NetEase carefully selects Father’s Day gift eye massager


NetEase Yan Xuan Eye Massage Device Relieves Fatigue and Beautify Eyes Folding Hot compress God Device Eye Massager Eye Protector


N n1 Folding design for convenient storage and portability n2 Hot compress function effectively relieves eye fatigue Multi mode massage, including gentle, soothing, deep massage, etc., suitable for people with different needs Intelligent temperature control adjustment ensures a comfortable user experience Equipped with a variety of massage heads, suitable for different eye types and needs. This eye beauty device not only effectively relieves eye fatigue, but also improves blood circulation in the eyes, helping to prevent dark circles and eye bags. It is suitable for all groups of people, whether they are students, office workers, or the elderly, and can benefit from it. With it, you can easily protect your eyes anytime, anywhere. It is a must-have choice for your home travel!

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Hot compress


NetEase Yan Xuan

warranty period

12 months

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Principles of Massage

Vibration hot compress pressure


Hangzhou NetEase Yanxuan Trading Co., Ltd


three million nine hundred and ninety thousand three hundred and five

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19 reviews for NetEase carefully selects Father’s Day gift eye massager

  1. Anonymous

    Buy for children

  2. Anonymous

    Quite comfortable

  3. Anonymous

    Sending gifts to elders is not bad

  4. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  5. Anonymous

    Overall, this eye massager is okay.

  6. Anonymous

    It feels quite comfortable after pressing it

  7. Anonymous

    It’s pretty good, easy to use, and worth the price.

  8. Anonymous

    The packaging is very high-end, and it feels good as a gift

  9. Anonymous

    The thing is very useful~the strength is moderate and the heat is also moderate

  10. Anonymous

    I am very satisfied. I gave it to my mother as a gift. She likes it hahahahahaha

  11. Anonymous

    This Bluetooth is really useless.It’s better not to have it, and it’s better to be cheaper.

  12. Anonymous

    The quality of electronic small products carefully selected by NetEase is quite good, and I bought several of them

  13. Anonymous

    Special features: easy to adapt to appearance Material: very comfortable Gear adjustment: convenient massage effect: good

  14. Anonymous

    I feel very useful. I use it before going to bed every time, and my eyes are very comfortable. I really like it and recommend it.

  15. Anonymous

    The quality is very good??, and the product is relatively cost-effective?? If you like it, you can buy it directly without hesitation??

  16. Anonymous

    Features: Powerful, with several modes. Appearance: Good texture, fine workmanship, and no odor. Gear adjustment: Multiple gear selection. Massage effect: Super great

  17. Anonymous

    Baby received, the quality is very good, the packaging is exquisite, the material is excellent, better than expected, it is very suitable for gifting and personal use. Please continue to purchase next time

  18. Anonymous

    This massager is very good, easy to operate, very comfortable to massage, just like professional techniques, very comfortable to use, and it also automatically heats up. Recharge once and use for half a month. Intelligent and convenient, super awesome, and the price is also cheap, I really like it. Giving gifts is also good

  19. Anonymous

    Temporary color change, appearance material: fabric with soft leather inner cushion, the material is very comfortable, and it is very good for the skin around the eyes. Special features: Equipped with Bluetooth, it can also play music simultaneously. The folding design is very convenient to carry. Very suitable for the high-intensity excessive use of eyes by working people every day

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