Gallnut Hair Dyeing Cream Daisy Kazi Colorful Hair Dyeing


Wubeizi Hair Dyeing Cream Plant Natural Hair Dyeing Agent Natural Black Pure Color Wine Red Chestnut Brown Grape Purple Date Red Linen


Wubeizi Plant Natural Hair Dyeing Cream is a high-quality colored hair dye with a variety of pure colors available, including natural black, wine red chestnut brown, grape purple, jujube red, and linen. This product is made from natural plant ingredients, without chemical additives, non irritating, safer and healthier. Suitable for all skin tone hair color changes, bringing healthy and bright colors to your hair, it is the best choice for pursuing health and beauty. At the same time, it also helps to improve the blood circulation of the scalp, thereby protecting the health of the scalp.

Additional information


dye hair


Daisy Kazi


China mainland

Packaging type

Basic packaging

Is it a special purpose cosmetic


Specification type

Normal specifications

Manufacturer name

Guangdong Huicai Cosmetics Co., Ltd

product name

Daisy Kazi Aromatic Colorful Hair Dyeing Cream (02)

Cosmetic characteristics

Persistence, effectiveness, glossiness, odor

Production license number of the manufacturing enterprise

Yue Makeup 20210086

Cosmetic filing number/registration certificate number

Guo Zhuang Te Zi 20223907

sort by color

brown, Drunk Wine Red 5.45, Wine Red 7.45, Chestnut color 5.46, Milk tea color 6.73, Chestnut color 4.4, chestnut brown, Dirty orange 0.43, Brown Black 4.0, Grape Purple 5.66, rose purple, Gold Copper 7.4, linen color, maroon red, Natural black, Honey Tea 6.7, Gold 0.33, Black Tea 4.3, Light gold 8.33

16 reviews for Gallnut Hair Dyeing Cream Daisy Kazi Colorful Hair Dyeing

  1. Anonymous

    Very good,

  2. Anonymous

    Very satisfied.

  3. Anonymous

    No odor, easy to use

  4. Anonymous

    Not used yet.Good review!

  5. Anonymous

    Sure, satisfied, five-star review

  6. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: Pitying people

  7. Anonymous

    Satisfied, I have bought it many times,

  8. Anonymous

    Very good! It’s shiny and doesn’t fade when dyed!

  9. Anonymous

    The product is available, please review it after use!!

  10. Anonymous

    It looks good, I will continue to purchase in the future

  11. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: One dye paste is sold for 18.5 yuan, which is very disappointing

  12. Anonymous

    I have been using it for four or five years and it is the best.Smooth and beautiful in color

  13. Anonymous

    I bought it and used it, really good. The next time I buy it and use it again, it looks best??

  14. Anonymous

    I feel good. The previous model I bought is gone. Give a positive review first, then follow up on the review

  15. Anonymous

    The quality is particularly good. I have made multiple purchases, it is easy to color and the taste is also pleasant

  16. Anonymous

    It’s too bad. The color fades every time you wash it. The good reviews are all negative. Don’t buy it. Whoever buys it will be fooled!

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