Mecor Mika Makeup Mirror with Lights Nordic Style


LED makeup mirror with lamp, desktop, large size, supplementary lighting, charging dressing table, mirror, dormitory, internet celebrity, bedroom, Instagram style


This LED makeup mirror with lights is a desktop large-sized rechargeable vanity mirror suitable for use in dormitories and bedrooms. It is a popular Instagram style product for bedrooms. It adopts high-quality LED lights, with soft and even lighting, providing various color temperature adjustments to meet the lighting needs of different occasions. Clear mirror finish, convenient for makeup and skincare, effortlessly creating a perfect makeup look. The desktop design is spacious and suitable for storing various cosmetics and skincare products, making it easy to access. The base is stable and suitable for desktop use, so there is no need to worry about it falling off. The fill light function is better used in dark areas, enhancing the makeup experience. Simultaneously equipped with charging function, convenient for use anytime, anywhere. High cost-effectiveness, it is an ideal choice for makeup enthusiasts.

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White 30cm diameter+plug-in model (rotatable) 3-tone light, Black 30cm diameter+plug-in model (rotatable) 3-tone light, Gold 30cm diameter+plug-in model (rotatable) 3-tone light, White 30cm diameter+rechargeable (rotatable) 3-tone light, Black 30cm diameter+rechargeable (rotatable) 3-tone light, Gold 30cm diameter+rechargeable (rotatable) 3-tone light, White 40cm diameter+plug-in model (rotatable) 3-tone light, Black 40cm diameter+plug-in model (rotatable) 3-tone light, Gold 40cm diameter+plug-in model (rotatable) 3-tone light, White 40cm diameter+rechargeable (rotatable) 3-tone light, Black 40cm diameter+rechargeable (rotatable) 3-tone light, Gold 40cm diameter+rechargeable (rotatable) 3-tone light, White 50cm diameter+plug-in model (rotatable) 3-tone light, Black 50cm diameter+plug-in model (rotatable) 3-tone light, Gold 50cm diameter+plug-in model (rotatable) 3-tone light, White 50cm diameter+rechargeable (rotatable) 3-tone light, Black 50cm diameter+rechargeable (rotatable) 3-tone light, Gold 50cm diameter+rechargeable (rotatable) 3-tone light

20 reviews for Mecor Mika Makeup Mirror with Lights Nordic Style

  1. Anonymous

    Upscale, atmospheric, with three colors of lighting. Do you really like it

  2. Anonymous

    Not bad, it looks very real in the mirror and matches the style of the home

  3. Anonymous

    Great, if you can fit it down, it would be better to choose a larger one for better results

  4. Anonymous

    It looks really nice, and the material is also very good. It has already been charged, strongly recommended

  5. Anonymous

    Good mirror clarity, three types of light can be adjusted freely, and the overall room is also very good. Praise it

  6. Anonymous

    Product quality: The effect is consistent with the actual product, the quality is good, the lighting effect is just bright, not dazzling, perfect

  7. Anonymous

    The mirror was received, the buttons are very sensitive, the quality is good, the packaging is super good, there is no need to worry about damage, and the delivery is very fast.

  8. Anonymous

    The mirror is very good, with sufficient light filling. The key is that the quality is not a problem, and the charging version is convenient to use. It is recommended to purchase.

  9. Anonymous

    Product quality: It looks very high-quality, not cheap, and the size is just right. It is too big and takes up space. The 30 cm one is a little too small. It is really good-looking.

  10. Anonymous

    I have a size of 40, which is very suitable for a 0.8 size makeup table. It is also yellow and not dirty, with a stainless steel base. It has weight and texture, and overall satisfaction

  11. Anonymous

    The logistics are fast, and the product packaging is intact and of good quality. I have tried the effective makeup mirror, which has a good texture and value for money. I am very satisfied!

  12. Anonymous

    Product quality: The quality of the mirror is very good, with three levels of lighting adjustment. The workmanship is also quite exquisite and not cheap. The display is quite beautiful, satisfactory!

  13. Anonymous

    A very good mirror with a grand surface and a 369 degree rotation. It has a stylish appearance and a high-end gold-plated bracket, with excellent details! Falling in love with daily makeup and facing it??

  14. Anonymous

    It looks good? It has weight! There were a few bumps and bruises, and the customer service immediately paid for it.If it doesn’t affect the use and cause trouble, I won’t replace it.If you have a large space, it would be better if you take a larger size! Looknice

  15. Anonymous

    This mirror is very beautiful, piercing my heart. The three color dimming is also very convenient, the light is natural, and it can rotate. The size matches my dressing table perfectly, which is particularly suitable. The price is also very affordable. I recommend it.

  16. Anonymous

    This size is just right, the three color lighting is very positive, it is very convenient and good to use. It matches well with our dressing table, and children and adults can find it very convenient to charge and use for a long time. It is also quite space saving when closed normally?

  17. Anonymous

    The service attitude of the merchant is very good. The first time I received it, I immediately replaced it with a new mirror that didn’t work. The shipping fee was also paid by the merchant. I was in a hurry to get married and ordered it separately. Finally, I caught up. It’s very good.

  18. Anonymous

    The mirror is easy to use, and the surrounding lights are perfect for use in the south where there is no sun in the cold winter. The light is good and the light can be adjusted to warm or cold.Responsible appearance.Personally, I think a large mirror is more useful.Go ahead with confidence.

  19. Anonymous

    There are colors to choose from, and it looks great after it is made. The color of the caulking agent is very similar to the ground, with almost no traces, which increases the beauty of the floor. If you don’t look carefully, you will have a seamless feeling. Barrel Colored sand is very cost-effective!

  20. Anonymous

    Function and effect: Switching between three types of light sources, equipped with a charging cable, can be unplugged when fully charged. Product quality: Not bad, very simple and high-end. A 40cm long table would be better, but it is generally recommended to choose a 30cm one. The overall effect is great, and it is recommended to purchase.

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