Kefu Electric Nursing Bed Home Multi functional


Kefu Electric Nursing Bed Intelligent Paralysis Patient Elderly Turning and Bedding Dedicated Fully Automatic Medical Home


Kefu Electric Nursing Bed is a fully automatic medical home bed product designed specifically for paralyzed patients and the elderly. This intelligent electric nursing bed has a turning function and is suitable for places such as homes, hospitals, and sanatoriums. It adopts high-tech design and integrates multiple humanized functions, aiming to provide a comfortable, safe, and convenient nursing experience. This product has a fully automatic function and does not require manual operation. Simply press it lightly to easily turn over. It also has various safety protection measures, such as anti pinch function and emergency stop button, to ensure safety during use. In addition, the design of the Kefu electric nursing bed takes into account the physical characteristics of the elderly, making it comfortable to use and easy to operate, providing the best bedridden experience for the elderly. The advantage of this product lies in its fully automatic, safe, comfortable, and convenient features, which are particularly suitable for patients and the elderly who need long-term bed rest. In addition, it is suitable for various types of mattresses, making it convenient for users to adjust the height according to their needs. At the same time, the appearance design of the Kefu electric nursing bed is simple and elegant, which can be well integrated with various home styles. In short, Kefu Electric Nursing Bed is a high-quality product that combines multiple advanced technologies, aiming to provide the best nursing experience for patients and the elderly who need to stay in bed.

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Intelligent type

Other Intelligence


Hunan Kefu Medical Equipment Co., Ltd


Luxury upgraded electric multifunctional model

Execution standard number

Xiangxi Zhu Zhun 20192150805

Registration certificate number

Xiangxi Zhu Zhun 20192150805

Nursing bed type

Electric multifunctional fully automatic nursing bed

Medical device product name

Kefu Electric Nursing Bed Multi functional Luxury Edition

Nursing bed attachment device

Washbasin, dining table railing, safety belt, pager, infusion stand, bedpan

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Jinlong Industrial Park, Furong North Road, Xiangyin County, Yueyang City, Hunan Province

Value-added services

Official flagship store genuine guarantee for 60 days with no reason for return or exchange

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Manual turning over electric toilet electric ordinary electric turning over electric multi-functional manual toilet

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The elderly are not limited to middle-aged, elderly, teenagers, elderly, middle-aged, young, paralyzed patients, and bedridden elderly

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[All electric basic model] Four motors for the entire curve (lifting back, lifting feet/landing feet, timed turning over, and toilet hole), – [All electric upgraded version] Four motors for the entire curve (lifting back, lifting feet/landing feet, timed turning over, and toilet hole), – [All electric luxury version] Four motors for the entire curve (lifting the back, lifting the feet/landing the feet, timed flipping, and toilet holes), [Electric lifting and turning] Two motors for full curve (manual foot lifting/landing+toilet hole), – [Electric lifting and turning] Two motors for the middle curve (manual foot lifting/landing+toilet hole), ——Summer prevention of pressure ulcers: Turning over/lifting up/bedwetting/leg bending function not affected——, – [All electric basic model] Full curve 4 motors+Full curve anti pressure ulcer air cushion bed, – [All electric upgraded version] Full curve 4 motors+Full curve anti pressure ulcer air cushion bed, [All electric luxury version] Full curve 4 motors+Full curve anti pressure ulcer air cushion bed, – [Electric lifting and flipping] Two motors for full curvature and an air cushion bed for full curvature anti pressure sores, – [Electric lifting and flipping] Two motors for the middle curve and an air cushion bed for preventing pressure sores in the middle curve, [Home upgrade version] Four motors for the entire curve (lifting the back, turning over, potty, and lifting the legs)

20 reviews for Kefu Electric Nursing Bed Home Multi functional

  1. Anonymous

    Very good baby, family is much easier! Even the elderly like it! Like it?? Taking care of bedridden family members is worth having without hesitation!

  2. Anonymous

    The nursing bed is very good, beautiful and elegant. When the elderly are lying on the bed, they can use the electric remote control, turn left and right, get up, and put down their legs. It is powerful and very convenient.

  3. Anonymous

    The main reason for choosing Kefu is to believe in the quality assurance of major brands. The delivery master came to install and test the machine with great enthusiasm, and the operation was also very simple and convenient.

