Magnetic suction Quest2/piconeo3 charging display rack


Hibloks suitable for Oculus Quest 2 desktop VR glasses display rack pico neo3 handle head display charging base bracket magnetic suction charging adjustable storage rack support placement rack


Hibloks is suitable for Oculus Quest 2 desktop VR glasses display rack pico neo3 handle head display charging base bracket magnetic suction charging adjustable storage rack support placement rack, providing ideal support for virtual reality gaming enthusiasts. This charging dock holder is designed specifically for Hibloks and features an adjustable design that can accommodate different sizes of headsets and handles, making it easy and stable to place on a desktop or wall. The magnetic charging function ensures that the device maintains sufficient power at all times, and the storage rack can be easily adjusted for easy organization and storage. This stand is the ideal choice for virtual reality gamers, allowing you to comfortably enjoy your gaming time.

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Light version display stand (suitable for quest2/pico3) requires a built-in handle charging case, Quest 2 Professional Display Stand (Q2 only, including Q2 handle rechargeable battery), Standard display stand (suitable for quest2/pico3), including Type-C magnetic handle charging cable)

17 reviews for Magnetic suction Quest2/piconeo3 charging display rack

  1. Anonymous

    Very pretty

  2. Anonymous

    good quality

  3. Anonymous

    Worth buying, positive reviews

  4. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  5. Anonymous

    The quality is very good, and the material is good

  6. Anonymous

    The effect is good, very clear, and the installation is simple

  7. Anonymous

    Very satisfied, good quality and affordable, worth recommending

  8. Anonymous

    The quality is good, the price is affordable, and it is worth buying.

  9. Anonymous

    The display stand is beautiful, but charging doesn’t seem to be that fast.

  10. Anonymous

    Good quality and affordable, very good. There are too many discounts compared to physical stores

  11. Anonymous

    Beautiful appearance, with seven adjustable colors and the ability to turn it into a breathing light, very cool

  12. Anonymous

    The stand is good and the installation is very simple. The display stand has seven colors that can be set, and you can also set the option of breathing lights. It’s so cool!!

  13. Anonymous

    The film has torn off and some places have already been spent. The most important screw is screwed back to the root and cannot be tightened. Customer service has been using robots!

  14. Anonymous

    It’s really good, the quality is very good, I’m quite satisfied, the service is very good, the delivery and logistics are very good, it’s worth buying, and I will come again in the future

  15. Anonymous

    The shipping speed is fast, the quality is excellent, even better than expected. The packaging is very careful, and I have recommended it to several good friends. It is a highly recommended merchant?

  16. Anonymous

    The product quality is guaranteed, and after hanging the VR, it looks high-end, atmospheric, and upscale overall. It is equipped with breathing colorful light effects, and is a trustworthy good seller. It has been safely removed from the car, so feel free to choose it…

  17. Anonymous

    The customer service is very good and patient. The items are okay and are mainly used as shelves.If you wear an elite headband, it will be difficult to place it.The charging function is okay. The power to charge the head display is a bit small, but it is good to charge the external battery.

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