Xiaoqi’s wood small apartment cherry wood dressing table


Xiaoqi’s wood new solid wood dressing table mirror bedroom simple modern light luxury small cherry wood dressing table


Xiaoqi’s wood new solid wood dressing table mirror bedroom simple modern light luxury small cherry wood dressing table is an exquisite and practical furniture product, specially designed for modern bedrooms.This dressing table is made of cherry wood, which has a hard texture and beautiful texture, giving it a warm and comfortable feeling.The desktop is made of solid wood, smooth and delicate, and easy to clean.The vanity mirror is simple and convenient to install and can meet your daily makeup needs.

The design of this dressing table is simple and modern, with smooth lines and harmonious color matching, which is very in line with the aesthetic trend of modern homes.There is a storage space designed under the desktop, which is convenient for you to store cosmetics, skin care products and other items.There is also a drawer under the desktop, which can store some personal items to make your bedroom more tidy and orderly.

Xiaoqi’s new solid wood dresser, mirror and bedroom are simple, modern, light and luxurious. The small cherry wood dresser is moderate in size and suitable for small bedrooms.It is not only a practical furniture product, but also a part of your bedroom decoration, adding elegance and taste to your bedroom.

In general, Xiaoqi’s new solid wood dresser mirror bedroom is simple, modern, light and luxurious, and the small cherry wood dresser table is a furniture product that combines practicality and beauty, and is very suitable for modern families.




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Sunset dressing table Y2225

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5 reviews for Xiaoqi’s wood small apartment cherry wood dressing table

  1. Anonymous

    If the evaluator fails to provide timely feedback, the system will default to positive feedback!

  2. Anonymous

    I really like it. It fits perfectly with the empty space at my bedside, without any smell, and the customer service attitude is also good

  3. Anonymous

    I originally asked customer service to install it myself, thinking it would be very troublesome, but in the end, I only installed the mirror myself, which is quite convenient. The jewelry compartment with lights is quite good.

  4. Anonymous

    The design of the dressing table is very beautiful, with full details. It is made of solid wood, which is very comfortable to use, very solid, and stable. The wood texture is delicate and beautiful, and the delivery is also fast. The customer service is also very good, and communication is very effective. It was a very good shopping experience, really beautiful, too beautiful.

  5. Anonymous

    Good news for small apartments. The small house only has 90cm of space. It can be put down just right and SF goes upstairs. It’s good! I like cherry wood so I chose this one. I checked it and found that the packaging was intact and there was no damage.The hook I was promised didn’t come with me, but the boss promised to supply it to me.Overall satisfied! Sturdy and stable: acceptable Workmanship: no flaws

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