AUX ironing machine for small household use


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Oaks household small handheld garment ironing machine is a must-have for steam ironing! This is a small, portable, easy-to-use ironing machine, especially suitable for processing clothes anytime and anywhere at home.This Oaks ironing machine provides a powerful steam function that easily penetrates clothes and instantly solves wrinkle problems.Whether it’s a lightweight shirt or a chunky sweater, it only takes a few minutes to restore your garments to their original neat appearance.The design is compact and lightweight, suitable for hand holding or hanging ironing, and is easy to operate, making your life easier and more convenient.Oaks household small handheld garment steamer is an essential clothing care tool in your home!

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warranty period

12 months


100-240V universal

Applicable scenarios

Household use

After-sales service

Shop Three Guarantees

Water tank capacity

1.4L (inclusive) -1.8L (inclusive)


Ningbo Cartier Electric Appliance Co., Ltd

Hanging ironing machine type

Vertical and horizontal hanging ironing machine

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Oatmeal yellow upgrade, Beige Deluxe \'Intelligent Level 3+99% Sterilization and Mite Removal\', Nordic Yellow Luxury+Ironing Board 'Intelligent 3rd Gear+99.9% Sterilization, Light luxury yellow top with, Apricot yellow high-end configuration, Ginger yellow low profile, Cardamom Green upgrades

20 reviews for AUX ironing machine for small household use

  1. Anonymous

    The ironing machine is small and cute. I tried it out because it was raining and I used it dry and hot. It was quite smooth and comfortable to hold. I really like it.

  2. Anonymous

    The effect is pretty good, the flat ironing effect should be better than hanging it. Thin clothes are particularly noticeable, and they will straighten with just one wipe, while thick clothes need to be repeated several times.

  3. Anonymous

    I took some time to iron clothes made of various materials, and they heated up quickly. They were made of cotton or snow???? Spin and wait, pass it once and it will be flat. As described, this price is also affordable. The hanging ironing machine has a stylish and beautiful style, and I really like it!

  4. Anonymous

    I have always wanted to buy a handheld iron that is easy to carry. I finally chose Oaks. It turns out that I made the right choice. It does not take up much space in my suitcase when my husband is on a business trip. The ironing effect is also good. I am satisfied with it and plan to buy one again. for home use

  5. Anonymous

    Reduced the hassle of operating an old iron, as it is an electrical item that needs to be opened and tried upon receipt. I really like it and it looks very upscale. Even the first time I used it, it was effortless, and my clothes were not particularly expensive, but they really changed after use. I really like it, it saved my clothes.

  6. Anonymous

    Yes, the handle can be rotated 180 degrees. This design is not easy to burn your hands whether it is hanging ironing or flat ironing.It’s pretty and feels as smooth as ceramic.The garment steamer is quite substantial and of good quality.Great for flat ironing.It can also be sterilized at high temperature, which is quite special and a great value for 99 yuan.

  7. Anonymous

    The handle can be folded, and the baby does not take up much space when stored. It is a good choice for single aristocrats or friends who often travel on business. There are very few products that are easy to carry and effective. It is not cost-effective to buy an oversized one.I think the expensive ones are definitely better than the cheap ones. Look at my masterpiece in the picture above hahaha

  8. Anonymous

    The best garment steamer I have ever used so far! Not only does it look good, it is compact and lightweight, it also has a lot of steam. The clothes are instantly smooth and neat. I like it so much that I still use it after using it for a while. It is compact and exquisite. An ironing machine that is both convenient, powerful and beautiful. It is expensive and valuable. Highly recommended????????

  9. Anonymous

    The air is released quickly and the water tank has a large water storage capacity. It can iron several thin clothes and one woolen coat. It is very cost-effective.It was my first time to buy a small handheld garment steamer. After a long time of choosing, I finally chose this one. It is really good and it did not disappoint.There is also a price guarantee and after-sales service guarantee, which is very good.

  10. Anonymous

    The ironing effect is very obvious, the difference between the front and back is really big????, and it doesn’t take up space. You can put it wherever you want. It’s really good. The water tank is well sealed and won’t leak. It warms up quickly and it’s quick after powering on. The steam comes out, and a piece of clothing can be finished in two minutes?? It is expensive but easy to use. I must recommend such a good product to everyone.

  11. Anonymous

    A ironing machine that was planted by my best friend. First of all, its appearance is really amazing. It is small and exquisite, with a creamy beige color. Secondly, it is also suitable for business and household use, and it is very lightweight. I ironed the skirt a bit, and the effect was good. Moreover, the handle does not feel hot, and the heating speed is also very fast, about 10 seconds. I am very satisfied. You can rest assured to rush!

