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Pure black natural plant care hair dye cream n n Originating from natural care hair dye cream, providing you with elegance and confidence. Our Zhanghua ecological hair dye adopts pure black natural plant care hair dye cream, which contains a variety of naturally extracted essence ingredients, which can deeply nourish hair and provide lasting hair dyeing effect. This hair dye cream has a natural black color, which can perfectly cover white hair while providing deep nourishment and protection for your hair. It not only gives you a new sense of fashion, but also helps you maintain the health and shine of your hair. Natural plant ingredients, non irritating and harmless, allow your hair to enjoy beauty while also receiving the best care. Whether you want to maintain a natural black color or try new colors, Zhanghua Ecological Hair Dyeing is your ideal choice. Choose Zhanghua Ecological Hair Dye, choose healthy, natural, and long-lasting beauty. Our products are sold as genuine products on the official website of our flagship store. You are welcome to experience our products at any time and feel the true natural care.

Additional information


dye hair


SAVOL/Zhang Hua


China mainland

Product Category

Hair dyeing

Packaging type

Basic packaging

Is it a special purpose cosmetic


Specification type

Normal specifications

Hair dye single product

Baked Oil Hair Dyeing Cream

Cosmetic characteristics

Durable use effect, glossiness, odor

product name

Zhanghua Ecological Baked Oil Hair Dyeing Cream (3/0)

Manufacturer name

Zhejiang Zhanghua Health and Hair Industry Co., Ltd

Production license number of the manufacturing enterprise

Zhejiang Makeup 20160040

Cosmetic filing number/registration certificate number

Guozhuang Special Letter G20201006

sort by color

Natural black [boxed], Natural Black [3 Boxes], Natural Black [5 Boxes], Brown black [boxed], Brown black [3 boxes], Brown black [5 boxes], Chestnut Brown [1 box], Chestnut Brown [3 Boxes], Chestnut Brown [5 Boxes], Black brown [boxed], Black brown [3 box pack], Black brown [5 box pack], Wine red [boxed], Wine Red [3 Boxes], Wine Red [5 Boxes], Purple red [boxed], Purple Red [3 Boxes], Purple Red [5 Boxes], Deep coffee [boxed], Deep coffee [3 boxes], Deep coffee [5 boxes], Gold copper color [boxed], Gold Copper [3 Boxes], Gold and copper color [5 boxes]

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  1. Anonymous

    Very useful

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    Always this brand

  3. Anonymous

    Multiple purchases

  4. Anonymous

    Always using this one

  5. Anonymous

    Repurchased many times

  6. Anonymous

    Not used yet, hoarding

  7. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  8. Anonymous

    Stable quality, often used very well

  9. Anonymous

    I have bought it N times and it is very useful.

  10. Anonymous

    It is relatively mild and the color is also positive

  11. Anonymous

    The connection shared by friends is easy to use and come back!

  12. Anonymous

    I have been using it for many years and have been purchasing from your home.

  13. Anonymous

    Packaging quality: different from the past.There is a profile photo on the box.

  14. Anonymous

    I received the product, it is of high quality, low price and very practical. I like it very much.

  15. Anonymous

    The shipment was fast, unfortunately the original color code was gone, so we had to try the new color code.

  16. Anonymous

    The packaging of the hair dye is intact, and the actual product is the same as the picture. It should be genuine and has not been used yet.

  17. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: It should not be genuine. The taste and color of the hair dye are not as good as before, but fortunately there are no major allergies

  18. Anonymous

    I have purchased it twice, the packaging is intact, the actual product matches the picture, and the logistics are also fast. It has not been used yet, so I am hoarding.

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