Green Connection 1200W Outdoor Power Supply Self driving Camping Tour


Green Union Lithium Iron Phosphate Outdoor Power Supply Mobile 220V Portable Battery Super Capacity Solar Panel Camping Car Energy Storage Household Emergency Reserve 1 kWh Power Bank Official Flagship Store


Green Union Lithium Iron Phosphate Outdoor Power Supply, Mobile 220V Portable Battery, Ultra Large Capacity Solar Panel Camping Vehicle Energy Storage Household Emergency Backup Power Supply. This product not only has a huge battery reserve, reaching an astonishing 1 kWh of electricity, but also has a flexible mobile power function, making it convenient for car charging and outdoor camping use. The product uses lithium iron phosphate material, which has high safety performance, long cycle life, and is environmentally friendly. Supports solar panel charging, allowing devices to be charged anytime, anywhere. Suitable for various outdoor activities and emergency backup. Purchase from the official flagship store, with guaranteed quality and worry free after-sales service.

Additional information






Green Alliance


33.5cm x 22cm x 27cm

Maximum output power


Maximum output power supply


Cell type

Cylindrical aluminum shell

Time required for full charge

1.5 hours

shell material

PC+ABS V0 flame retardant

Battery Type

Lithium iron phosphate battery


Shenzhen BYD Electronics Co., Ltd

Charging mode

Solar charging, direct insertion charging, in car charging

sort by color

Black 1 kWh battery/1200W lithium iron phosphate [Hot selling item], Outdoor package [energy storage+100W solar panel], Outdoor package [energy storage+200W solar panel]

battery capacity


20 reviews for Green Connection 1200W Outdoor Power Supply Self driving Camping Tour

  1. Anonymous

    Very good, easy to use, fast charging speed, and full battery.

  2. Anonymous

    Stable power supply, fast charging speed, and no false labeling of the battery. Big brands are trustworthy.

  3. Anonymous

    After initial use, I feel good! It’s high-end and classy.Check it out later and give me another thumbs up,

  4. Anonymous

    I have obtained the second green connected mobile power supply and hope it will continue to be stable and durable.

  5. Anonymous

    I have been using products from Green Alliance all along, and this time is no exception. I believe it will not disappoint me.

  6. Anonymous

    A highly attractive outdoor power supply, this is a choice for exquisite camping. It also has a strong sense of weight when held in a single hand.

  7. Anonymous

    Still quite user-friendly, the operation is simple and easy to understand. Beautiful appearance. Charge with just one cable, get rid of bulky adapters. Sure.

  8. Anonymous

    The outdoor power supply that I have been longing for has finally arrived. I have been thinking about it for a long time and finally bought it. Haha, I like it.

  9. Anonymous

    Received the goods and fully charged them. Tested them with a 1kw heater and used it continuously for 50 minutes. There is still 5% battery left, and the charging speed is also very fast. Overall, I am quite satisfied.

  10. Anonymous

    This battery works very well! I can use an electric kettle to boil water, a small electric fan, etc. It can display the power consumption and remaining available time, which is quite satisfactory. I recommend purchasing!

  11. Anonymous

    Preparing for long-distance self driving, I compared several options and still chose the 1200W Green Alliance. The design is compact, lithium iron phosphate is relatively safer, and the manufacturing process is excellent.

  12. Anonymous

    I have been using a green connected charging cable, converter, and so on. This time, I wanted to buy a mobile power supply, and the first thing I thought of was the green connected. I received the item and it looks good quality. I hope it works well

  13. Anonymous

    The appearance looks good, as advertised, the socket design is reasonable, the volume is not large, and it is easy to carry and travel. Bluetooth connection to the phone is quite fast. I boil two pots of water (1200 milliliters) and use 87% electricity.

  14. Anonymous

    Just received it. The current situation is as follows: it has not been powered on or tested yet. The packaging is quite tight, and SF Express is still good. There are still gifts that have not arrived. Please contact customer service and give a five-star rating first. Follow up on the review after using it later

  15. Anonymous

    SF Express is fast, Hong Kong received it in just one day, and the shipment is also fast! The app has been connected and the status can be viewed remotely. There are no issues with initial use! It is quite troublesome to switch to using the national standard for A C in Hong Kong, but there is no way to buy this product in Hong Kong!

  16. Anonymous

    I have been paying attention to this outdoor power supply for a long time, and the quality of BYD’s products is unparalleled.One kilowatt hour of electricity is enough for normal camping.The charging speed at home is very fast, and I even got a solar charging panel during the Double Eleven event! I don’t know why it tastes so good to cook with this electric appliance!

  17. Anonymous

    The product is very good. When charging and activating, the display was 100% unresponsive and stuck at 96%. The customer service responded quickly and actively assisted in solving the problem. Later, the charging time remained at 99% for 2 minutes. After reset, it showed 100%. The power generation has not yet been completed to try.Overall it’s very good, and they are very proactive in helping to solve problems.

  18. Anonymous

    To be honest, I bought the second 1kW model of the same model.I thought it was easy to use, lithium iron phosphate was safe, and the capacity was accurate, so I bought another one during the Double 11 event in 2023.I took delivery after using it for a few days, and I still think it’s good.Anything can be used to charge a battery car.Sent by SF Express, well packaged.I bought a lot of Green Alliance products, which are really good.This Double 11 event is awesome and worth buying.

  19. Anonymous

    I have been choosing an outdoor power supply, and I found it among many products. When I saw it for the first time, my eyes lit up. It is outstanding in terms of brand, quality and cost-effectiveness.The size of the product is moderate and easy to carry when camping.For one to two days of going out and driving small-power household appliances, this product is completely sufficient.It’s easy for adults to pick up and doesn’t take up much space in the car.The charging speed is extremely fast, which brings great convenience to camping out.It is recommended that those who need it can buy this product.The merchant’s activities are real. I bought a 100W solar power bank. Thank you.

  20. Anonymous

    At present, the market is filled with a variety of mobile power sources, and those that are falsely labeled and poorly made are benefiting from the loss of regulatory oversight by bureaucratic institutions. They deceive people by any means and act recklessly. This mobile power supply from Lvlian can be said to have a super high cost performance ratio. The products produced by large factories not only have reliable indicators, but also have standardized and authentic small accessories, each with its own independent packaging. Great! After two rounds of charging and discharging, the power supply was basically calibrated. Everyone, take a look at the phones that were charged with it, and the videos they took were all impressive (because they were satisfied with the use, they specifically took a green link horse *?)

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