Customized gift box for Dutch imported blade flash charging and fast charging


Philips shaver official flagship store genuine electric men’s fast charging razor beard knife S3208 gift box

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Philips Shaver Flagship Store Genuine Men’s Quick Charge Shaver S3208 Gift Box.This gift box contains an efficient electric shaver that can give you a quick shave.Suitable for all skin types, lightweight and portable, easy to carry.The fast charging feature allows you to enjoy a flawless shaving experience anytime, anywhere.Philips, quality assurance, brings convenience to your daily life.


Additional information





Philips model


Accessory type




Charging time

1 hour

Shaving method


Packaging type

Gift Box

warranty period

24 months

Placement method


Charging mode

Wired charging

charging method

charging mode

Blade material

stainless steel

Full charge usage time

30 minutes


Dry and wet dual shaving type

Suitable for skin type

any skin type

Number of blade heads

Three blade head

Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence

Cleaning method

Whole body washing with water

After-sales service

Nationwide joint guarantee

Applicable voltage

Global universal voltage (100-240V)

Special feature

Washable LED screen display floating blade

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Black and white single smooth shaving outfit, Black Heart Gift Box, Black and gray limited gift box packaging

20 reviews for Customized gift box for Dutch imported blade flash charging and fast charging

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    Very good, very useful, the customer service of Qiqi is very meticulous

  3. Anonymous

    Appearance and workmanship: very atmospheric. Shaving power: good. Shaving effect: good

  4. Anonymous

    Received, arrived quickly, not yet in use, with a good appearance and a light weight…….

  5. Anonymous

    The classic shaver is of good quality and affordable price, and the customer service is very good. My family loves it very much.

  6. Anonymous

    3208 shaves cleanly, worth recommending! The customer service of this store is very enthusiastic, and customer service is very polite on the 11th

  7. Anonymous

    Appearance and workmanship: exquisite; Charging time: very short, as described in the product description; Shaving speed: very fast; Shaving power: strong and powerful; Shaving effect: Very good, very clean!

  8. Anonymous

    Appearance and workmanship: good, in line with expectations. Charging time: very fast. Shaving speed: faster than the previous one. Shaving power: full of power. Shaving effect: no beard sticking, very close to the skin.

  9. Anonymous

    My husband used it briefly. I don’t know how long it lasted, but I plugged it in and fully charged it after one use.He dared not scratch his acne.It was his first time using a razor so it wasn’t too demanding.I’ll comment later.

  10. Anonymous

    The customer service representative is very good at handling problems in a timely manner and is attentive. I bought it before Double Eleven, and the promised price was indeed guaranteed for the whole family. My father and husband are all at Philips, which is very good. I recommend families to buy it

  11. Anonymous

    Philips shavers are trustworthy and have been used for many years with high cost-effectiveness. The customer service at this store is very enthusiastic and affordable. I like the customer service staff, including Xiaohua and Tiantian, Bing Bing and Xiaoyi Xiaolong. They are all very enthusiastic and patient, and I like them

  12. Anonymous

    I gave it to my husband as a Christmas gift. He liked it very much and said that the razor gift box is very nice and looks very classy.It feels good in the hand, and I personally think it’s okay to use. The vibration feels good in the hand, and the power of the shaver is sufficient.Compared with the ones I used before, Xiaoyi feels almost the same. The whole process of shaving is good, without any discomfort!

  13. Anonymous

    This Christmas gift is really useful, and after using it for over a week, the sound feels very quiet; Moreover, it does not harm the skin or pinch the beard, and can also effectively clean the chin area; The overall grip feels very comfortable and stable; Washable and easy to clean; The complimentary protective cover and storage box are excellent, essential for business trips! Customer service 11 is very good

  14. Anonymous

    Appearance and workmanship: The workmanship is very meticulous, and the feel is good. Charging time: supports fast charging, and it can be used after charging for more than ten minutes. Shaving speed: much faster than my old one. Shaving power: the power is also good. Shaving effect: Shaving is very clean. Customer service Xiaojiong has a good attitude, a fast response time, and professional knowledge is also good

  15. Anonymous

    I have bought a razor from Philips before, and my younger brother said he also wants a razor. He decisively chose Philips, which has a high cost performance and durability, a simple appearance, and very clean shaving. I recommended it on July 7th, and it has a long-lasting battery and sufficient power. This is my second order from Philips, and I hope other products are also very useful. I can buy some other products next time.

  16. Anonymous

    Bought as a gift for my husband, the gift box packaging looks very high-end.I tried it out on the same day and the effect was very good. It shaved very cleanly, and the shaving power was very smooth. Basically, it was clean after just one shave. There was no need to shave back and forth. The grip was also very good. My husband liked it very much.The customer service is quiet and very enthusiastic. The price is also beautiful, which is great.

  17. Anonymous

    Appearance and workmanship: The gift box is very good, the shaver has a delicate appearance, and the color combination feels high-end. Full charging time: fast charging time. Shaving speed: moderate opening and closing, gentle and does not harm the skin. Shaving effect: shaving is very clean, which is an ideal effect. I have recommended it to my friends. Wishing the shop a prosperous and positive atmosphere. The pancake service is also great

  18. Anonymous

    I have always trusted Philips shavers. The old brand is very durable. I bought an s1113 after the Chinese New Year. The price is cheaper than this one. You really get what you pay for. This 3208 is really easier to use and feels noisier than the previous one. It is much smaller, the shave is clean and neat, and the face is more comfortable! The customer service is enthusiastic and the delivery is fast. After charging the battery and trying it out, the real review is given! Like it

  19. Anonymous

    I like this big gift box very much. The built-in intelligent constant-control motor of the shaver can maintain a stable speed regardless of whether it is short and thick beard or long and thin lips. With the Fengchi cutting and shaving system, it is really like a whirlwind passing through. Quickly removes beards, leaves no traces, and does not feel prickly to the touch. The effect is great, and it does not cause a dull feeling to pull the beards. The self-sharpening head is long-lasting and sharp as before. The shaving process is super comfortable! The customer service is very good!

  20. Anonymous

    The customer service provided by Sweet Sweet is very good. The gift box is very large and has a sense of class, but I think it can still be simplified and priced. I like this blue color. The weight control on the front of the machine is also good, and there is no cheap feeling on the front. The back is anti slip, but it is easy to get dust. Anti slip can actually be used without such a large area. The charging speed is fast and the power is sufficient. The advantage is that shaving is very fast and clean, but the cost is that the sound is indeed quite loud, but not that kind of noisy sound that can be accepted

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