12. Anonymous

    The battery power is still very sufficient. One battery lasts about 20 minutes. Can the flying speed be adjusted? It is more user-friendly.

  13. Anonymous

    It is rare to buy a drone of this quality at this price. I tried it after receiving it and the hovering was very stable, which exceeded my expectations.

  14. Anonymous

    The obstacle avoidance provided by airplanes is really practical, providing a certain degree of protection and preventing beginners from playing around and causing damage to the plane

  15. Anonymous

    Thank you to the customer service technicians of the store for their patient guidance, which allowed me to quickly learn. It is relatively easy to get started and has a high cost performance ratio

  16. Anonymous

    Sensitive response, good aerial image quality, okay. The things are quite good. It is important to pay attention to finding a spacious area with no trees or buildings around for beginners to practice

  17. Anonymous

    I contacted customer service and watched the tutorial together. I learned it in a short while, which made my child very happy. The specific functions are still being studied, and it seems to be very good so far

  18. Anonymous

    The drone flies very steadily and at a long distance, which is loved by both the child and husband. Both of them enjoy playing and feel that it has a high cost performance ratio. The battery is also very durable

  19. Anonymous

    The quality of the drone is not a problem. I only came to comment after playing for a few days. The workmanship and materials are all very good. I took my child to try it out outdoors and it was great to play. The battery life is long

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