Boss Famous FX9A13 Disinfection Cabinet Integrated Stove Integrated Stove Home 5.0kW High Power Official Flagship New Product


Boss Famous FX9A13 Disinfection Cabinet Integrated Stove Integrated Stove Home 5.0kW High Power Official Flagship New Product




Boss Famous FX9A13 Disinfection Cabinet Integrated Stove is an innovative household appliance that integrates the three functions of a disinfection cabinet, a gas stove and an integrated stove.This product adopts a 5.0kW high-power design to provide excellent heating effects for your cooking process.

It also has excellent disinfection function, which can effectively kill various bacteria and viruses and protect the health of you and your family.The integrated stove design absorbs oil fumes and keeps the kitchen air fresh, making your cooking process more comfortable.

In addition, this product has a stylish and elegant appearance, which can perfectly match various home styles.It is also equipped with a variety of safety features to ensure the safety of you and your family.

Boss Famous FX9A13 Disinfection Cabinet Integrated Stove is your ideal choice, which can not only meet your cooking needs, but also provide comprehensive health protection.Hurry up and place an order to enjoy this efficient, safe and beautiful kitchen artifact!





Additional information







Key type


gross weight


net weight


Rated heat load


time to market



Chinese mainland

Number of stove eyes


Smoke machine noise


Disinfection method


warranty period

36 months

Package Size


Product Size


Sterilization temperature

85 ℃

Energy efficiency rating

Level 1

Limit of stacking layers

2nd floor

Disinfection cabinet capacity


Intelligent type

Other Intelligence

Smoke hood structure

Spanned airfoil

Ignition mode

Pulse electronic ignition

Gas stove panel material

tempered glass

Material of range hood panel

tempered glass

Smoking methods

Side suction and bottom discharge

Furnace head air inlet method

Up and down air intake

Range hood exhaust volume

20 cubic meters per minute

Flameout protection device

Thermocouple flameout protection

sort by color

FX9A13 4800W black

fuel type

natural gas, Liquefied gas

smoke exhaust direction

Left and right smoke exhaust

19 reviews for Boss Famous FX9A13 Disinfection Cabinet Integrated Stove Integrated Stove Home 5.0kW High Power Official Flagship New Product

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    The new house has just been installed and looks good. I will comment after using it.

  3. Anonymous

    Oil pumping effect: This one is very good, with a very clean range and strong firepower, making it worth buying

  4. Anonymous

    I was quite satisfied with the goods received today, and the service was very good! Five star rating, very satisfied!

  5. Anonymous

    The baby is good and worth buying. The price is affordable, but it has not been installed yet. Try again later and the effect should be good.

  6. Anonymous

    It’s pretty good, the wind is strong, the installer is very attentive, it’s a perfect shopping experience.Also give customer service a thumbs up for Apple

  7. Anonymous

    The product is shipped quickly, the appointment for installation is quick, and the installation technician comes to install it quickly. The wind is strong.

  8. Anonymous

    The shipment is particularly timely and the goods are particularly good! I am very satisfied! The boss is good, everything is good! The quality is also good

  9. Anonymous

    The goods arrived quickly, and the installation by the master was also good. The customer service and Apple after-sales service were very good. Give him a thumbs up!!

  10. Anonymous

    I bought liquefied gas, but the fire is not small. I can start the machine by waving my hand, which is very sensitive and has good suction. Currently, the new machine is performing well

  11. Anonymous

    The goods have arrived, the packaging is very tight, and the delivery and customer service attitude is good. We will follow up on the evaluation after the installation is completed?? ω??)??

  12. Anonymous

    The baby has been received. It is the style I wanted and looks good. This product has been compared with many brands and is the only one with quality parameters at this price.The customer service lady is also very good.

  13. Anonymous

    Received the goods and installed them. Please try them out. The sound is low and the heating effect is very good. The gas has not been connected yet. Please wait until the gas is connected before continuing the evaluation

  14. Anonymous

    The logistics are also fast, and the installation technicians are also fast. The physical photos of the range hood look very good, and we look forward to using it effectively. The customer service attitude of the Egg Dumpling is very good

  15. Anonymous

    The items have been received! They haven’t been dismantled yet! Wait for the installation master to come to your door! I also bought the boss’s dishwasher and steamer before and they are both good! The boss’s things are still guaranteed.

  16. Anonymous

    The express delivery is very fast. The boss sent it via SF Express. Such a big item arrived in two or three days. It’s awesome. I haven’t opened the new integrated stove yet. The price is also awesome. Let’s take a look after it’s opened and installed.

  17. Anonymous

    After calling, the installation technician arrived in a few days. The installation was done very well and there were no arbitrary charges. The stove still looks solid, and we look forward to its effectiveness. Customer service representative Ant went up the tree to give a thumbs up

  18. Anonymous

    I still have a special fondness for integrated stoves. The new home has decisively entered the famous integrated stove, which is high-end and stylish, with complete functions that even the elderly can understand in a second. The customer service of boiled cabbage has been enthusiastic about serving me since early in the morning, like it!

  19. Anonymous

    The delivery was very fast and it was delivered to your home. After comparing with many others, I chose the disinfection cabinet model that is easy to store dishes and chopsticks. The seller’s service is very good. I asked a lot of questions and answered them one by one. He was very dedicated. The boiled pork slices are very professional.

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