Swan 10KG fully automatic drum washing machine


[Little Swan 45] Little Swan Water Magic Cube 10kg Fully Automatic Household Variable Frequency Drum Washing Machine 618


[Little Swan Water Cube 45] This Little Swan Water Cube 10kg fully automatic household inverter drum washing machine 618 will bring unparalleled convenience to your life.This washing machine uses advanced Water Cube technology to ensure that clothes are washed evenly and reduce wear and tear, while providing a gentle washing method to protect precious clothes from damage.In addition, the frequency conversion technology ensures that the washing machine operates smoothly and has low noise, while saving energy and providing long-lasting and stable performance.It is also equipped with a variety of washing programs to meet your different laundry needs.This washing machine has a stylish appearance and is easy to operate, making it an ideal washing companion for your family.On this special day of 618, don’t miss this Little Swan Water Cube drum washing machine, which will bring you a new laundry experience.

Additional information







net weight




Display type


gross weight


Washing power





Fully automatic

Dehydration power


Washing kilograms



washing machine

Maximum speed

1200 rpm


Chinese mainland

time to market

May 2023

Drying method

No drying

Way of working

Belt drive

control method


Dehydrated kilograms


warranty period

36 months

Package Size


Drying kilogram quantity


Drainage method

Upper drainage

Washing machine brand


Cabinet material

PCM steel plate

Energy efficiency rating

Level 1

product type

drum washing machine

Limit of stacking layers

4th floor

Inner bucket material

Stainless steel

Motor type

BLDC variable frequency motor

Opening and closing method

front opening

Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence

Laundry program

Down, mixed single dehydrated

Additional features

Automatic power-off, adding clothes midway, power-off memory function, child lock, high-temperature washing

sort by color

Metal titanium

20 reviews for Swan 10KG fully automatic drum washing machine

  1. Anonymous

    The logistics service is very good

  2. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  3. Anonymous

    The appearance is very high, and the little swan is trustworthy

  4. Anonymous

    The service is very up to standard, and the delivery is also fast.

  5. Anonymous

    High appearance, fast delivery, and timely installation by the master!

  6. Anonymous

    The washing machine is very good, and we will need to purchase it later

  7. Anonymous

    The sound is not that loud, it’s acceptable. The washing machine is quite heavy.

  8. Anonymous

    Easy to operate, not very loud, and the clothes are washed very clean. Very satisfied

  9. Anonymous

    Shipping is fast! The installation is also very fast! I am also very satisfied with the washing effect!

  10. Anonymous

    Not bad, very fast, very good customer service. There have been no problems during use and the noise is also low.

  11. Anonymous

    I bought it for a relative. After installing it and trying it out, I was very satisfied and found no shortcomings.

  12. Anonymous

    Fast speed, on-time delivery: on time… The master is also enthusiastic and thoughtful. Capacity size: large enough

  13. Anonymous

    The washing machine is very easy to use and worth buying.There is no noise when washing clothes, it is noble and elegant!

  14. Anonymous

    This laundry is good, with a black color selection. The overall appearance is high-end and atmospheric. It has been washed for a week and there is basically no noise. The content is also very large, and I really like this one.

  15. Anonymous

    Capacity size: 10 kilograms, quality is good, service is good, and delivery is on time. It will arrive in just two days. Appearance and material: good. Good review. Color is nice. I like it. Price is affordable and worth purchasing. Recommended purchase

  16. Anonymous

    The washing machine packaging is complete, and the workers are also very responsible. It takes our time to install it. Orders placed on Double Eleven are quite cost-effective, and Little Swan brands are being recommended. If they are useful, there will be follow-up reviews.

  17. Anonymous

    Capacity size: very large, very good. Old brand appearance material: very high-end, stylish delivery on time: very good service attitude, I really like washing machines, they are also convenient, and my family can use them. No trouble. Have a chance to visit again next time!

  18. Anonymous

    Capacity: enough for family use.Appearance material: The outer tube looks good.It looks very classy and slightly thicker than my original Siemens. It was delivered on time: the installation master came right after it was delivered.It is not mandatory to change the faucet.You can also use the original pipe.

  19. Anonymous

    The appearance is very good, and the washing speed is also fast… it washes cleanly… does not damage the clothes… I like the bell lock the most, and it is so convenient to add clothes in the middle… I like it in two words, easy to use, convenient… Capacity size: just right Not too big, not too small, delivery on time: I received it the next morning after buying it on May Day…

  20. Anonymous

    The delivery man delivered the goods to his home as soon as possible. In just one day, personnel immediately came to install them in the afternoon, and the efficiency was top-notch. After receiving the goods, the packaging was very complete without any damage. The installation personnel patiently adjusted and informed the precautions. The washing machine has many functions, is convenient and fast, and has a large capacity. The appearance is very simple and atmospheric, and the color is also very high-end. This washing machine is really cost-effective and worth buying!

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