HP 1212 student home color inkjet printer


HP HP DJ1212 Color Inkjet Printer for Home Small A4 Student Homework Photo Printer with Mobile Phone Wireless Office Bluetooth Mini Dormitory Copier DJ2332


Small and practical, suitable for student homework and photo printing. Supports wireless connection, can be operated with a mobile phone, dedicated for office use. Supports Bluetooth connection, suitable for dormitory copying needs. Provide complete color output and print out photo quality. Compact and lightweight, easy to move and deploy. This is a color inkjet printer designed specifically for families and students, with full functionality, suitable for printing homework, home photos, and lightweight office needs. The wireless connection and Bluetooth function make it more convenient to use, whether placed in dormitories or at home, it can be easily used. In addition, its mini design makes it easier to move and deploy. The above content is for reference only, and the actual introduction of the product may vary due to different sales channels and scenarios. If more detailed information is needed, it is recommended to directly contact the customer service department of the relevant brand.

Additional information




ink jet



Interface Type


HP model

Deskjet 1112

Maximum printing format


time to market

April 1st, 2021

Energy efficiency rating

Level 1

Remote printing method

WeChat printing

Consumable type

Integrated ink cartridges

Print type

Inkjet printing (cartridge style)

Is it the original factory supplied printer


Number of ink cartridges

4-color ink cartridges

Does it support automatic double-sided printing


Applicable scenarios

Assisted learning for household students

3C certificate number

two thousand and nineteen trillion and ten billion nine hundred and five million two hundred and thirty-two thousand eight hundred and seventy-four

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20 reviews for HP 1212 student home color inkjet printer

  1. Anonymous

    The printer is quite good, and the printing effect is good. So far, there have been no issues.

  2. Anonymous

    The logistics are fast, the transportation is simple, and it is easy to use, making it a great shopping experience

  3. Anonymous

    Very, very satisfied. The customer service was very patient in guiding the installation. The color pages of the printer printed very clearly.

  4. Anonymous

    The printer is quite user-friendly, and the customer service was also very patient during installation. And the delivery is also fast. Very satisfied??

  5. Anonymous

    This printer is easy to use and very useful. I chose this printer. The customer service attitude is very good. I don’t know how to install it and patiently taught me through the video.

  6. Anonymous

    The logistics speed is very fast, and it arrived on the second day. The printer is compact and practical, and installation is very simple. After connecting to the computer, it can be printed

  7. Anonymous

    The printer is very good and suitable for home use. It does not take up much space and is very convenient for printing children’s homework at home.Easy to install and patiently guided by customer service

  8. Anonymous

    I received the printer and couldn’t wait to install it. I didn’t know how to install it. The customer service patiently guided me on how to install it. It was a great online purchase and received good reviews.

  9. Anonymous

    The printer was used as soon as it was received, easy to install, and the customer service personnel were very good. They taught step by step very carefully, and the typing was clear. Having a printer is so convenient!

  10. Anonymous

    The goods have been received. The customer service attitude is so good. If you don’t understand, please send me a message via WeChat for careful and considerate guidance. As a junior high school student, I can also print. Like, like, like,

  11. Anonymous

    The printer I bought for my child has arrived. I contacted the customer to learn how to print. The customer service attitude was very good and patient. This printer is perfect for me. The printed words are very clear and worth recommending!

  12. Anonymous

    The installation is very convenient, and the customer service answered patiently. The ink cartridge installation is also very convenient, and the printing speed is fast. The learning box is very convenient to use, and it is recommended to purchase.

  13. Anonymous

    Two layers of packaging arrived at home, and all the gifts were complete. I asked customer service for the installation video and driver, and it was easy to use. The printing effect was also good, and I printed a few more photos in the evening. Overall, it feels good.

  14. Anonymous

    I installed the printer as soon as I bought it. The installation was quite simple, and the customer service was very patient. The color printing was loved by children, and they would print one themselves when they had free time. They also gave away a lot of small things, which was great value!

  15. Anonymous

    When the children are older and have to color and have homework, a printer is indispensable at home. They also provide photo paper. You can take pictures of your children at home without having to go out to develop them. It is very convenient. There are also many useful things in the Xiaobai app??

  16. Anonymous

    I used it right after I bought it. The installation was very simple, and the customer service patiently explained it. After watching the operation video, I was back. The printer driver installation was also very easy, and it was very easy to use. The courier delivered it to my doorstep, and the packaging was intact

  17. Anonymous

    Very good, the logistics is fast, door-to-door delivery, the quality looks good. Since I have a computer at home, I took the picture of the computer model. If I don’t have a computer, it is better to take pictures of the Bluetooth model of the mobile phone. The printout is clearer and can be used to type information for the doll. Very good, good reviews

  18. Anonymous

    This printer is easy to use, simple to operate, and very practical. I have repurchased three units and gave them to neighbors and friends. The response has been good! I will continue to want to buy a printer and choose this printer! The customer service attitude is very good, and I will be patient even if I don’t know how to install it. Teach me carefully in the video!

  19. Anonymous

    The installation of Mr. is quite simple. I was just about to record a video and finished printing it. Having a printer is really convenient. Recently, I have a lot of learning materials and printing them outside is too expensive. If I have nothing else to do, I will print one myself. The customer service is very patient, and they will patiently and carefully video teach me how to install it!

  20. Anonymous

    I never even thought about buying a printer at this price~ Recently, there are a lot of study materials and it is too expensive to print outside! I bought it when I saw it was cheap online and it is relatively easy to install~ After installing the win10 system on the computer, select it when printing This software for beginners is enough! Download the software on your mobile phone and it is very convenient to print. Color printing is slower, black and white printing is faster! I printed more than 30 papers! I didn’t find any problems. Apple mobile phones seem to have more formats and can print. It’s both pros and cons! Domestic mobile phones don’t seem to work! I’ve been researching for a long time~

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