Two wheeled electric scooter HX travel scooter


HX Intelligent Travel X6 Electric Scooter Connected to Mobile App Adult Two wheeled Mini Electric Folding Scooter


The HX Smart Travel X6 electric scooter is a two-wheeled mini electric folding scooter suitable for adults. It combines fashion, convenience and technology.This electric scooter uses the latest smart technology and can be remotely controlled through a mobile phone APP, making it easy to fold and unfold, making it easy to carry and store.

The X6 electric scooter uses high-performance motors and batteries to provide strong power and long-lasting endurance.It has a variety of riding modes that can be adjusted according to different road conditions and needs, making riding more comfortable and safer.In addition, it is equipped with a variety of safety functions, such as speed limit, automatic braking, etc., to ensure safety during riding.

The X6 electric scooter has a stylish and simple appearance design. It is compact when folded and can be easily put into a car trunk or backpack for easy portability.It is suitable for use in various occasions such as cities, parks, scenic spots, etc., and is a good helper for your travels.Through the mobile APP, you can easily control the scooter’s speed, distance, lock and other functions. You can also check the vehicle’s battery status and driving data to facilitate you to understand the vehicle’s condition.

In short, the HX Smart Travel X6 electric scooter is a two-wheeled mini electric folding scooter with a high sense of technology and practicality. It is suitable for adults and is an ideal choice for your urban travel.




Additional information



top speed

Above 20km/h


X6 electric scooter

Compatible platforms


Waterproof performance


time to market

July 11, 2019

Intelligent type

Other Intelligence

Body weight

10kg (inclusive) -15kg (inclusive)


15 ° (inclusive) -20 ° (exclusive)

driven distance

10km (inclusive) -20km (exclusive)

Maximum load capacity

100kg (inclusive) -150kg (exclusive)

Charging duration

5 hours (inclusive) -6 hours (inclusive)

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X6 Dual Battery – HarmonyOS Interconnect (≤ 40 kilometers) Order Free Backpack, X6 Single Battery – HarmonyOS Interconnect (≤ 20 kilometers) Order and Free Backpack, X6 single battery – HarmonyOS Interconnect (≤ 20 kilometers)+seats, X6 dual battery – HarmonyOS Interconnect (≤ 40 kilometers)+seats, X6 single battery (conventional without APP, 15-20 kilometers), X6 dual battery (conventional without APP, 30-35 kilometers), X6 single battery (conventional without APP, 15-20 kilometers)+seats, X6 dual battery (conventional without APP, 30-35 kilometers)+seats

10 reviews for Two wheeled electric scooter HX travel scooter

  1. Anonymous

    Good quality, worth buying, compact and easy to fold

  2. Anonymous

    Practical and convenient, the most important thing is easy to carry.It is very convenient to put it in your schoolbag, carry it out, or put it in the car.

  3. Anonymous

    The kids said it’s fun and performs well, but the battery life depends on how long it lasts.A round trip of 3 kilometers from my home to the station is enough

  4. Anonymous

    Overall very satisfied.Folded up, it can be carried in a backpack, but it’s really not very portable.My son likes the scooter he purchased this time very much.

  5. Anonymous

    Not bad, fast delivery, as recommended by the store, compact and portable, with a battery life that meets the requirements. Can be taken into the subway, satisfied and amazing

  6. Anonymous

    The boss has a very good attitude, explains clearly and patiently, and the product quality is also very good. It is on the Huawei shared platform. Riding quickly and with high safety

  7. Anonymous

    It can be folded really small.It’s the smallest I’ve ever seen.How convenient.Of course, the top speed cannot be compared with the larger ones, but the transportation is not bad.Since we are traveling for a short distance, we won’t add seats.

  8. Anonymous

    It’s so fun. I saw many people riding this brand of bike in Chengdu, so I searched carefully and saw rave reviews. I simply bought a set with the highest configuration. It’s really great. My child can’t put it down. If the battery compartment is anti-theft, Locks are even better

  9. Anonymous

    I have been riding for 21 kilometers since I got my hands on it today. Haha, there is no problem with Normal mode anymore. I dare not try Sport yet. I feel like Normal is enough, with a speed of 15 kilometers per hour… I charged it twice during this time, mainly because it was very convenient to charge. Judging from the power consumption, the claimed range should be no problem. Commuting within 1 kilometer is definitely a miracle!

  10. Anonymous

    Two packages were shipped separately, and one package was signed for. It showed that two packages were received, and it was later confirmed that it was delivered by express delivery.Except for the fact that the lights are off, the car can still climb hills and have good battery life. It climbs about 10 kilometers on a slight slope and 15 kilometers on a flat road.The battery added about 20 kilograms to the car, and the light did not light up and the response was fast. It took a week but no solution was found.The after-sales service is a bit slow.

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