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DJI Power 500


DJI Power 500 is a portable outdoor mobile power supply suitable for camping, outdoor use, in car use, and self driving emergency backup. This power supply has a 220V true high power, which can meet the charging needs of various electrical devices. Its portable design makes it easy to carry, making it easy to handle both outdoor camping and outdoor activities. In addition, it also has an efficient fast charging function, which can quickly charge various mobile devices and improve the convenience of outdoor use. The nPower 500 has sufficient backup power to cope with various emergencies, such as vehicle power outages, device battery depletion, etc. It also supports multiple charging methods, including USB output, car charging interface, and AC output, which can meet the different needs of users. In addition, the Power 500 also has safety features such as overload protection and overcurrent protection, ensuring the safety of users during use. Overall, the DJI Power 500 is a powerful, safe, reliable, and easy to carry outdoor energy storage power source, making it an ideal choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

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DJI Power 500




305mm * 207mm * 177mm

Maximum output power


Maximum output power supply


Cell type

Cylindrical aluminum shell

Battery Type

Lithium iron phosphate battery

Charging mode

Solar charging, direct insertion charging, in car charging, USB charging

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DJI Power 500, Power 500+120W solar panel+car charging to SDC charging cable, Power 500+Mavic 3 series fast charging cable, Power 500+Air 3 fast charging cable

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19 reviews for DJIPower500 DJI Outdoor Power Supply

  1. Anonymous

    DJI products are as good as ever

  2. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  3. Anonymous

    The quality of DJI is still very, very excellent!

  4. Anonymous

    Received, there is 55% electricity and the charging speed is very fast.

  5. Anonymous

    Did it take more than 7 hours to provide power to the dead and the lost??

  6. Anonymous

    I bought this after looking at it for a long time. I was not disappointed. It was exactly what I wanted. Like it.

  7. Anonymous

    It’s quite heavy. It’s a bit inconvenient not to have a 500 special bag. Otherwise, it’s okay. It still feels quite big.

  8. Anonymous

    The appearance remains the same as before, and the DJI design has a fast charging speed, weighing over 7 kilograms, which is still acceptable

  9. Anonymous

    The products produced by DJI must be high-quality. It can make tea for camping and boil 5 pots of water, which can meet the camping needs of two to three families.

  10. Anonymous

    The DJI POWER 500 is particularly suitable for outdoor office scenarios, and can be played all day with a computer. The workmanship is also very, very good, a blessing for OCD patients??

  11. Anonymous

    The customer service staff were very enthusiastic, the packaging was very sturdy, and it was a pleasant surprise when opened. The big brand is trustworthy, and we strongly recommend????????????

  12. Anonymous

    Paired with the Mavic 3 fast charging head, it is simply amazing. The plane is still flying, the power supply is charged here, and it is very convenient to carry. It should be able to meet the needs of live broadcasts and large-scale events.I believe 1000 is better!

  13. Anonymous

    The appearance is very exquisite, charging is faster than expected, and the interfaces are also very complete. The display screen is very simple, but everything that should be displayed is displayed. Just received it and opened it gives a very good feeling, I really like it!

  14. Anonymous

    DJI’s outdoor power supply is simply my best long-distance travel companion! It’s good-looking, and it’s used by big brands. It’s compact and lightweight, and the handle design is so considerate that I, a girl, can carry it around without any stress.There are many interfaces that can charge mobile phones, tablets, Bluetooth speakers, and drones at the same time.There is no noise, so you can listen to music, watch movies and sleep without being disturbed. It’s so comfortable!

  15. Anonymous

    I am a long-time fan of DJI, and after comparing it with the electrician Xiaoer and Zhenghao for a long time, I finally bought the DJI 0.5 kilowatt hour.I took it out for camping immediately. The charging speed was very fast. I could charge six or seven different devices at the same time. It was quite stable.Now I have to go camping in the suburbs every weekend to relax for a day, and the whole family no longer has to worry about the electronic equipment used.Still highly recommended.

  16. Anonymous

    As soon as I received the goods, I couldn’t wait to take it out to camp with my friends. The experience was great! It charges really fast, and the phone was charged to 90% after eating a piece of bread. The battery is very large, and six people used it for an afternoon. , I charged my stereo, mobile phone, and drone, and in the end I still had a lot of power! It also charged the power supply very quickly, and it was fully charged in an hour.It is very light in weight and can be picked up by girls with one hand, and it does not take up much space at home or in the car.I will consider buying a solar charging panel and a car charger later so that I can charge while traveling by car with my friends!

  17. Anonymous

    I plan to purchase this power supply for outdoor live streaming. After comparing it repeatedly between Power1000 and Power500, I ultimately chose Power500; This power supply mainly attracts me for the following reasons: 1. The quality of DJI is trustworthy, 2. It is 10 pounds lighter than a 1 kWh power 1000, 3. It self charges quickly, 4. It has SDC technology and is very friendly to DJI’s own ecology! To self charge, the 540W button needs to be activated. The measured peak data can reach 600W, and the theoretical value of full charge is 70 minutes; The SDC technology can charge the battery of DJI Yu3 to a power of about 140W, and it only takes about 30 minutes to charge 20% to 90%, achieving a continuous outdoor flight state # DJI/DJI # Outdoor # Camping

  18. Anonymous

    After choosing among several brands for a long time, I finally chose DJI.I usually like to fly when I have nothing to do. Power is the only one that can quickly charge my air 3, which is an absolute advantage! The logistics is super fast and the packaging is very beautiful!! I was worried that there would be bumps and bumps… The goods arrived today I immediately took it out for a self-driving trip.For female car owners, the 500 is relatively light, sufficient, and looks good, making it a good purchase.In terms of use, it is also quite beginner-friendly.You can adjust the input power by yourself, and the display screen is easy to operate.If you have any questions along the way, please consult the customer service lady, and she will answer every question patiently! The most important thing is that my little plane achieved battery freedom on the first day, I love it??

  19. Anonymous

    Since I bought the DJI Power500 secondary device, I am no longer afraid of running out of power. It is a perfect match to use with DJI drones. I have compiled 8 points of experience from using these angels; 1. DJI Mobile Power Supply 0.5 degrees, lightweight and portable, injecting energy into your device at any time, making convenience ubiquitous. 2. Powerful energy of 0.5 degrees, all at DJI Mobile Power. Easy to carry, convenient to use, and charge your life anytime, anywhere. 3. DJI Mobile Power Supply 0.5 degrees, compact and extremely convenient. Always by your side, providing a continuous source of power for your electronic devices. 4. Convenient life, starting from DJI Mobile Power 0.5 degrees. Easy to carry and use, keep your mobile device energized at all times. 5. With a 0.5 degree battery, DJI Mobile Power can easily accommodate it. Convenient to carry and easy to use, it is your best companion for travel. 6. DJI Mobile Power Supply 0.5 degrees, simple and practical, convenient and practical. Charge your phone, tablet, and other devices at any time. 7. The compact and portable DJI Mobile Power Supply has a 0.5 degree rating, allowing you to bid farewell to battery anxiety and enjoy a convenient charging experience. 8. Convenient to carry and easy to charge, the DJI Mobile Power Supply is 0.5 degrees Celsius, providing protection for your convenient life.

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