Zhigao Electric Razor Full body Water Wash Official Authentic


Chigo shaver men’s electric razor rechargeable beard razor full body washable smart shaver razor

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This Zhigao shaver is a rechargeable full body water washed electric shaver suitable for various types of beard. It adopts intelligent shaver technology, which can automatically adapt to your beard type and provide a more comfortable and faster shaving experience. This shaver is equipped with a full body water wash function, which can be easily cleaned, cleaned, and maintained. Meanwhile, it has waterproof properties and can be used during bathing, allowing you to rinse your entire body with peace of mind. Whether for travel, outdoor activities, or daily work, this razor is the ideal choice for men. Whether it is a first-time user or an experienced shaver, it can provide excellent shaving effects and comfort. Therefore, choosing the Zhigao shaver will give you a reliable and efficient shaving tool, adding more convenience and comfort to your daily life.

Additional information







Accessory type


Charging time

1 hour

Shaving method


Placement method


warranty period

36 months

Blade material

stainless steel

Charging mode

Fast charging mode

Full charge usage time

90 minutes

Packaging type

Single pack gift box


Dry and wet dual shaving type

Intelligent type

Other Intelligence

Suitable for skin type

any skin type

Number of blade heads

Three blade head

Cleaning method

Whole body washing with water

After-sales service

Nationwide joint guarantee

charging method

Dual purpose charging/power supply

Applicable voltage

Global universal voltage (100-240V)


Guangdong Zhigao Air Conditioning Co., Ltd

Special feature

Washable LED screen display, floating blade, dry and wet dual-purpose, portable

sort by color

Upgraded Gentleman Black (Full body Wash), Upgraded Gentleman Black (Full body Wash)+Original Single Blade, Upgraded Gentleman Black (Full body Wash)+Nose Hair Trimmer, Upgraded Gentleman Black (fully washed)+Nose Hair Trimmer+Original Single Blade, High end gentlemanly black (fully washed) lithium battery+intelligent digital display, High end Gentleman Black (fully washed) lithium battery+intelligent digital display+original single blade, High end gentlemanly black (fully washed) lithium digital display+nose hair trimmer, High end Gentleman Black (fully washed) lithium digital display+nose hair trimmer+original blade, black

20 reviews for Zhigao Electric Razor Full body Water Wash Official Authentic

  1. Anonymous

    After receiving the goods, it can be used directly, very clean and neat, with low noise, lightweight and comfortable

  2. Anonymous

    Shaving effect: The effect is quite good, it shaves very clean, and the time has not been tested, so it should be about the same!

  3. Anonymous

    The product is affordable and worth buying, and the service attitude of the merchant is also very good! The logistics is also fast…

  4. Anonymous

    The baby has received the goods, Wairui Wairui Naisi, with a very nice appearance and full power after charging. The shaving speed is very fast and the effect is perfect.

  5. Anonymous

    I tried it immediately after receiving the goods. Well, it is very powerful and convenient. The logistics is very fast. The packaging is intact and the quality is excellent.

  6. Anonymous

    This electric shaver has a very high cost performance ratio. I bought it for my dad and he said shaving is very clean and can be done in a few seconds. I must give it a good review.

  7. Anonymous

    The shaver has a particularly stylish appearance and shaves cleanly. I will definitely come back again next time. If you like it, you can buy it. It has a very high cost performance ratio.

  8. Anonymous

    This shaver is of good quality and my husband likes it very much. I have already bought several of them as gifts for my husband and brother. It is of good quality and affordable, and is trustworthy

  9. Anonymous

    The product is pretty good, looks good, and the packaging looks high-end. The three heads shave my beard very cleanly. My beard is thick and hard, and it doesn’t get stuck at all. I like it very much. The machine is okay. Washable with water, very easy to clean, simple and elegant, good shaving effect. I have always wanted to buy a razor, and after much selection, I chose the Chigo one. It is easy to use and affordable.