  4. Anonymous

    The brand Kefu has received satisfactory products with complete functions, which saves the family effort and worry. After trying it out, all functions can be used normally. The remote control buttons and voice reminders are very convenient!

  5. Anonymous

    The quality and workmanship are excellent, and the nursing bed is particularly sturdy and durable. It has multiple functions and is very practical. The functions of turning over, urinating, and defecating are particularly convenient. Dad is satisfied, and taking care of Grandpa is much more convenient than before.

  6. Anonymous

    We no longer worry about the issue of urination and defecation for our elderly. Now that the elderly are hygienic and convenient, this bed is very practical and suitable for bedridden elderly people. The customer service personnel are very caring and have quality, and feedback can be quickly and properly resolved, and they are also very responsible. High cost performance ratio

  7. Anonymous

    The Corfu nursing bed has many functions. It is very convenient for the nursing staff to operate. The merchant service is very good. At the beginning, I was not familiar with how to use various functions. The customer service patiently guided me. Thumbs up for the customer service. It is really good. Very satisfied, the quality is good and it is the quality of a listed company.

  8. Anonymous

    The nursing bed is exquisitely crafted and has many functions, with wireless remote control operation. This nursing bed has solved a very big problem, and the elderly can finally sleep well. I sincerely thank the customer service of the merchant for patiently explaining. The service is very good. Thank you, truly a conscientious merchant. The Shunfeng logistics sent by the merchants is also very awesome. The timeliness is very fast.

  9. Anonymous

    The materials used are genuine and the workmanship is fine.The installation is precise and in place.The gifts given are also very practical and of good quality.Fast delivery after placing the order.Urgent users are anxious.The function of the bed is very user-friendly, and it is very suitable for the elderly who have difficulty walking. I am really happy with the purchase! It is not difficult! It is very simple and not troublesome. I will come back if I need to know that your service is so good in the future!

  10. Anonymous

    This nursing bed was chosen after repeated selection, comparison, and inspection at the store. I feel that listed companies will place greater emphasis on product quality and reputation. These are essential factors for a company to grow and thrive. The cost-effectiveness of this Kefu brand nursing bed is also relatively high. At the same time, the on-site installation technician also has a good evaluation of this product, which is easy to install and use. Parents in their 90s have tried it and expressed satisfaction.

  11. Anonymous

    I received the goods within 2 days by express delivery. I am very satisfied with this purchase. I specially checked the structure and details of the bed. The quality is indeed good.It is very helpful for bedridden elderly people. All functions fully meet the needs of patients. It is safe and convenient to use, saving effort and time.Now I feel much more comfortable taking care of the elderly at home.It is indeed easy to use. If you have elderly people to take care of at home, this nursing bed is the most suitable one!

  12. Anonymous

    I have consulted several times before, and the customer service has always been attentive and patient in explaining. They have been very attentive and have given me a very good feeling. Now my mother is still in the hospital. The express delivery of the order she placed before she left the hospital is very awesome. Even in the first heavy snow after winter, it is still delivered as scheduled. The installation master also arrived as soon as possible and installed the bed. Father was very satisfied after receiving the goods. Positive review! Positive review! Positive review!!!

  13. Anonymous

    This is the first time I buy a large item online. The customer service is really patient and I have nothing to say! Patiently answering questions and solving any problems in a timely manner! After receiving the goods, it is easy for my family to assemble it.It is also very comfortable for the elderly to lie down on. It has complete functions of raising the back, lowering the back, raising the legs and lowering the legs to prevent side slipping. The reinforced frame makes the hospital bed very strong, and the four bottom wheels of the bed can be braked and released freely. It is really good.

  14. Anonymous

    I have received it, and the logistics speed is very fast. The quality and performance of the nursing bed are very good, and every function has been tried repeatedly. The bed is very useful, sturdy, and has complete functions. I have repeatedly selected many nursing beds, and finally decided to choose this one. It seems to be really good now, saving a lot of manpower. It is also easy to take care of alone. The mattress of the nursing bed is thick, made of high-quality hard cotton material, with moderate softness and hardness, and complete functions, which is much more convenient for the elderly.

  15. Anonymous

    It took me a few days to evaluate! My elderly family member suffered a spinal fracture in his back. The back-raising function and the leg-lowering function of this bed just form a chair shape, which can slowly let the legs get out of the bed, and then the upper body leaves the bed, so the elderly does not have to stay in bed. It’s a very good product! It only took 3 women to install it, and it’s easy to install! The logistics is very fast! If it’s not too cold in the south and you need a thick mattress, it’s also convenient to go to the toilet! The hair washing function is not used yet! What I bought is Fully automatic basic model, the above is for your reference when purchasing!

