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Xiaomi Mi Home Photo Printer 1S Small Phone Photo Color Printing Intelligent Wireless Connection Polaroid Photo Washing Machine Photo Paper Album


The Xiaomi Mi Home Photo Printer 1S is a small mobile phone photo color printing intelligent wireless connected Polaroid photo washing machine, suitable for printing photos of various sizes. This printer uses high-quality photo paper, supports color printing, and offers multiple printing modes to meet both personal and commercial needs. Its intelligent connection function makes printing easier, allowing for quick connection to devices such as phones and tablets without the need for complex settings. Meanwhile, this printer also supports continuous printing, making photo printing more efficient. The design of photo paper and album also takes into account the storage needs of users, making it very suitable for home or small commercial use. In short, the Xiaomi Mi Home Photo Printer 1S is a powerful and easy-to-use photo printer, making it the ideal choice for printing photos.

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Xiaomi Mi Home Photo Printer 1S

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20 reviews for Mi Home Photo Printer 1S Color

  1. Anonymous

    The printed photos are very good, and the colors are quite restored

  2. Anonymous

    Okay, not too good. The overall color is light, and some photos have spots

  3. Anonymous

    The photo printing is relatively clear and the quality is good. I gave it a good review

  4. Anonymous

    Finally connected. The production is very smooth. The color is very good. Perfect for home use.

  5. Anonymous

    Compact and space saving, easy to install, you can print photos anytime, anywhere in the future!

  6. Anonymous

    A very good printer is designed to print photos. Hahaha, I love it. The customer service attitude is also great

  7. Anonymous

    Fast shipping is really fast, and the printing effect is also good. However, the link is a bit weak, so you may need to be patient????

  8. Anonymous

    I don’t know if it was my first time printing with ribbons. I used the filter inside to get a purple color, but it got better afterward and was quite clear.

  9. Anonymous

    This photo printer package from Xiaomi is super practical and comes with a photo album of very good quality! You no longer have to go out to develop photos and you can print freely at home~

  10. Anonymous

    The appearance design of the machine is simple and atmospheric, the photos are printed clearly, customer service patiently answers questions, fast delivery, and all aspects of quality are satisfactory

  11. Anonymous

    Mainly use Xiaomi mobile phone to connect and print. It is enough for photo printing to record life. I don’t like the photos to fill up. There should be a place to set batches without cropping. I haven’t found it yet.

  12. Anonymous

    I want to give it to my best friend who has just given birth, so I haven’t opened the package. I hope that when she wants to show off the baby, she will print out the photo of the baby instead of sending it to me. I hate children.

  13. Anonymous

    The connection is very convenient and the printing is very fast. I bought more than 100 pieces of photo paper to print wedding photos and gifts for the company’s annual meeting. It is easy to use and I recommend it to my colleagues.

  14. Anonymous

    The printer is pretty good, with a high degree of reproduction. The clarity and color of the photos printed are good, and the speed is not too slow. The photos taken casually can be printed very conveniently. Would it be better if the photo paper is cheaper??

  15. Anonymous

    Due to habit, connecting to a computer for printing, using Photoshop to open a professional color test file for printing, and comparing it with the display on the iPad, the colors and levels are basically accurate, and can print without borders, which is worth having.

  16. Anonymous

    The photo printer is indeed more accurate than ordinary inkjet printers, with high color reproduction, fast printing speed, convenient installation of photo paper, automatic film coating and waterproofing, and shared printing! Just one mobile power supply is enough for outdoor use!

  17. Anonymous

    Xiaomi’s traditional packaging is exquisite, simple in design, and cost-effective.The printout looks a little different from the color on the phone screen, but it’s very clear. You can see the pores on your hands. The APP comes with filters and can be cropped. It’s great value for money.

  18. Anonymous

    I like the appearance of this printer, very simple and beautiful.It’s also nice to have two sizes: six inches and three inches.The six-inch model does not come with adhesive. I didn’t notice it before buying it, so I have to buy another adhesive.Printing is very convenient and smooth, no problems.

  19. Anonymous

    The machine was produced in November 2023 and is very new and brand new. We have not received any similar returns or exchanges in the comment section. We have printed several photos, and the overall reproduction and clarity are good. There is no obvious color deviation, and occasionally there may be a point on the photo that is not printed properly. The cost-effectiveness is also the highest among the mainstream photo printers, which is convenient to store and has a small white color with high aesthetic value

  20. Anonymous

    Sometimes there may be errors in printing, but small flaws are harmless and can be used for bookkeeping. The biggest problem may be that the three inch photo paper is sold too expensive, and occasionally the color reproduction is quite strange. However, after printing 6 copies, one of them is very stunning with a high degree of reproduction, and the other one is printed in the style of Polaroid, and the effect is also quite good. Overall, this printer is suitable for printing Polaroid or photos with slightly lower pixels

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