  10. Anonymous

    Charging time: The packaging is very good, and it can be given as a gift for personal use. It has a high appearance and is easy to use. It is also convenient to carry when going out, comfortable and clean. The product quality is good, and it is comfortable to use. The horsepower is very high, and the beard is shaved off in one or two minutes. Next time, I will buy this brand, and I feel that it can be used for a long time

  11. Anonymous

    The logistics are fast, and this shaver has a high cost performance ratio with three floating shaver heads. The machine is fully washed, and the price is affordable. It can be used for a long time when fully charged, which is worry free and labor-saving. The sound of the shaver is also very small, and it shaves very clean and hard. It does not pinch the beard and is easy to clean. The shaver head can be removed or directly washed with water

  12. Anonymous

    This whole body water washing function is really practical. After shaving, it will be very clean and can be cleaned by opening the blade. There are no dead corners that cannot be washed, and dust and stubble can be washed away. It is much more reassuring to use. The quality of the shaver is very good. His beard is relatively hard and he can shave very clean. Moreover, the machine is not large and it is convenient for him to bring to school.

  13. Anonymous

    Shaving speed: The shaver is very good. I charged it up when I bought it and used it very well. It has sufficient power, clean shaving, and a simple and elegant appearance. It looks very good, and the price is also cheap. The customer service attitude is also very good. The appearance design is beautiful, and the size is also very suitable to use. It is very easy to use. I bought one myself, and then bought it for my dad, and it works very well

  14. Anonymous

    It’s the first time I use the Chigo shaver and it feels great. It’s a very good experience.Well, it’s a very close shave, quite comfortable, and it’s sharper for a cleaner shave.The overall appearance is very compact and delicate.The effect is good, I have washed it several times and there is no problem at all.The battery is very durable. It arrived after the Spring Festival and has been used until now without being recharged. It is really good.

  15. Anonymous

    I just received the razor, the logistics is very fast, the customer service staff is also very enthusiastic, the packaging is very good and exquisite, the quality looks good, after using it, the shave is indeed very clean, I recommend buying it,?? I would recommend it to others. It is easier to use than my original razor, and the shave is cleaner. It is not bad. The three heads are quite comfortable to use, and the workmanship is also quite good.

  16. Anonymous

    The shaver has a high appearance value and was bought as a gift for my family. It is of good quality, and the black one looks high-end and tasteful. It is very sharp to use, shaves quickly, and has a good effect. It shaves cleanly, and has a high cost performance ratio. I even shaved it for my roommate after shaving, and even if there are pimples on my face, it can be shaved without any pain. The waterproof effect is very good, and cleaning is very convenient

  17. Anonymous

    The machine is very beautiful. I fell in love with it at first sight. The body has smooth curves and beautiful materials. It is very comfortable to hold in the hand.The shave is very smooth and does not get stuck at all. The old domestic brand Chigo is trustworthy and the shave is very clean.The waterproof function is very practical, the battery is durable, and the power is sufficient.I received the shaver. I have bought Chigo shavers before. This time I bought the new product as soon as it came out.

  18. Anonymous

    The baby has been received. The logistics is very fast. The shaving speed is okay. It is very easy to use. It is very easy to use. The battery life is quite long. The shave is also very clean. It is much easier to use than the previous one. I received it by express delivery. , I was a little surprised when I opened it, the color is very cool, and the razor has three heads.The power is very strong, and the beard can be shaved very clean. When cleaning, it is cleaned by just rinsing it with water. It is really good.

  19. Anonymous

    The installation is very beautiful, and the body design is simple and elegant with a strong sense of technology. It is very comfortable to hold in your hand, and the design is very good. The three blade heads are shaved very cleanly, and even the shortest beard roots can be shaved off. After shaving, a little green color cannot be seen. The standby time is quite long, the battery is very durable, and even after shaving a few times, it still has sufficient power. In the future, I will also buy one for my friends and will always support it.

  20. Anonymous

    Appearance and workmanship: black plastic Charging time: one hour to fully charge Shaving speed: fast, accurate and stable Shaving power: full motor power Shaving effect: clean and translucent I bought a Chigo shaver ZG-F5380 and a nose hair trimmer and have been using it for a while Afterwards, I felt very satisfied.The head of the razor is made of fine steel, which allows for a clean shave without scratching the skin. It has a long battery life and is very convenient to charge. It only requires a USB cable.The shaver also has a water wash function, making it easy to clean without trapping dirt.The nose hair trimmer is also very easy to use. It can easily trim nose hair without pulling or hurting the nasal cavity. It is also compact and easy to carry.Both products are genuine products from Chigo, with guaranteed quality and very affordable prices, much cheaper than those of other brands.What surprised me the most was that the store also gave me a set of razor heads, which was so thoughtful, so that I could use them longer.I think this is a very worthwhile purchase. The store’s service attitude is also very good and the logistics speed is very fast. I give it full praise and highly recommend it to everyone.

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