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Space Scooter Xuanlida X590 Youth Non Electric Adult Campus Scooter

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Xuanlida Space Scooter X590 is a space scooter suitable for teenagers, adults and campus transportation.This unique non-electric scooter adopts a simple and stylish design, is lightweight and flexible, and can become a beautiful sight whether on campus or on city streets.

The X590 adopts the latest Xuanlida technology, which gives it super stability. Whether it is driving fast or in complex road conditions, it can maintain a stable posture and ensure the safety of the rider.At the same time, it is also equipped with an advanced braking system, which can brake quickly to ensure the safety of the rider, whether driving at high speed or in an emergency.

The X590 scooter is a very suitable transportation tool for teenagers and adults.It not only has a stylish appearance, but also has excellent performance and can adapt to various road conditions and environments.Whether it’s a short trip on campus or a long trip in the city, it can handle it easily.At the same time, it is also a tool that is very suitable for campus transportation, and can travel to every corner of the campus conveniently and quickly.

In addition, Xuanlida Space Scooter X590 is also equipped with a variety of practical functions, such as smart locks, security lighting, etc., making riding safer and more convenient.In general, Xuanlida Space Scooter X590 is a transportation tool with excellent performance, safety, reliability, practicality and convenience. Both teenagers and adults can benefit from it.




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Space scooter

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Chinese mainland

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five hundred and ninety

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8 years old and above

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12 years old, 14 years old, 8 years old, 11 years old, 9 years old, 10 years old, 13 years old

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14 reviews for Space cycling scooters aged 8 and above

  1. Anonymous

    4-digit not worth it

  2. Anonymous

    Good looking, high playability, and great looks

  3. Anonymous

    A gift for my goddaughter, she really, really likes it

  4. Anonymous

    Getting started quickly and having fun, the quality is also good.

  5. Anonymous

    The children like to play very much, but they rarely spoil the children around them. Good reviews

  6. Anonymous

    Applicable age: 7 to adults. Sorting ease: easy, fast enough to catch up with regular bicycles, easy to operate

  7. Anonymous

    The scooter is very beautiful and of excellent quality. My daughter has learned how to ride it, which is great for exercising!

  8. Anonymous

    I received the car and my child likes it very much. I rode a Decathlon scooter before, so I can play with it easily. It’s great.

  9. Anonymous

    It’s lighter than expected. I can carry the baby by myself. It’s easy to get started. She weighs 95 pounds and 158 pounds. It’s a reference for other mothers. My father and I have tried it. It’s easy to get started.

  10. Anonymous

    The children love it so much. They can both skateboard and ride in space. As soon as the things arrive, they immediately assemble them and go down to play. The child played for half an hour but still refused to come up. Very satisfied????????????????????

  11. Anonymous

    As soon as she received the goods, the little girl rode a few laps and had a great time playing. The scooter is of good quality, sturdy and durable, with good materials, innovative design, and meticulous attention to detail. Both adults and children can play!

  12. Anonymous

    I’m satisfied. My family members say it’s too expensive, but everyone who plays it says it’s too silky smooth. Haha, except for switching from space mode to skateboard mode, it’s a waste of time. It should be fine if I practice more. I’m very satisfied. I rely on it for exercise every day. Played.

  13. Anonymous

    I’m not used to it at first, but I just need to practice it a few times. It’s good to maintain a good balance, and it’s quite a workout. I mainly want to use it as a transportation tool, but it’s troublesome to not be able to go backwards, because I like to go backwards when turning and go forward slowly in the direction of the turn. Get used to it slowly, it’s also a good idea to use this instead of an electric scooter

  14. Anonymous

    Applicable age: both adults and children! Ease of organization: very convenient after familiarity! Baby features: cool appearance, unique functions, easy to master! Material introduction: the material is very good, the workmanship is fine! We bought it for adults to play with! Very happy, take it After arriving, I went cycling in the community! Adults and children are paying attention! It is also very beneficial for exercising! Adults and children who like it can buy it with confidence!

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