Senhongda Economic Nail Table Modern Minimalist Dressing Table


Internet celebrity new Japanese nail salon glass table Instagram style light luxury mini dressing table, bedroom double-layer makeup table


Internet famous new Japanese nail salon glass table Instagram style light luxury mini dressing table bedroom double layered makeup table is a fashionable and exquisite beauty tool designed specifically for nail salons and bedrooms. This table features a glass tabletop that is lightweight and easy to clean, while also featuring an Instagram style luxurious design, showcasing a simple and elegant style. It has a double-layer design and can be used as a makeup table or dressing table, making it convenient for you to place cosmetics and skincare products. In addition, there are drawers under the table for convenient storage of small items. This beauty table is suitable for nail salons and bedrooms, providing a convenient and comfortable environment for your beauty care.

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Elegant black (with glass film) single table, without mirrors or chairs, Transparent clear (with glass film) single table, without mirrors or chairs


70x40x75cm, 70x50x75cm, 80x40x75cm, 80x45x75cm, 80x50x75cm, 90x40x75cm, 90x45x75cm, 90x50x75cm, 100x40x75cm, 100x45x75cm, 100x50x75cm, 110x40x75cm, 110x45x75cm, 110x50x75cm, 120x40x75cm, 120x45x50cm, 120x50x75cm, 120x60x75cm, 130x40x75cm, 130x50x75cm

16 reviews for Senhongda Economic Nail Table Modern Minimalist Dressing Table

  1. Anonymous

    It’s made of glass and the texture is great

  2. Anonymous

    Good quality, this is valuable. The texture is absolutely amazing

  3. Anonymous

    Minimalist and fashionable, it looks great at first glance, not bad

  4. Anonymous

    The table has been received, the quality is particularly good, satisfied!

  5. Anonymous

    Not bad, I really like it. The workmanship is very good, and the style is also beautiful

  6. Anonymous

    The baby is the same as the one introduced, the texture is very good, and it feels good to use

  7. Anonymous

    If the evaluator fails to provide timely feedback, the system will default to positive feedback!

  8. Anonymous

    The quality is very good, sturdy and stable, and the intuitive feeling is very good. Exquisite workmanship.

  9. Anonymous

    Good reviews, the quality is very good, beautiful and fashionable, the seller’s service is also very good, satisfied

  10. Anonymous

    I really like this kind of transparent feeling. It looks great and the logistics are delivered to your door very quickly

  11. Anonymous

    I have received the makeup table, which is of good quality, has a strong sense of design, and is of moderate size. It looks great

  12. Anonymous

    Appearance material: glass is very thick and heavy. Stability: very stable and will not shake. Intuitive feeling: good appearance.

  13. Anonymous

    The material is very good, there is no odor, I really like the style, the color is also very authentic, and there is no color difference

  14. Anonymous

    The quality is much better than I expected. It’s very stable and looks better. It’s transparent and doesn’t take up much space. Mine is 1 meter long.Look at the picture

  15. Anonymous

    Unexpectedly high-quality, fast delivery to your door, the texture of the glass is great and environmentally friendly, you don’t have to worry about the smell of formaldehyde, I highly recommend it, it’s worth it!

  16. Anonymous

    Take a good look?? Super love?? The packaging is super tight, it took half a day to unpack, so be careful with the nails. The actual product is super beautiful, and it can fit better than expected. It is particularly suitable for placing at the head of the bed, which is both a dressing table and a temporary office desk.

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