Knight Cole NB10000 carbon fiber 20W fast charging mobile power bank outdoor fast charging bag


NITECORE NB10000 carbon fiber milliampere 20W fast charging mobile power bank outdoor power bank


The NITECORE NB10000 carbon fiber 20W fast charging mobile power bank is suitable for outdoor power supply and is a powerful tool that combines high performance, lightweight, and portability. This product adopts the latest power management technology independently developed by NITECORE, which not only has strong battery storage capacity, but also provides up to 20W fast charging for your phone, tablet, and other devices through upgraded dual USB output ports. In addition, the product casing is made of high-strength carbon fiber material, which is lightweight, sturdy, and durable, while also possessing waterproof and dustproof characteristics, suitable for various outdoor environments. Its capacity of 10000mAh is sufficient to meet the needs of short distance travel or daily outings. This mobile power bank is perfect for outdoor activities such as exploration, camping, and hiking. No matter where you are, it can always provide you with the power you need. Choose the NITECORE NB10000 carbon fiber mobile power bank to make your outdoor life more convenient and safe.

Additional information






Card type




150 grams

Cell type

Soft Case

Rated Capacity




Maximum output power


Number of USB interfaces


shell material

carbon fiber


Bidirectional fast charging

Battery Type

lithium polymer battery


Ximai Technology Co., Ltd

Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence

Charging protocol

QC2.0, QC3.0, PD fast charging

battery capacity


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Nc1000, Nb10000 black updated 150g limited time flash sale, Nb10000 Silver Renewal 150g, Nb20000 325g rechargeable notebook, Summit10000 Extreme Cold -40, Summit20000 Extreme Cold -40, Carob20000, Carob10000, Npb4 waterproof 20000

20 reviews for Knight Cole NB10000 carbon fiber 20W fast charging mobile power bank outdoor fast charging bag

  1. Anonymous

    fair price

  2. Anonymous

    Very good, authentic

  3. Anonymous

    Very good and practical

  4. Anonymous

    Lightweight and compact

  5. Anonymous

    It really has to be light.

  6. Anonymous

    It’s quite lightweight, great????

  7. Anonymous

    Very good, very small and exquisite.

  8. Anonymous

    Lightweight and compact, convenient to carry.

  9. Anonymous

    Buyer did not provide a review within 15 days

  10. Anonymous

    Take it to Mount Everest, I hope it works well~

  11. Anonymous

    It’s smaller and lighter than expected. I’m sorry, it’s easy to use.

  12. Anonymous

    Lightweight, mainly used for smartphones and smartphones, qualified.

  13. Anonymous

    It’s very light, thin, and small, so it’s easy to take on a plane!

  14. Anonymous

    I only realized after charging that the first battery indicator did not light up

  15. Anonymous

    Not bad, a 4500 battery can be charged twice, and the most important thing is portability

  16. Anonymous

    Fast charging, small size and weight, this is just right for outdoor use throughout the day.

  17. Anonymous

    It’s very light and compact. I bought it for traveling. All power banks on the market are too heavy.

  18. Anonymous

    Brother, you are so light. I weighed it and it is lighter than a mobile phone. I will take you with me when I go on a business trip.

  19. Anonymous

    The workmanship may not be perfect, but it is acceptable. One of the four indicator lights on each side is not on, as long as it is functional.

  20. Anonymous

    I charged a 13, an xr to 80%, and still managed to light up two lights. This thing is too NB, with a speed similar to what Anke feels. There is no specific time calculation, so I decided to buy two more

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