Children’s balance car without pedals, four-wheel sliding for 1 to 3 years old


Children’s balance car without pedals, 1 to 3 years old baby scooter, child scooter, baby toddler scooter, four-wheel


The children’s balance car is a sliding car suitable for babies aged 1-3 years old.It is equipped with four stable four-wheel design, which helps your baby learn to walk and exercise his balance ability.The footless design is more in line with the baby’s physical characteristics, is safe and comfortable, and allows them to slide and learn to walk easily.In addition, it is a sliding stroller that allows your baby to gradually try standing and walking while practicing balance.At the same time, this car is also suitable for use as a stroller. It is light and easy to carry, making the baby more convenient and free when traveling.Its simple design, practical functions and safety features make it an ideal companion as your baby grows.

Additional information



Toy type

plastic toys


Chinese mainland

Applicable gender


Frame material

High-carbon steel


one hundred and sixty-eight

Applicable age

12 months, 18 months, 2 years old, 3 years old

3C certificate number

two thousand and twenty trillion and twelve billion two hundred and two million three hundred and forty-six thousand two hundred and thirty-one

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Parent Duck Premium (Yellow)+Music – Lighting, Parent Duck Premium (Blue)+Music – Lighting, Parent duck high-end (pink)+music and lighting, Parent Duck Standard (Yellow) No Music – Light, Parent Duck Standard (Pink) No Music Light, Parent Duck Standard (Blue) No Music Light, Parent Duck Top of the line (Yellow+Bubble)+Music Lights, Parent Duck Top of the line (Blue+Bubble)+Music Lighting, Parent Duck Top of the line (Pink+Bubble)+Music Lighting, High end (peach red) with music lighting, High end (khaki) with music lighting, High end (pink) with music lighting, Low end (peach red) without music lighting, Low end (khaki) without music lighting, Low spec (pink) no music – lighting, Top of the line (peach red) with music and lighting to blow bubbles, Top of the line (khaki) with music and lighting to blow bubbles, Top of the line (pink) with music – light blowing bubbles

20 reviews for Children’s balance car without pedals, four-wheel sliding for 1 to 3 years old

  1. Anonymous

    I received the car and it’s used well. Mainly because it’s cheap.

  2. Anonymous

    Cute and lovely, the quality is worth this price, children love to play

  3. Anonymous

    Babies love to look good and practical, and installation is very simple

  4. Anonymous

    The quality is quite good, the installation is simple, and it is worth buying.

  5. Anonymous

    The small car is very good, beautiful and elegant, smooth and traceless, with good quality

  6. Anonymous

    This car is good, everyone can rest assured to buy it. It looks good and the baby likes it very much

  7. Anonymous

    Babies under three years old can do it, while older babies are too young. Children love it and have music

  8. Anonymous

    The material is very good, and it looks good when identifying goods?? Worth buying, children really like it

  9. Anonymous

    The baby loves it very much, the installation is also convenient, and the customer service attitude is also good

  10. Anonymous

    Applicable age: We play at the age of three and it’s a bit small. Material introduction: The material is very good,

  11. Anonymous

    Applicable age: 1-3 years old Baby features: high cost-effectiveness Car is easy to install, baby loves it, great??

  12. Anonymous

    Applicable age: One and a half years old can control the baby. Features: Bright colors. Baby likes it. Highly recommended.

  13. Anonymous

    Easy to install, great, with music and bubbles, cool haha, children have a Wednesday every week, I really enjoy playing haha

  14. Anonymous

    The baby liked it very much. He just put it on and refused to let go. He rode it back and forth several times, but it was a little short.

  15. Anonymous

    A one year and eight month old male treasure, riding just right, very suitable, and with music, but prone to overturning. After riding for a while, he overturned three times

  16. Anonymous

    After receiving the goods, my husband installed them and the baby rode the bike, light or heavy. It was pretty good. My family is 19 months old, and I will give it to the teacher and ride it on my own

  17. Anonymous

    The small car matches the description, with sturdy materials and beautiful colors, suitable for children aged 1 and a half to 4 to ride. The car has good balance when riding, is affordable, and is trustworthy and worth buying.

  18. Anonymous

    Applicable age: feels like it can be used from 1 to 5. Sorting ease: bright colors, baby characteristics: the little yellow duck is particularly cute, children love it, and there is also cheerful music?? And the sparkling colored lights, the actual product is too beautiful. Material introduction: smooth and sturdy

  19. Anonymous

    Applicable age: One to two years old is more suitable. My baby is a little over two years old, and his legs are a bit unable to stretch when riding this bike, so he can ride it just fine.Ease of arrangement: Very good, easy to install. Baby features: Made of plastic, relatively light, easy to carry when going out, and the handlebar has a limited rotation angle, so it is not easy to fall.It just can’t adjust the height, so it’s suitable for babies.

  20. Anonymous

    My baby likes this balance car very much. Not much to say, this KISSDUCK brand balance car is not a big brand, but the quality and basic performance of the car are quite good, and the balance is quite good and stable. You can also spray bubbles on the back of the bike, and the price/performance ratio is relatively high. I just want to ride it with my baby for daily fun, so there is no need to buy such an expensive one, so just choose one with a similar price/performance ratio.

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