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Kefu Hospital nursing bed, household multifunctional medical bed, long-term elderly medical bed, dedicated to paralyzed patients


Electric adjustment of the head and tail of the bed, as well as adjustable tilt angles, to meet the personalized needs of different patients. In addition, it is equipped with safety protection devices such as pressure ulcer pads and emergency call buttons to ensure the safety of patients. This nursing bed is suitable for the elderly, medical patients, and paralyzed patients who are bedridden for a long time, and is suitable for homes, nursing homes, hospitals, and other places. It not only provides a comfortable environment, but also provides high-quality nursing services for patients. Choose the nursing bed at Kefu Hospital to provide your loved ones with a comfortable and safe treatment environment, and spend every day of recovery.

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Kefu Nursing Bed

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Xiangyue Xibei No. 20170019

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Multi functional nursing bed

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Manual nursing bed nursing bed accessories

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Xiangyue Xibei No. 20170019

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Middle curved belt wheel+dining table+bedpan+infusion pole+shampoo basin, – Highly recommended full curve anti slip and anti sliding+dining table+bedpan+infusion pole+shampoo basin, Middle curved belt wheel+anti bedsore cushion, Full curve anti slip and anti sliding air cushion+anti pressure ulcer air cushion, Electric 1 motor [electric lifting], Two motors in the middle of the curve [electric back lifting+electric flipping], manual leg lifting/lowering+toilet hole, Two motors for the entire curve [electric lifting and turning], manual leg lifting/lowering, and toilet hole, – [Fully automatic basic model] Four motors for full bending (lifting the back, lifting the legs/bending the legs, timed turning, and toilet hole), Fully automatic upgraded version] 4 motors for full curve (lifting the back, lifting the legs/bending the legs, timed flipping, and toilet hole), – [Fully automatic luxury version] Four motors for full bending (lifting the back, lifting the legs/bending the legs, timed turning, and toilet hole), High end home model with 4 motors (lifting the back, lifting the legs, bending the legs, timed turning, and toilet hole)

20 reviews for SF Express provides free on-site installation nationwide

  1. Anonymous

    The electric one saves trouble, and it works just fine. It feels useful to lift the back, but the sideways function still requires manual help to turn over!

  2. Anonymous

    The bed is really convenient, the air cushion is very comfortable, and it is more convenient to use the toilet. The overall structure is very sturdy, praised

  3. Anonymous

    Super useful!!!! The nursing bed is very useful and practical!! Recommended! My grandfather also likes it very much and is ready to recommend it to friends who need it!

  4. Anonymous

    After seeing many sellers and researching a lot of information, I decided to buy it. Sure enough, big brands are different, and the quality is very good. Taking care of the elderly and turning over is much more convenient.

  5. Anonymous

    The nursing bed has been in use for some time and is very user-friendly. It is particularly effortless to care for the elderly, and all functions are also very easy to operate. Overall, it is also very sturdy and cost-effective.

  6. Anonymous

    I chose several stores and finally chose this one with a relatively high price. The after-sales service was decent, and I assembled it myself. The material is really good, without any smell. The elderly can use it with confidence, and it can be used on the same day.

  7. Anonymous

    We are a loyal customer of the Kefu family. The brand has a strong influence and the products are very good. They were delivered by SF Express and installed in an hour. Hmm, the elderly really like it. Lying down is very comfortable, taking care of patients is much easier, like??????

  8. Anonymous

    Medical big brands are still trustworthy. After taking urgent contact photos, they were safely delivered during the Chinese New Year period. The packaging is good and there are no bumps, and it can be installed quickly according to the instructions. All functions are also very complete. Easy and convenient.

  9. Anonymous

    The quality of the nursing bed is very good, the packaging is tight, the bed frame is sturdy and easy to install, and the function is well considered. After an elderly person falls, they urgently need such a bed. Even on the first day of the Lunar New Year, SF Express did not delay delivering it to their home.

  10. Anonymous

    Kefu has bought a lot of medical products, especially this nursing bed, which has a backrest that can be lifted up and a flip function that is very suitable for elderly people with limited mobility! The railings on both sides of the bed can be raised, so there is no need to worry about people falling off the bed at night. Very satisfied!

  11. Anonymous

    It is an ideal product with good quality and fast logistics, worthy of praise. The quality is excellent and guaranteed, making it a very good choice. Many friends have seen me use it and want to buy it, and I have recommended it. It has been used for a while and the effect is good??, Customer service is patient, the answers are detailed, give a thumbs up.

