Joyful folding two wheeled electric scooter for commuting


Joyful Electric Scooter Foldable Station Riding Electric Vehicle Adult Small Two Wheeled Scooter Lithium Battery Battery Car


Huanxi Electric Scooter is a foldable standing bike designed specifically for adults, suitable for urban travel and short distance travel. This small two wheeled scooter is favored for its compact design and lightweight weight. The Joyful Electric Scooter uses lithium battery batteries, providing long-lasting power for convenient travel. The characteristics of the Joyful Electric Scooter are its flexibility and ease of use. It is easy to fold and stand for cycling, suitable for use in crowded urban environments. At the same time, it is equipped with an efficient motor and battery, ensuring excellent performance in driving speed and range. The Joyful Electric Scooter is suitable for various occasions, including commuting to work, shopping, leisure travel, etc. It is not only convenient and fast, but also environmentally friendly and energy-saving, making it an ideal choice for urban travel. In addition, the lithium battery design of the Joyful Electric Scooter makes it easy to charge, making it convenient for users to travel anytime, anywhere. The Joyful Electric Scooter is an ideal choice for adult small two wheeled scooters, suitable for users of all body types. It provides excellent performance and comfort while maintaining a high cost performance ratio. Whether beginners or experienced riders, the Joyful Electric Scooter is a reliable and practical choice. Buy the Joyful Electric Scooter now and enjoy a safe and convenient travel experience!

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two rounds

For people


Is it foldable


Does it support apps



HX (Sports Outdoor)

top speed

30km/h and above

Is it a smart car

smart car

Does it support Bluetooth


Load capacity

200kg and above

Pure electric range

Over 65km (inclusive)

Body weight

15kg (inclusive) -25kg (inclusive)

Rim size

8 inches (inclusive) -10 inches (inclusive)

Is it equipped with a seat

Can be equipped with seats

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X9plus orange, X9plus black, X9plus orange+seat, X9plus black+seats, X9plus orange [supports Hongmeng Zhilian APP version], X9plus black [supports Hongmeng Zhilian APP version], X9plus orange [supports Hongmeng Zhilian APP version]+seats, X9plus black [supports Hongmeng Zhilian APP version]+seats



20 reviews for Joyful folding two wheeled electric scooter for commuting

  1. Anonymous

    The lifting limit of the quality bar can reach 40 without any problem!

  2. Anonymous

    The design is very good, and the customer service is very enthusiastic

  3. Anonymous

    Baby received it. The installation is simple, the frame is very sturdy, and it can also be connected to the phone. Good review!

  4. Anonymous

    Shock absorption effect: recommended to use flat roads. Battery life: good. Easy to install: convenient. Product quality: meets expectations

  5. Anonymous

    Shock absorption effect: can maintain battery life: can be installed conveniently: can be folded conveniently Product quality: can be easily used

  6. Anonymous

    Shock absorption effect: When you are shaking, you can try half-squatting, so that you won’t shake too much. When I was riding, my glasses almost shook off.

  7. Anonymous

    Shock-absorbing effect: good battery life: easy to install: all-in-one product quality: very satisfied. We helped customers buy it and shipped it abroad. Customers are very satisfied

  8. Anonymous

    The car is particularly good, with a relatively fast speed. It can be easily folded and placed in the trunk, making it convenient to go anywhere. The main focus is on its portability.

  9. Anonymous

    The scooter received is good, the battery life is good, the acceleration of the whole vehicle is smooth, the operation is simple, and I personally think the shock absorption effect is a bit hard.

  10. Anonymous

    Received the car, it looks very good! The car feels quite sturdy with solid materials, mainly because I can still bring it into the subway station, which solves my problem of walking under the subway??????

  11. Anonymous

    1. The logistics are very fast. I ordered it this afternoon and it arrived the next morning. 2. Authentic materials with sufficient quantity and quantity. 3. Powerful battery, effortless uphill. Review in a few days!

  12. Anonymous

    Battery life: The battery life is impressive, and it only takes 15% of the battery to drop after riding 10 kilometers. Going uphill may require assistance, otherwise it may damage the battery?? The current usage feels very good

  13. Anonymous

    The power is very strong. In school, there can be one week of less classes, but two weeks of classes. However, when the engine is turned on, the power is too strong, which can cause instability in the center of gravity. Adding a seat would be much better

  14. Anonymous

    Because I am a beauty control and practical person, the speed of this model is still very good, but there will be no problem with the car being unstable. The appearance is still difficult to improve, and it feels very solid. Just lock the car with one click app operation~Not bad

  15. Anonymous

    1. The logistics arrive at home quickly in two days and the goods are delivered directly to your doorstep. The welding process is of first-class quality, and the appearance is also beautiful and generous. The overall framework is solid and durable. 3. Easy and fast installation.

  16. Anonymous

    Shock-absorbing effect: The shock-absorbing effect is quite good, more comfortable than the small wheel. Easy to install: It is very convenient to install, just connect the joint with six screws. Product quality: I have already tried riding it, and it is safe to bring my son with me

  17. Anonymous

    Picture 1: The appearance of the whole vehicle is consistent with the seller’s picture. Picture 2: The small bag is sent, I like it very much. Picture 3: After turning it on, press down to drive. Picture 4: During the riding process, you can feel The seat has a shock-absorbing effect and the results of one ride

  18. Anonymous

    Easy to install: It was installed quickly! Shock absorption effect: Very good for walking on the trail! Product quality: Very good workmanship, blind bought, bigger than I expected!!! Battery life: I don’t know yet about the seat It hasn’t been installed yet. Let’s get familiar with it first. I’ll rely on it for express delivery in the future! Since I bought it blindly, the actual car is larger and heavier than I thought. I’m still in the process of setting it up and getting used to it.

  19. Anonymous

    Battery life: Commuting for about 18 kilometers back and forth every day, I still have half of the battery after driving for two days, so the battery description is accurate in terms of shock absorption effect: this car does not have shock absorption, so the shock absorption effect is not required to be too good. You can try a slight squat to reduce vibration in bumpy areas. Product quality: The packaging of the product is quite good, and it is also very heavy and not light. I really like it. The customer service attitude was quite good, and the answers were also very timely

  20. Anonymous

    It’s finally time to unbox it! It’s been almost a week since the car arrived and I haven’t had time to unpack it. Tonight I finally have time to open it and take a look at my big “toy car”.In addition to go-karts and balancing scooters, I have multiple scooters at home, haha! Hey Sen! The scooters look really good, have a texture and are quite heavy. The bodywork is good and the appearance is fashionable and unique.It can also be connected to a mobile phone APP for easy control. I can officially start riding on the ground tomorrow. Riding will bring me a different experience.Wumart, the customer service is also very good, every question is answered immediately, any problem is solved immediately, I must give it a thumbs up.

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