Coca Cola Retro Refrigerator Level 1 Energy Saving


Coca Cola refrigerator retro small and medium-sized household double door refrigeration, freezing, kitchen, dormitory, mini rental low noise




Coca-Cola Refrigerator – Retro Compact Double Door Refrigerator

This refrigerator adopts Coca-Cola’s classic appearance design and is suitable for small home kitchens, dormitories, rentals, etc.It adopts a double-door design for easy access to items, and has refrigeration and freezing functions to meet your needs for food preservation and freezing.In addition, the refrigerator also has the characteristics of low noise and mini size, making your living space more spacious.Suitable for use in student dormitories, rental houses and other scenarios.Whether it is food preservation or refreshing summer drinks, this refrigerator can bring you a convenient storage experience.



Additional information


Coca Cola

total capacity


gross weight



BCD-50 Retro Red


Chinese mainland

warranty period

12 months

time to market

August 2023

power consumption


Box door structure

double door

Frequency conversion or not


Energy efficiency rating

Level 1

Panel type

PCM color coated plate

Refrigeration method

Directly cold

Intelligent type

Other Intelligence

Refrigerator and freezer models


Width x depth (thickness) x height


Refrigeration control system

Mechanical temperature control


Ningbo Changcheng Zhixing Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd

3C certificate number

two thousand and nine trillion and ten billion seven hundred and one million three hundred and fifty-six thousand two hundred and twenty

sort by color

50L Retro Red Level 1 [Enhanced Edition], 38L Retro Red Level 1 [Enhanced Edition], 68L Retro Red Level 1 [Enhanced Edition], 60L Red Enhanced Edition [Level 1], 60L White Enhanced Edition [Level 1], 72L Red Enhanced Edition [Level 1], 72L White Enhanced Edition [Level 1], 95L Red Enhanced Edition [Level 1], 95L White Enhanced Edition [Level 1], 108L Red Enhanced Edition [Level 1], 108L White Enhanced Edition [Level 1]

15 reviews for Coca Cola Retro Refrigerator Level 1 Energy Saving

  1. Anonymous

    A very good refrigerator

  2. Anonymous

    Unable to power on, what should I do?

  3. Anonymous

    You can only say you get what you pay for, make do with it

  4. Anonymous

    Authentic materials with high cost-effectiveness are worth owning

  5. Anonymous

    It won’t be used until noon tomorrow! Appearance material: very good!

  6. Anonymous

    Compact and exquisite, with high cost-effectiveness, convenient to use.

  7. Anonymous

    The packaging is very good, the sound is small, and it looks good. It is enough for one person to use.

  8. Anonymous

    It just doesn’t consume much power. I just don’t know how it works. I’ll have to wait and see what happens next.

  9. Anonymous

    I bought it for my looks, it looks really good. The operation sound is low, suitable for single person use in rental housing.

  10. Anonymous

    Power consumption: low power consumption. Cooling effect: not bad. The space is also large enough, and the appearance is also beautiful

  11. Anonymous

    The delivery is strong, the customer service attitude is good, and the product quality is good. I plan to introduce it to friends for purchase

  12. Anonymous

    Regretting buying a small size, the ice cubes are cold enough, the ice cream and ice sticks are fine, and the leftovers from eating and drinking are not afraid of cross infection with raw meat.

  13. Anonymous

    I bought it for use in the company, and the freezing effect is excellent. I really like it when I drink ice water all year round. Refrigerate some fruits and bring your own rice. Like it???? I also really like the style of the refrigerator.

  14. Anonymous

    The red appearance is particularly beautiful. When using electricity, it only reaches 1 degree in five days. The capacity is just enough for me to put it here, no more, no less. Of course, the Coke refrigerator must be equipped with Coke and fruits. It is fresh and refreshing!

  15. Anonymous

    The power consumption needs to be considered, but the sound during operation does not match the promotion. The sound is loud and lasts for about 20 minutes. After a 20 minute silence, it starts to sound again. It is recommended that people in a single room do not buy it. We will follow up on the review later and currently have a 1-day trial. The express packaging is not good, there are three scratches.

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