Yize Full Human Hair Natural High end Collar Hair Cover


Wig for women with long hair, full head cover, real hair, full human hair, age-reducing clavicle short hair, natural traceless full head wig cover

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This product is a full-head wig made of 100% human hair. It is made of high-quality materials and is soft to the touch and highly comfortable.The long hair design is naturally elegant, and paired with the clavicle short hair style, it further highlights the female charm.The products are carefully crafted to ensure a natural and traceless look. They are suitable for various occasions and can easily create fashionable and natural effects.Made of high-quality materials, it can be used for a long time and is cost-effective.Whether you are resting at home or traveling, this wig set is your perfect choice to keep your hairstyle rejuvenated at any time.


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Korean style


Change hairstyle

Hair material

Human hair strands

Wig hairstyle

short straight hair

Classification of wig bangs

Slanted bangs

Product name

2.25 Partial Split Head Cover

Cosmetic characteristics

Enhance temperament

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Recommended by store manager – slanted split [32cm natural color], Recommended by store manager – diagonal split [32cm – mocha brown], Mid range [37cm natural color], Mid range [37cm Mocha Brown], Mid range [45cm natural color], Mid range [45cm Mocha Brown]

20 reviews for Yize Full Human Hair Natural High end Collar Hair Cover

  1. Anonymous

    The color of the hair does not conflict with the real hair, it fits well, is breathable, comfortable to wear, natural, and reduces age!

  2. Anonymous

    It looks good. I really didn’t expect it to be so natural. It looks natural when worn, the length is quite suitable, and the effect is OK.

  3. Anonymous

    The whole head instantly became full, and the hair texture was very smooth, looking very natural, just like my own hair, and the texture to the touch was also very good

  4. Anonymous

    The wig is really beautiful, and the quality is also quite good. The quality of the hair is also good, and the color is also my favorite. The effect is quite good when wearing it

  5. Anonymous

    It satisfies me to change my hairstyle at any time, and its style and quality are very good, and it is also easy to take care of. It looks super natural with it, and I completely love it!

  6. Anonymous

    I like this short haircut very much. It’s easy to wear and goes well with all kinds of clothes. My friend said it suits me perfectly. It works well, makes me look younger and is more realistic.

  7. Anonymous

    Much better than I expected.It also suits me well.First time trying a wig.not bad.The customer service attitude is also quite good.Give their family a thumbs up.Hope to buy another style next time.

  8. Anonymous

    This length of hair is just right. It’s a magic tool for reducing age. The hair is naturally flowing and smooth. I’m very satisfied with it. It’s a pretty short hair and it feels great to the touch.

  9. Anonymous

    When you put it on, your whole head looks great instantly! I love it so much!!! I bought this one that is parted, it is really fluffy, it fits well and makes you look younger when you wear it, I like it very much

  10. Anonymous

    When I went shopping with my friends, they didn’t even notice it was a wig. They asked me when I had my hair done. It was great. The quality was much better than I expected. You can take it out with you. It looks very natural.

  11. Anonymous

    I am a professional in wig industry. I bought this one for the first time. The design is good, the hair is stunning, the texture is soft and not rough. Wearing it looks very young. My husband said he is at least five years younger

  12. Anonymous

    This is really a collarbone hair that has won my heart. The key hair quality is also good, and it feels very smooth to touch. It is comfortable and breathable to wear without stuffiness. It is easy to wear, super natural, just like your own hair

  13. Anonymous

    Overall it’s quite natural.If you look closely, you can see that the wig is very carefully crafted and strong. There is almost no hair falling out when you comb your hair. I personally think it is very cost-effective. Overall, it is good. I recommend it!

  14. Anonymous

    It’s super easy to wear and I can do it in one go even though I’ve never worn a wig before.It looks great and natural, and it’s well worth the money.The logistics is also very fast. The attitude of the store is also very good. Overall, I am very satisfied.

  15. Anonymous

    I like this wig very much, especially the level. The trim is very natural. The hair is real hair. It feels different from the one I bought elsewhere. It is easy to put on and there are tutorials. My friends didn’t realize it was a wig. Now They all asked me for a link to the Amway store.

  16. Anonymous

    I have been wearing it for many days and it feels good. No one can tell it is a wig. I told the customer service about some detailed requirements. After receiving the goods, it works very well. There is no smell and it is not uncomfortable. It looks good on people with short hair. Also more precise

  17. Anonymous

    The quality of this product is really good. It looks just like my own hair. Overall, I really like wearing it. I feel instantly refreshed and I can go out after putting it on for a few seconds.It’s natural and convenient. You don’t have to wear a hat to cover it up, and you can’t tell that you’re wearing a wig.

  18. Anonymous

    A very nice hairstyle, it feels very ladylike when worn. It really reduces age. The hairstyle is very decorative, the face shape is soft and natural, the workmanship and details are perfect, and it is very breathable. My friends say I am very suitable for this hairstyle. I originally wanted to take photos, but the result is so beautiful. It is really an unexpected pleasure

  19. Anonymous

    I didn’t know how to wear it at first, but the customer service sent me a video of how to wear it. After wearing it a few times, I felt much better. After wearing it, my overall temperament improved a lot.At first, I was a little worried about the poor effect, but after receiving it, I was quite pleasantly surprised.It really shows off the volume of your hair, it’s easy to take care of, and it matches your hair very well.

  20. Anonymous

    Unexpectedly, it looked very real when I put it on. The hair quality and color were similar to my own hair. It fit perfectly. My skin looked much whiter and my hair quality was good.Love the length.This is my favorite hairstyle. After receiving the goods, I simply combed it and put it on my head. My hair feels smooth and soft, and it looks very stylish. Now with this wig, I no longer have to worry about others looking at me when I go out. I’m very satisfied with my eyes

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