  16. Anonymous

    The entire structure of the bed is very strong. The steel material is very thick at first glance. Judging from the weight of the bed, it is definitely made of real materials.The bed’s functions are also electrically operated, so you don’t have to work so hard in the future. It’s really nice and very convenient to use.It is very convenient to turn over, sit and defecate, and it also saves effort for the person waiting on you. I am really lucky to have such a bed. Thank you again to the business owner for bringing a different experience to our family’s life and making the elderly feel more comfortable. A lot, I feel much better.We followed and felt happy in our hearts.The customer service attitude is very good and it’s worth placing an order.

  17. Anonymous

    The nursing bed is very easy to use, has complete functions and is easy to operate.The components are complete and assembly is simple.My old father suffered from cerebral hemorrhage and was unable to move. My mother was too tired to take care of him by herself. I hurriedly bought a nursing bed and sent it home. My mother said it helped her a lot.Now my father, Yao Tian, ??is lucky that the intracerebral hemorrhage has been completely absorbed, his mobility has recovered a lot, and he no longer relies on a nursing bed.I’m really lucky to give this business such a good review. The nursing bed is great.I would also like to express my special thanks to the SF Express guys. Seeing that my mother couldn’t pick up the package and assemble it alone, several of their young people helped with the delivery and installation.Grateful.

  18. Anonymous

    This nursing bed is really good. I have visited many homes myself. When there are long-term bedridden patients or elderly people who cannot take care of themselves, caring for them is a very complicated and arduous task that tests your patience.The use of nursing beds can help patients’ families or caregivers solve many problems such as getting up, turning over, eating, defecating, and urinating for long-term bedridden patients, greatly reducing the workload of patient caregivers and improving the quality of life of bedridden patients. .Electric nursing beds mainly provide practical and simple nursing assistance for nursing patients.Convenient for daily use of patients and care of family members.Electric nursing beds and elderly care beds are good helpers for caring for patients and caring for the elderly at home.The delivery speed is very fast. It is sent by SF Express. This nursing bed is really good. The installer is very good. If I have any questions, the online customer service will reply to me immediately. The nursing bed really saves a lot of trouble. I am quite satisfied. I will need it later. I will repurchase from this store too

  19. Anonymous

    This bed is very convenient for taking care of the elderly, and it is truly a good product from a listed company. The master comes to your door for installation, and the functions are very complete and practical. The installation is also simple, and the customer service is also very good. The products from this company are indeed good. SF Logistics is very good, and the delivery speed is very fast. The electric nursing bed is designed to be very user-friendly, and the storage is also very convenient and labor-saving! Worth recommending, you can place an order for this product. When purchasing this product, the customer service staff patiently answered my questions and explained it to me. It was really thoughtful. After receiving the product, the installation master came to our doorstep for service. While carefully installing it, he explained to me the methods of each step, how to pay attention to safe use, and how to strengthen safe use. He really gave me all the instructions that I could consider, which made me feel warm. This was a happy shopping experience, and also a heartwarming shopping experience. Thank you to every staff member who participated in our service. Thank you

  20. Anonymous

    I bought this nursing bed under the enthusiastic recommendation of the customer service. I was very satisfied with the logistics. It took two days to receive the goods. The quality is very good. It is very strong. It is definitely a great home nursing bed. It is reliable and can be used to lie down to wash your hair and buttocks. It can be opened for urination and defecation, and the feet can be lowered to sit and eat comfortably. The after-sales service is good. It is easy to assemble according to the video tutorial, and it is fully functional. I am very satisfied., the style is good-looking, the workmanship is fine, it is very convenient, and it also has great texture.It is very convenient to use.It reduces a lot of the burden on the caretakers. If there is anything they don’t understand, the customer can solve it at any time. It is very comfortable for the elderly. I looked at many beds and compared them with many before I decided on this bed.As expected, I was not disappointed, in short, I was very satisfied.Very happy.A satisfying purchase. Thank you to the merchant for his patience and meticulousness. The price-performance ratio is relatively high. All worries are gone. I am very satisfied. If there is anything I don’t understand, I will contact the after-sales service to tell you how to use it. With this service attitude, it must be good.

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