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Subor 2024 new high-power steam hanging ironing machine for household ironing clothes, commercial wrinkle removal iron for clothing stores


Supor’s new high-power household steam garment steamer is a commercial wrinkle-removing iron professionally designed for clothing stores.Its notable features are its powerful power and large capacity of steam, which can quickly penetrate clothing and quickly solve the wrinkle problem of all types of clothing.This garment ironing machine is also equipped with a powerful water spray function, which can easily handle clothes made of various materials, such as cotton, linen, silk, or wool, and provide professional ironing results.Supor’s new garment steamer is well designed and easy to operate. Whether it is for home or commercial use, it is your ideal clothing care tool.

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warranty period

12 months

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Temperature control gear

5th gear and above

Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence

After-sales service

Nationwide joint guarantee

Water tank capacity

1.9L (inclusive) -2.2L (inclusive)


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Vertical and horizontal hanging ironing machine

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20 reviews for [Consultation obtained 229] Supor hanging ironing machine

  1. Anonymous

    I tried it and it felt good. I also exhaled quickly

  2. Anonymous

    It’s quite strong and can be ironed very smoothly, which is good.

  3. Anonymous

    The steam is very large and the speed is also very fast, very easy to use!

  4. Anonymous

    The fog comes out very quickly and it is definitely worth buying if it is used in a large clothing store!

  5. Anonymous

    Baby received it, the appearance is very beautiful and the effect is good. The ironing is smooth and the heating is fast.

  6. Anonymous

    I have bought it several times and the quality is very good! The clothes are ironed very smoothly! We will repurchase it in the future!

  7. Anonymous

    Very satisfied, much more stable than before. Appearance and material: The quality is quite good, so everyone can rest assured to purchase

  8. Anonymous

    I received the goods and immediately used them. A piece of clothing can be ironed flat in just one minute, which is a bit unexpected. I feel that this product is worth buying

  9. Anonymous

    After comparing several options, I finally chose this one and tried it out. The effect was good, and the air release was also fast. It can be adjusted to 10 different fabrics

  10. Anonymous

    Upon receiving it, I opened it and tried it out. I was very satisfied. The old brand is trustworthy and the quality is also very good. It can be used by clothing stores and households.

  11. Anonymous

    It’s been a few days since I bought it.Ironed all the clothes at home.Very flat.I also take out my anger a lot.Something worth over 200 yuan.The price/performance ratio is really too high.

  12. Anonymous

    The installation is quite convenient, does not take up space, and it is not complicated to use. It is still in line with expectations, and is better and more stable than the single pole one used before.

  13. Anonymous

    The appearance is quite beautiful and suitable for clothing stores. The quality is quite good, and I recommend it to everyone for purchase. The price is also quite cheap, and it is a big brand that is trustworthy

  14. Anonymous

    The seller’s service attitude is good, and the logistics is fast and good. I followed the seller’s video and followed the simple instructions. I tried it and it was great.Good reviews Appearance material: good Features and functions: Very good

  15. Anonymous

    The item looks the same as the picture, and the installation effect is very good. When the switch is turned on, the air is released quickly and there is no loud noise. However, the fixing effect of the brush is not firm, and needs to be improved

  16. Anonymous

    A friend recommended me to use a garment steamer, and after careful selection I chose Supor.The machine is easy to install. Please pay attention to the buckle of the pole to ensure it is secure and secure. The air will be released too quickly and loudly.

  17. Anonymous

    After comparing many products, I finally chose this one. After receiving it, I couldn’t wait to open it and try it out. The double-lever model is much more stable than the previous single-lever model. It produces steam very quickly and is very convenient to operate.This is perfect for your own home.

  18. Anonymous

    The total capacity of the water tank is 2.2 liters, but it cannot be used in practice. The steam output is very fast, and the gas output varies in different modes, which is good for dealing with various materials. Although the gas output is not as fast as 30 seconds, it is also very fast. Overall, it is still good, and the machine color is also beautiful

  19. Anonymous

    Appearance: good appearance. Steam outlet speed: fast.Ironing effect: The ironing effect is very good. It can iron dresses, shirts, and short-sleeves very well. It is very practical. Steam size: There are different steam sizes to choose from.Select the gear according to the material of the clothes, and the size of the air outlet is also different.Storage method: Fortunately, it doesn’t take up much space.

  20. Anonymous

    Appearance and Material: Thickened brushed aluminum alloy three section pull rod, sturdy and shaking. Special Features: High and extended tube, suitable for ironing clothes of different lengths. Large capacity water tank, filled with water, enough for the whole family to iron clothes. The cleaning brush can iron and clean clothes at the same time, brushing off all the hair on my woolen pants. Ten gears are suitable for clothes of different fabrics. High power ironing is easy and fast, and the detachable ironing board can sit and iron clothes. With it, the old hanging ironing machine was laid off.

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