Drone aerial camera remote-controlled aircraft obstacle avoidance aircraft


Drone aerial photography, obstacle avoidance, high-definition professional GPS aerial camera, children's toy for primary school students, long endurance remote control aircraft


Equipped with a remote control, it is convenient for you to control the lift and speed of the aircraft.

The most important thing is that it is not just a toy.It is a great tool for your children to explore the world and discover the details of life.Multifunctional and entertaining, it can attract children’s interest and help them improve their innovation and creativity.The learning materials that come with the drone can help kids learn more about drone flying and photography.Whether you are a professional photographer or a beginner, this drone is the ideal choice for you.Let’s start this wonderful aerial photography journey together!



Additional information

Item number


Toy type

Electric toys


Chinese mainland

Applicable gender


Aircraft type


Remote control method


Empty weight

1.5KG and below


Blueside/Radiant Sky Blue

Applicable age

Over 14 years old

Does it include remote control


Applicable age group

≥ 14 years old

maximum flight altitude

120 meters and below

Takeoff total weight

0.25kg (inclusive) -1.5kg (inclusive)

sort by color

6K dual camera anti shake aerial photography – optical flow positioning, 8K dual camera anti shake aerial photography – optical flow positioning, 8KGPS-5G image transmission – three camera brushless power, 8K Brushless GPS~Three Axis Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance

package type

[40 minutes of battery life] One battery+one free piece, [60 minute battery life] Two batteries+one free, [80 minutes of battery life] Three batteries+one free, [100 minute battery life] Four batteries+one free, [120 minute battery life] Five batteries+one free

19 reviews for Drone aerial camera remote-controlled aircraft obstacle avoidance aircraft

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    The flight is very stable and easy to operate

  3. Anonymous

    Buyer did not provide a review within 15 days

  4. Anonymous

    Quality lever drop, worth recommending to everyone

  5. Anonymous

    I am quite satisfied with the shopping and will come back again next time

  6. Anonymous

    It’s great. You can buy this for fun at this price, and it even has a camera.

  7. Anonymous

    Hovering can be said to be very stable, flying several times without any problems

  8. Anonymous

    My babies have had a great time during the Chinese New Year, and the packaging is also great. I am satisfied

  9. Anonymous

    There are guardrails, so novices don’t have to worry about damaging the aircraft and can fly with confidence.

  10. Anonymous

    The quality is indeed much better than I imagined, and the picture quality can meet my aerial photography requirements

  11. Anonymous

    The quality is really impressive, and there are also many accessories included. The protective fence is installed, making it much safer to fly

  12. Anonymous

    It's good to get familiar with children's toys. The children are very happy. It's cost-effective and you don't want to leave it alone.

  13. Anonymous

    After receiving the machine, the children couldn't wait to open it and try it out. They were very excited about the first test flight, even though it was entry-level.

  14. Anonymous

    Customer service is able to answer questions encountered during use, with complete functions and a fine-tuning mode suitable for beginners to learn, with high cost-effectiveness

  15. Anonymous

    I bought it for children to play with. After playing at home for a while, I have to go out and show off. It has many functions and is very cost-effective. I recommend it to my neighbors

  16. Anonymous

    Because I don’t know how to play, I have dropped it many times and it can still be used normally. There are just some traces of friction. It is particularly resistant to falls and collisions.

  17. Anonymous

    It is suitable for children to play with. It has not been broken after several collisions. The battery will not come off at first. The customer service patiently explains and solves problems as soon as possible. Good service.

  18. Anonymous

    This drone is good, very suitable for children to play with. It also has a storage bag, which is very convenient to take out for play. The seller has a very good service attitude and can solve any problems as soon as possible.

  19. Anonymous

    Originally, my child was playing with his phone at home and thinking about buying him a toy to play with and save time on looking at his phone. However, after buying it, he rarely looks at his phone anymore. He even asked me to buy you more batteries, saying that drones are much more interesting than phones.

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