Babycare children’s engineering vehicle excavates and pushes soil


Babycare Children’s Engineering Vehicle Excavator Seating 1-3 Year Old Boys and Girls Baby Toy Car Sliding Learning Walk




**BABYCARE Children’s Engineering Vehicle Excavator**

A toy vehicle suitable for boys and girls aged 1-3 years old! This excavator has a unique design and bright colors to attract babies’ attention.The unique sitting design allows babies to sit safely on the excavator while learning to glide and walk.This is not only a toy, but also a mentor and helpful friend in the growth process of the baby!

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Additional information





Toy type

plastic toys

Frame material



Chinese mainland

Applicable gender


Applicable age

2 years, 18 months, 12 months

3C certificate number

two thousand and twenty-two trillion and twelve billion two hundred and two million five hundred and seventeen thousand six hundred and thirty

sort by color

Ovito, Ovito (bulldozer), [Boys prefer] Orvieto (- excavator) + remote control drift car

20 reviews for Babycare children’s engineering vehicle excavates and pushes soil

  1. Anonymous

    Is the quality good??

  2. Anonymous

    Great, the child likes it,

  3. Anonymous

    Very good quality, as always

  4. Anonymous

    The quality is good, and the baby really likes it

  5. Anonymous

    Not bad, the child really likes it and will make another purchase

  6. Anonymous

    The quality is quite good, and the child is not very interested when they are young

  7. Anonymous

    The claw mouth is not very easy to dig sand, and the clasp should not be too downward

  8. Anonymous

    The packaging protection is very good, the installation is simple, and there is no odor

  9. Anonymous

    Applicable age: 2. Sorting ease: still acceptable. Baby features: no material introduction: unknown

  10. Anonymous

    Applicable age: When my son is 18 months old and is suitable for playing, just bring a remote control.

  11. Anonymous

    I haven’t played with it yet and it’s already broken. The quality is very poor and I don’t like to be angry.

  12. Anonymous

    The workmanship is excellent, the quality is good, the design is safe and reasonable, and babies love it very much. Digging on the sand is very fun.

  13. Anonymous

    This toy is worth it when you get it, with a good texture and easy installation. Even adults can sit on it and play. Babies are very happy to play with it

  14. Anonymous

    Ease of organization: My family says that excavators are not worth the money, not fun, and the front arms are not easy to operate, even if they are over a year old.

  15. Anonymous

    His father said, who doesn’t want to own an excavator? Well, I bought it. The quality is good, but the baby is not very interested at the moment. How about it getting older?

  16. Anonymous

    From birth to the age of five, toys and other mother and baby products have always been from your family, with exquisite workmanship and flawless workmanship, making babies love them.

  17. Anonymous

    The quality was not good, there were burrs on the plastic, and it scratched my hand! The express delivery would not deliver it, and they said the toy was too big, so it was delivered two days late!

  18. Anonymous

    The host of the Double Eleven live broadcast room induced the order to be placed, saying that they would return the order after shooting, but in the end, the merchant eloquently refused to fulfill their promise

  19. Anonymous

    I have never seen such a arrogant merchant who forcefully buys and sells a thermos cup, claiming to return a 199 yuan coupon. The coupon is not suitable for buying something, and if it is returned, the coupon will expire. I have never seen such a merchant before

  20. Anonymous

    Applicable age: can be organized at one and a half years old. Easy to manage! Baby feature: Good quality! The quality of BBC toys is very good! I also really like it! Children really like it! Love, love! We will repurchase it in the future! Giving gifts is really prestigious

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