Xinfei Non punching Constant Temperature Instant Electric Water Heater


Xinfei Non punching Instant Electric Water Heater Household Small Rapid Heating Constant Temperature Bathing Machine Rural Rental Housing


N * Small size design, easy to move n * Instant heating, fast and constant water temperature n * Efficient and fast heating, saving time n * Suitable for rural rental housing, suitable for small households n * Environmental protection and energy conservation, safe and reliable n n With this Xinfei perforated instant heating electric water heater, you will enjoy a fast and constant temperature bathing experience without waiting for hot water. It is suitable for rural rental housing and provides convenient hot water solutions for families. Come and choose the Xinfei perforated instant electric water heater, enjoy a comfortable life!

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Ningbo City

net weight




gross weight


heating power


Operating Voltage



Chinese mainland

control method


time to market

April 2022

warranty period

12 months


Zhejiang Province

Package Size


Energy efficiency rating


Limit of stacking layers

3 layers

Procurement location

Chinese mainland

Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence

Cross section requirements for electrical wires



Henan Xinfei Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd

3C certificate number

two thousand and twenty-three trillion and ten billion seven hundred and six million five hundred and fifty-seven thousand four hundred and ten

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3400W non punching+variable frequency constant temperature [shower version], 3400W non drilling+variable frequency constant temperature+leakage protection [shower version], 5500W non punching+variable frequency constant temperature [shower style] Winter recommendation, 5500W no drilling+variable frequency constant temperature+leakage protection [shower style] Winter recommendation, 3400W non drilling+variable frequency constant temperature [Kitchen Treasure Edition], 3400W non drilling+variable frequency constant temperature+leakage protection [Kitchen Treasure Edition], 5500W non drilling+variable frequency constant temperature control [Kitchen Treasure] Winter Recommendation, 5500W non drilling+variable frequency constant temperature+leakage protection [Kitchen Treasure] Winter Recommendation, 3400W non punching+regular heating [basic model]

20 reviews for Xinfei Non punching Constant Temperature Instant Electric Water Heater

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    Very useful, finally took a hot bath, very easy to install, worth buying

  3. Anonymous

    The heating temperature is quite fast, so I’m not afraid to wash dishes this winter??????

  4. Anonymous

    It’s pretty good. It has complete accessories and a shower head. It’s very convenient to install it under the bathroom cabinet.

  5. Anonymous

    The water heats up very quickly, and the installation is also very fast. The constant temperature function is also very appropriate

  6. Anonymous

    The packaging is perfect, the power cord is sturdy, and the accessories are very comprehensive. It is small and easy to install, making it worth buying.

  7. Anonymous

    The goods have been received and are ready for installation. I feel that they are still good. This is my second purchase, and I bought one with leakage protection

  8. Anonymous

    The water heater is very beautiful, small and exquisite, and easy to install. The adhesive hook provided by the shop is very sturdy, and it is very good for bathing in summer.

  9. Anonymous

    The accessory hose provided was too short, so I paid to connect it myself. 3400W, the water flow rate should not be too high, otherwise the heating of hot water will be slow. The price is quite ideal.

  10. Anonymous

    The electric water heater is magnetic white, lightweight and easy to use. The water and heat constant temperature can be adjusted for easy showering. It’s great to take a hot bath with your beloved girl!

  11. Anonymous

    The hot water is very fast. I am very satisfied with this purchase. This is the first time I bought a water heater like this. I don’t have to worry about running out of hot water for bathing this winter.

  12. Anonymous

    I installed it myself, but it was slow. I tried it after installation and it was really hot. I don’t have to go to the bathhouse to take a bath in winter. The product is very good. I am satisfied with the purchase.??

  13. Anonymous

    The outlet water temperature is between 8-42 degrees Celsius, and the overall feeling is not so freezing, which is in line with my expectations.Logistics and delivery are on time and there is no leakage of electricity.

  14. Anonymous

    The logistics are fast, and when the outside is very fashionable, the hot water is also quite good. Although there were some small problems in the middle, the merchant quickly dealt with them properly, and they can purchase them

  15. Anonymous

    I just received the goods today and installed them according to the instructions. They are indeed very useful. The temperature can be automatically adjusted, the logistics are fast, and the installation is simple and easy to understand,

  16. Anonymous

    I have received the water heater. The logistics are fast, the installation is convenient, and it is very easy to use. The water flows out quickly. I bought it again last time and liked it very much. I bought another one and bought it back

  17. Anonymous

    Very convenient, easy to install, just a water pipe, stand on the wall, check the electricity, and you can use it. It can be used in the kitchen and bathroom, and the hot water is very fast, cheaper than physical stores, and the quality is good

  18. Anonymous

    As soon as I got it back, I couldn’t wait to assemble it. Under the patient guidance of the customer service, the female man turned into a plumber and electrician in seconds and installed it easily……I deliberately waited until I used it at night before commenting. The temperature is currently stable, the price is good, and you can buy it….

  19. Anonymous

    This kind of water heater that heats up immediately and does not take up space is really useful for people like us who rent out houses for a long time. The fellow next door saw that the one I bought was very useful and asked me to help place an order. It’s so affordable and so convenient! Such a cheap price is really good news for us workers, allowing us to have freedom of bathing! I must give 100 points to this water heater

  20. Anonymous

    The winter in Guangdong is cold, so taking a hot shower is comfortable. The hot water is fast and convenient, cheap and easy to use. The key is that it is small and exquisite and does not take up space.The large and bulky water heater at home was broken, and I wanted to replace it with a smaller and lighter water heater, so I found this new flying water heater online and installed it quickly by myself, which is convenient and practical.

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