  12. Anonymous

    I received the nursing bed only 2.3 days after it was introduced by the hospital nurse.He said that the one in the hospital was a basic model and that I could buy one with better functions. I had the attitude of giving it a try before, but I didn’t expect that the quality was quite good, the configuration was very complete, and there were many functions.It does have many more functions than a hospital and is very easy to use.

  13. Anonymous

    This bed, like the one introduced by the merchant, has strong functionality, simple operation, and is very convenient for taking care of patients. The nursing staff finally made it easy to take care of patients, and the customer service replied very quickly. They answered any questions and were very satisfied with the service. The quality is also very satisfactory. We purchased it from a sanatorium and everyone gave good feedback.

  14. Anonymous

    This must be satisfied. It is not convenient to care for the elderly in ordinary times. I chose Kefu immediately after visiting several stores. I took a picture that day. Unexpectedly, the goods were delivered in the afternoon that day. The logistics was also very awesome. This nursing bed is very easy to use and has complete functions. It is very labor-saving for the elderly. The price is cheaper than that of the same type. Everyone can buy it with confidence.

  15. Anonymous

    I received this nursing bed two days ago. The logistics are quite fast, it was delivered downstairs, the service attitude was good, and the packaging was also very good without any damage. The material of the bed is sturdy and stable, with complete functions. Easy to operate and easy to install. All parts are also very sturdy. I personally think this design is very thoughtful, easy to clean, and taking care of the elderly is also very easy. I really think the multifunctional nursing bed is very convenient. In short, it is very useful and worth the money.

  16. Anonymous

    Personally, I feel that the quality of the nursing bed is quite good.The elderly at home cannot sit up by themselves. I need to buy a nursing bed that is convenient for my family to take care of me and makes the elderly more comfortable. I was not disappointed after receiving the goods. The customer service attitude of the first store is also very good. Is there anything I don’t understand? All informed patiently.The second logistics is very good. Originally, no one in the village would deliver the goods.But we didn’t have the right tools to pick up the bed, so they delivered it to the door. Anyway, we were very satisfied!

  17. Anonymous

    The Kefu nursing bed is particularly good, with complete functions and simple operation. It can perform 13 functions including left side turning, right side turning, leg lifting, falling back, back lifting, back flat, bedpan opening, bedpan closing, automatic turning A, automatic turning B, sitting up, emergency stop, and reset. It is very convenient to take care of elderly people lying in bed! The customer service attitude is also very good. The whole package was sent by SF Express, with timely delivery and simple installation. There is no need to consult customer service, and there is also after-sales service. It is very worth buying!

  18. Anonymous

    Advantages: The bed frame is very stable, and the wheels are pushed smoothly. Disadvantages: 1. The corresponding functional identification of the joystick is not clear enough, and it is often mistaken. 2. It is recommended that the order of the joystick be from right to left: lifting the back, side body, defecation aid, and bent legs, which is more reasonable to use. 3. The height of the guardrail should be 10-15 centimeters higher to be suitable for use. 4. The dining table board is easily pushed, so it is recommended to add anti slip design. 5. The design of the bedpan is actually not very practical, and it often shakes the wrong pole When the head of the bed is lifted, it cannot be turned sideways

  19. Anonymous

    The quality of the nursing bed is very good. A big business deserves to be called a big business. It is very comfortable for the elderly to lie on and is very convenient for nursing. You can also stand up and turn over. There is also a dining table board. You no longer have to worry about eating like before, and you can also go to the toilet. The material is also very good. I will introduce my friends to buy it later. The customer service attitude is also very good. I didn’t know how to install it at first. After asking the customer service, it was easily installed by one person. The most important thing is that it is comfortable for the elderly and convenient for the family. It is more comfortable for the elderly to sleep. Every family needs to take care of the elderly at home. It is good to have a nursing bed. It is very helpful for the elderly’s recovery and makes the family more relaxed.

  20. Anonymous

    The following is an example of a hypothetical Taobao buyer’s review of a medical multifunctional bed: — Title: Cost-effective, complete functions, and a satisfactory shopping experience! Rating: ***** 5/5 points for purchasing this medical multifunctional bed The functional bed is for the elderly at home. After some selection, I decided to place an order in this store.My overall experience from the purchase to receipt was very good.First of all, the seller has a very good service attitude. He responded quickly and professionally during the consultation. He patiently answered all the questions I asked, which gave me a full understanding and confidence in the product.Secondly, the logistics speed exceeded expectations and the packaging was very tight, ensuring that the bed would not be damaged during transportation.The installation process is also relatively simple. Although it is my first time to assemble this type of product, I followed the instructions step by step and completed it in about an hour.

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