  12. Anonymous

    The effect is very good, the clothes after ironing look brand new, the steam is very strong, the steam will come out after preheating for a few seconds, and then you can iron it directly. It is said to be ironed and worn. I didn’t expect to buy it for 100 yuan. The effect is so good, silk fabrics can also be used, and the clothes will not be damaged. The quality is very good. It is also convenient to store things, and the use experience is great.

  13. Anonymous

    I trust the brand AUX very much and have bought other appliances before. This one has a small and exquisite body style, which I immediately like. It has good quality and high appearance, and the packaging is very careful. After pouring pure water and pressing the start button, it can be used. It is very convenient and there is no water leakage. After ironing the shirt and coat, it cannot be said that there are no wrinkles at all, but generally there are no problems. I really like it

  14. Anonymous

    The hanging ironing machine is beautiful and easy to use. The steam is really strong, and the ironing effect is very nice. It can also be folded and stored, which is really good. The ironing is very smooth (most importantly, it is not leaking water), and it can be hung ironing or flat ironing. There is also an anti ironing base that can be put aside, which is very safe. When traveling, it can also be used for luggage, very compact?? It looks so good on my heart, you can enter just in time~

  15. Anonymous

    Some clothes are really unwearable unless they are ironed. After looking at many styles, I finally chose this one. It is compact, easy to carry, and beautiful in appearance. I tried it out and the effect is good.It starts to emit steam within a few seconds after plugging it in. The steam is very large and easy to use.Turning off the steam is a dry ironing, which can give the clothes a certain shape. I just found a pleated skirt and tried it. It really works. I saved a small skirt in no time. Sisters who like it can place an order with confidence.

  16. Anonymous

    The steam is really strong, and the clothes will be straight after just two brushes. I no longer have to worry about ugly clothes. Things don’t take up space and the colors look good. It’s not as complicated to operate as a big ironing machine. The one-button operation is really nice. It’s very simple. If you want to buy it, hurry up and do it.The effect is the same as that of a large garment steamer.This is compact and convenient, and has great advantages. It is more convenient to take with you when you go out. It can be used for traveling and other things. It is very good.

  17. Anonymous

    It is very suitable for business trips and travel, and it is also very convenient for home use. The key is that it can be worn after ironing. It can achieve the effect of ironing and wearing! Not to mention the effect, it can be used for both steam and dry ironing! It really did not disappoint me! Will always support it.I really didn’t expect it. I just tried it and thought it was worth it.It’s expensive for a reason. I like it very much. It’s very convenient and fast for ironing. It doesn’t take up much space when storing the baby and is easy to carry! The effect is very good.

  18. Anonymous

    When I received the handheld garment steamer, I thought it was a bit small and wanted to return it.Later, I tried to iron a piece of clothing with the idea of ????trying it out, and I thought it was okay.It is light, heats quickly, and the effect is very good. It is reasonable to be more expensive. I have tried several clothes and the effect is very good, no less than a few hundred yuan. I highly recommend it for home use and is convenient. It has many holes to emit steam, and the steam is large and fine. The effect is really great. The two ends of the panel have a pointed design, and each corner can be ironed flat. It is really easy to use, so it is expensive and easy to use!

  19. Anonymous

    I have a lot of shirts at home, and I have always wanted to buy a portable ironing machine?? I found this one when I was shopping on Taobao. I originally wanted to buy a certain Su model, but then I heard from customer service that the 839 is its upgraded model, and I happened to be doing an event during Double 11. , I decided to buy it. After using it, I feel that the convenience is better. The appearance is also very good. It is very compact. The 3-speed mode can be adjusted. It does not drip when ironing. Adding water once can iron 4_5 pieces of clothes. ??Then it heats up very quickly and the steam is quite powerful. This kind of one is a bit more expensive, but it’s much easier to use than the one that costs 20 to 30 yuan. It’s very nice.

  20. Anonymous

    A piece of clothing was ironed quickly, and I am very satisfied! I have a lot of silk, denim, shirts, cotton and linen clothes, which are particularly easy to wrinkle. Then I discovered this small iron and placed an order. I received it very quickly. When I unboxed it, I found that the actual product was exactly as described by the seller. It is small and exquisite and very convenient for home use! I like it very much. It is really small in size and useful. The ironing effect is good. It is convenient and fast. The ironed clothes are very smooth. .Apart from being expensive, there is nothing wrong with it. It is also quite convenient and easy to operate.It’s easy to use, heats up quickly????, and it also comes with a measuring cup and a heat-insulating pad. It’s expensive and easy to use. It’s the same as the 300 or 400-yuan ones. This one is small and doesn’t take up much space. I haven’t bought something so easy to use in a long time. Got something, happy

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