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Japan Kao foam Hair Dyer 2023 Popular Color Self Whitening Pure Bubble Plant Natural Hair Dyer

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Plant natural hair dye cream is a hair dye product made from natural plant extracts, which has the characteristics of safety, health, and environmental protection. It can evenly cover the white and black hair on the hair, making it more shiny and healthy. Compared with other chemical hair dyes, plant-based natural hair dye is safer and healthier, and will not cause harm to hair. At the same time, it can also maintain the natural ingredients of hair, making it softer, smoother, and healthier. N n Therefore, it is a wise choice to choose Kao foam hair dye or natural plant hair dye, which will not only make you more beautiful, but also keep your hair healthy and natural. This hair dye product has become a popular trend in the market and will be your trusted choice. Choose the color that suits you and experience different hair styles anytime, anywhere!

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Kao Prettia foam hair dye

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2021 New Color -115 Light and Shadow Smoke Grey, 811 British Grey Coffee, 701 Haze Brown, 107 Provence roses, 558 Platinum Light Camel, 862 New York Grey Brown, 231 Royal Gao Gui Zong, 695 Smoked Brown, 718 Soft Grey, 217 Soft Sugar Brown, 378 Reduced Brown, 385 restore black, 194 Coffee Milk Tea Brown, 732 Deep Rose, 224 Bright Brown, 367 California light brown, 798 French Rice Brown, 255 Dark Brown Brown, 725 Haze Blue Black, 640 Burgundy Wine Red, 544 new color khaki forest green, 537 New Color Light and Shadow Violet, 520 New Color Light and Shadow Cool Pink

11 reviews for Japan Kao foam hair dye popular color self dye

  1. Anonymous

    Haven’t used it yet, the packaging looks good

  2. Anonymous

    I have been buying from her house all along, and the genuine products are cheap

  3. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: Looks good, haven’t used it yet, will review after using it

  4. Anonymous

    I have always bought from this store. This time I bought three boxes. I will make more when I have time.

  5. Anonymous

    I have bought it 5.6 times, and I am very satisfied with every dyeing. The coloring is particularly uniform and easy to operate

  6. Anonymous

    I have bought it many times. It is easy to operate and the colors are beautiful. I just don’t know how to replenish the colors.

  7. Anonymous

    Recommended for purchase by a friend, with intact packaging and simple usage. The hair color dyed by a friend looks very nice and is worth choosing.

  8. Anonymous

    This is the third time I’ve dyed this color. This time the color is obviously wrong. Ten days after dyeing, my scalp still feels uncomfortable. I don’t know what’s going on~

  9. Anonymous

    This store is a loyal user, with genuine and affordable products. The hair dye is very useful and convenient, and the color is also beautiful. After dyeing, the hair is not dry or astringent.

  10. Anonymous

    Completely following the customer service steps, outdoor temperature is above zero, dyeing for an hour+, without any color applied. The hair color itself is like the picture, it has not been dyed before

  11. Anonymous

    I’m really speechless. I bought two bottles and ordered them separately. I just got one headband, earmuffs and stain-proof cloak. I asked customer service to see what their attitude is. I bought it here for a long time. I was speechless. They also said that I didn’t have any remarks. I bought a few bottles, and you just gave me a few bottles. I also said that the two bottles I bought were for long hair. Have you asked me if they are for long hair?

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