PICOVR glasses all-in-one 3D tactile gaming machine


[Hot selling model] PICO 4 Pro VR glasses all-in-one machine 3D virtual reality Steamvr motion game console device 4K streaming vr movie non Vision Pro AR head display


The PICO 4 Pro VR all-in-one machine is a hot selling product that combines multiple functions such as virtual reality, gaming consoles, and streaming movies. This device adopts the latest 4K technology, providing users with a clear and realistic visual experience. It is also equipped with a high refresh rate screen to ensure a smooth gaming experience. The all-in-one machine design makes it more convenient to use without the need to connect to other devices. This VR glasses support SteamVR compatibility and have a wide range of compatibility, seamlessly connecting with numerous games and applications. It also supports tactile gaming, allowing users to control game characters through head movements, bringing a brand new interactive experience. The PICO 4 Pro VR all-in-one machine is equipped with a large capacity battery, with strong battery life and no need for frequent charging. In addition, this VR glasses also support streaming function, allowing users to directly transfer games and videos from their computers to VR devices without the need for additional downloads. This saves users time and space, making entertainment more convenient. Whether gaming enthusiasts or VR beginners, the PICO 4 Pro VR all-in-one machine is an ideal choice. Please note that the above introduction is for reference only, and the specific performance and functionality may vary depending on the market version.

Additional information

Chip brand


warranty period

12 months

Compatible platforms


time to market

September 28, 2022


Pico/Little Bird, take a look

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Other Intelligence


Goethe Corporation Limited


PICO4 glasses VR all-in-one machine

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Enjoy up to 5 VR masterpieces+1T gaming hard drive+custom storage bag+magnetic myopia lenses+streaming cable, 8+128G host version (with added magnetic suction myopia lenses+1 VR masterpiece), 8+256G host version (with added magnetic suction myopia lenses+1 VR masterpiece), 8+128G Play Edition (Comes with Magnetic Myopia Lens Plus 5 VR Masterpieces), 8+128G Yishilu Package (Yishilu Myopia Lens+Storage Bag+5 VR Masterpieces), 8+256G Play Edition (Comes with Magnetic Myopia Lens and 5 VR Masterpieces), 8+256G Yishilu Package (Yishilu Myopia Lens+Storage Bag+5 VR Masterpieces), 8+256G gaming package (1T gaming hard drive+storage bag+myopia lenses+5 VR masterpieces), 8+256G viewing package (1T viewing hard drive+storage bag+myopia lenses+5 VR masterpieces), 8+512G Host Edition (Comes with Magnetic Myopia Lens+1 VR Masterpiece), 8+512G gaming package (1T gaming hard drive+storage bag+myopia lenses+1 VR masterpiece), 8+512G viewing package (1T viewing hard drive+storage bag+myopia lenses+1 VR masterpiece), 8+512G Long Range Package (B2 Battery Pack+Comfortable Headwear+Storage Bag+Myopia Lens+1 VR Masterpiece), 8+512G Premium Battery Range Package (B2 Battery Pack * 2+Dual Charging Base+Comfortable Headwear+Storage Bag+Myopia Lens+1 VR Masterpiece), Consult customer service for an additional 50 yuan to upgrade the magnetic power bank accessory

20 reviews for PICOVR glasses all-in-one 3D tactile gaming machine

  1. Anonymous

    10% or even 9% cost-effective

  2. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  3. Anonymous

    Easy to operate and of good quality.

  4. Anonymous

    The packaging is good, there is no damage inside the box, the logistics are fast, and it looks sci-fi

  5. Anonymous

    The product has been received, it is very clear and smooth. We need to have a deep experience before following up on the review

  6. Anonymous

    This 3D effect is very powerful. Watching movies is great, and playing games even feels weightless. It’s really a good thing. I recommend buying it.

  7. Anonymous

    For the first time experiencing VR devices, Pico is the preferred choice. Both the device and content are getting better, more exquisite, and easier to use.

  8. Anonymous

    Baby is great, the child has a great time playing. Adults can participate and exercise together. It’s great, great, great, great????????????????????????????????????

  9. Anonymous

    The experience is good, it is very lightweight to wear, and watching movies is very enjoyable, similar to watching in a cinema. There are also many games, which are good for exercising and losing weight!

  10. Anonymous

    The weight is acceptable, not too heavy, and there is no discomfort when worn for a long time. The workmanship is very good, and every small detail is good. The operation is simple and easy to get started!

  11. Anonymous

    I deliberately used it for a while before commenting, and overall I feel good. I was originally very worried that nearsighted glasses would greatly affect the effect. Later it was discovered that it was okay.

  12. Anonymous

    I feel pretty good. I have been using the upgraded Pro version of Pico4 and have experienced eye tracking. The expression capture is very accurate. The feeling of pinching the face is very interesting and amazing.

  13. Anonymous

    After receiving the goods, I couldn’t wait to stream on Steam and play Forest. I wasn’t used to it at first, but when I got better, I started pulling out teammates’ magazines and laughed to death. All in all, the experience was great!

  14. Anonymous

    I didn’t expect the hard drive I received to be an Nvme solid-state drive. Even if I buy it alone now, it’s almost 400 yuan. Sincere merchant! Also included is a matching hard drive case and type C cable [strong] [strong] [strong] [strong]

  15. Anonymous

    Buy early and enjoy early. I hesitated for a long time and finally placed the order. I was not disappointed. I didn’t look at other brands before I decided on this one. I was wowed after opening it. I want to play every day! I will always support it! I hope it will be optimized more and more. good.

  16. Anonymous

    When I was browsing videos before, I watched the main unboxing video of UP. The multi in-one sport in it caught my attention, and I hesitated for a while before finally placing an order. After the goods arrived, the video clarity was indescribable, and I played games in an immersive way, which was too immersive

  17. Anonymous

    After buying PICO4, I found it very fun and fully experienced the VR experience. I can also immerse myself in watching movies, which is a very good feeling. When the new PICO4Pro came out, I was immediately tempted. Not only did it speed up, but it also allowed me to experience new features. It’s a great product!

  18. Anonymous

    During the Spring Festival, the shipment was normal. SF Express arrived the next day and there were no issues with the machine. It was the same as what was bought in the store, and there were quite a few free items. The storage box had problems, but it was quickly resolved. Overall, it was very good. I recommended buying it

  19. Anonymous

    I have always been looking forward to the Pico4 Pro. I bought a Pico4 before and it was very fun. The 4Pro also includes eye movement recognition and facial recognition related features. Paired with myopia lenses, it is really good for myopia. Now it is very clear and comfortable to play games. I also have a great immersive feeling when watching movies, not bad!

  20. Anonymous

    It was so much fun that I forgot to check in every day to review it! Viewing effect: very clear, and the 4k display lives up to its reputation.Comfort: You can play with glasses without any discomfort.Easy to operate: simple and fast, with operation guide, it is very easy to get started.Workmanship quality: The workmanship is flawless and perfect.Appearance: Very beautiful, I like it very much.Other features: This is my first time, looking forward to a better experience.

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