Pengsheng large capacity non dormant lithium battery used while charging


Pengsheng 12V9V5V high-capacity and high current lithium battery router, optical cat monitoring LED, mobile telecommunications, outdoor testing, UPS, uninterrupted power supply, non-stop, non-sleep, night game treasure


Using large capacity and high current lithium batteries, it can provide long-term stable power supply; N * supports multiple voltage outputs, suitable for various devices such as routers, optical cats, monitoring devices, etc; N * has an external testing function, making it convenient for users to use it anytime, anywhere; N * Support non shutdown and non sleep functions to ensure continuous and stable operation of the device; N * Suitable for outdoor environments of telecommunications, mobile and other operators, such as outdoor monitoring, outdoor lighting, and other scenarios; N * Equipped with LED lighting function, it can provide lighting at night, making it convenient for users to operate; N * is a cost-effective power supply device suitable for situations that require long-term stable power supply.

Additional information






Peng Sheng





shell material


Charging protocol


Rated Capacity

60000 mAh

Maximum output power


Number of USB interfaces


Battery Type

lithium battery

Does it support 220V output


Time required for full charge


Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence


Guangzhou Traveler E-commerce Co., Ltd

battery capacity

20000mAh, 30000mAh, 60000 mAh

19 reviews for Pengsheng large capacity non dormant lithium battery used while charging

  1. Anonymous

    Currently normal.

  2. Anonymous

    Useful, testing in use

  3. Anonymous

    Good review first, not used yet

  4. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  5. Anonymous

    Suitable for outdoor work, fully charged

  6. Anonymous

    It should work, but I haven’t tried it yet.

  7. Anonymous

    I bought the second one and saved a lot of power sockets.

  8. Anonymous

    I just received it and it works fine. I will follow up on it later

  9. Anonymous

    Size: Capacity: Unknown! Product weight: Recharging speed: General

  10. Anonymous

    This is very good for routers to prevent confusion during power outages

  11. Anonymous

    The second one. The first one has been used for several years and everything is normal.

  12. Anonymous

    The things are very good, the logistics are fast, and the customer service is also very enthusiastic

  13. Anonymous

    It’s okay.I just don’t know whether the battery is durable or not. Can I give you a good review first?

  14. Anonymous

    I got 2 batteries left. The 1.5v optical modem 1v router took 16 hours, especially the last battery, which lasted 11 hours. It’s not bad. I’ll buy another one as a spare.

  15. Anonymous

    Strong power supply, equipped with 2 sets of FTTR equipment for half a day without any problems, stable power supply, suitable size and weight, and no problem with outdoor lighting cats.

  16. Anonymous

    The stuff is very good and feels better than the other one.The cables are also regular, but the charging adapter gets hot and has a strange smell. I used an adapter from another company, which may be slower but not hot.

  17. Anonymous

    The merchant fills in the wrong price, sells it at a broken price, and loses money on each sale.In fact, the merchant did not ship the goods but shipped them anyway. In fact, I could have made many orders, but I only placed one order.

  18. Anonymous

    The product details indicate that the 5V current can reach 3A, but the actual measurement only shows 1A current. The 60000 milliampere battery capacity did not achieve the desired effect, and the battery was falsely labeled. The product will be returned to the courier station, which does not accept equipment with batteries. Shipping to SF Express is too expensive and exceeds the shipping insurance. Whoever buys it will regret it

  19. Anonymous

    The goods have been received and tested. The product is very good, the workmanship is fine and beautiful, and the battery is not empty. It has been used for five hours and three lights are still on. The seller has a high reputation. The product is brand new original packaging, and I took a picture of 20000 milliamperes. I would like to take it with me for convenience. I would like to express my gratitude and also thank Taobao. With Taobao, you can buy anything. I love to watch this and that on Taobao, and learn more about the products. Size: suitable Capacity: suitable

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