2500V20G Ω Insulation Resistance Tester Ulide


Ulide Insulation Resistance Tester Digital Electronic Megohmmeter High Voltage Electrician Shakemeter 500V Leakage Measuring Instrument


Ulide Insulation Resistance Tester Digital Electronic Megohmmeter High Voltage Electrician Shakemeter 500V Leakage Tester is an insulation measurement tool designed specifically for high voltage electricians. It has precise measurement functions and can quickly and accurately detect the insulation performance of equipment, including leakage, resistance, etc. This instrument is suitable for various electrical equipment, such as motors, transformers, cables, etc., and is widely used in fields such as power, electronics, and communication. This instrument adopts advanced digital electronic technology, with characteristics such as high precision, high resolution, and high response speed, and can easily cope with various complex environments and working conditions. At the same time, it also has the advantages of easy operation and portability, making measurement work more convenient. In addition, the Ulead insulation resistance tester, digital electronic megohmmeter, high-voltage electrician shake meter, and 500V leakage measuring instrument also have various functions, such as automatic shutdown, overload protection, battery level display, etc., to ensure that users have the best experience during use. In short, the Unilever Insulation Resistance Tester, Digital Electronic Megohmmeter, High Voltage Electrician Shakemeter, 500V Leakage Tester is a powerful, easy to operate, and portable insulation measurement tool suitable for various high voltage electrical equipment. It is one of the essential testing tools for electricians.

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    Accurate measurement, excellent quality, worth purchasing

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    The seller has fast delivery speed, good quality, and accurate measurement

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    It will arrive soon. The packaging is very careful and there are no problems

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    This surface resistor is very useful. The measurement data is very accurate and the response is fast

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    The quality is very good, the measurement is accurate, the response is sensitive, and the operation is easy.

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    The instrument measures accurately and has multiple adjustable levels, making it easy to use and easy to operate

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    The insulation resistance tester I have chosen has multiple gears of 250V/500V/1000V/2500V, which is very convenient, with high digital measurement accuracy and stability. It can also test AC voltage, has automatic discharge function, and also has sound and light alarm prompts. It is safe and easy to use. It is a reliable product of the Youlide brand and domestically produced Zhiguang

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