Lifting and firming hot compress lifting and small dolphin scraping for slimming face


Japanese popular scraping board facial introduction massage device for removing facial wrinkles, lifting and tightening beauty device, V-face artifact


Removing facial wrinkles, lifting and tightening, a beauty tool. n n This popular Japanese scraping board facial massage machine is an essential tool for your beauty. It is made of high-tech materials with excellent design, which can effectively remove wrinkles, tighten the skin, promote blood circulation, and improve skin quality. This instrument adopts the principle of scraping, which can stimulate facial acupoints, promote facial muscle movement, and achieve cosmetic effects. Its unique curved design can fit the contours of the face, making it very comfortable to use with almost no discomfort. In addition, this massager also has many other advantages. It is compact and lightweight, easy to carry and use. You can enjoy the pleasure of beauty massage anytime, anywhere. In addition, it also has waterproof function and can be used during bathing, which is very convenient. Whether you want to remove wrinkles, tighten and tighten the skin, or improve skin quality, this scraping board facial massage machine is your best choice. Come and give it a try, let your facial skin shine with youthful radiance!

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19 reviews for Lifting and firming hot compress lifting and small dolphin scraping for slimming face

  1. Anonymous

    Facial massager, the effect is very good. After buying it myself and using it every day, I can now see that my facial lines have faded a lot. I recommend

  2. Anonymous

    I bought this facial massager twice. It’s really good. It has a face-slimming effect. I gave one to my sister. She really likes it.Please feel free to buy it

  3. Anonymous

    This beauty device product is really good. I have used it very well, and my face looks much younger. It really works, and I have recommended it to my best friend!

  4. Anonymous

    The Little Dolphin Scraping Instrument is very useful. After finishing, the skin feels tight and lifted, which is worth recommending. I have decided to buy another one for my mother.

  5. Anonymous

    Recently, I have been looking at a beauty device online for a long time. I bought it and tried it out. It did not disappoint me. It is compact, easy to carry, and the effect is very good.

  6. Anonymous

    The facial massager is compact and delicate, which helps to absorb skincare products and lift the face. After finishing, the skin becomes much tighter, which is very useful and the effect is really good

  7. Anonymous

    After persistently using it for a while, I asked and found that the effect is still there. The face is noticeably tighter and comfortable to use, both relaxing and lifting the face. I will continue to use it.

  8. Anonymous

    Using it with my best friend for 8 minutes every night has a good effect. It can tighten and lighten fine lines, and the effect is really good. It is effective, and the massage is also very comfortable. Love it

  9. Anonymous

    The beauty instrument has a very good lifting and tightening effect. The essence is introduced quickly and has a heating effect. It can remove neck lines, crow’s feet, and forehead wrinkles like mine. It’s a very good product.

  10. Anonymous

    I couldn’t wait to use the beauty instrument after I received it. It is easy to use and light. I feel my face is slightly warm. After using it, my skin feels much firmer. Then I apply a mask and my skin is soft and tender. I will continue to use it and look forward to the results!

  11. Anonymous

    The use effect is that the red light is heated, which is very comfortable to use on the face. The appearance material is champagne gold, and the color is very advanced, with a strong texture and distinctive features. Each angle corresponds to different parts, and we look forward to changes

  12. Anonymous

    I couldn’t wait to try it out after I received it. It can lift all parts. I believe that with long-term use, it can have the function of slimming the face, detoxifying and removing edema.Blue light and red light heating functions.The price is also cheap.Exceeds expectations.Pink is very sweet.

  13. Anonymous

    The radian fits the mandible very well. I tried to scrape it with essence at night. It is simple and convenient to use. It can switch modes and is very comfortable to use. Convenient to carry, used for business trips, and can also scrape off the eye area to relieve fatigue. It is versatile and cost-effective

  14. Anonymous

    The very popular little dolphin beauty device has finally been purchased, and I was quite surprised to receive it. The curvature of the beauty device is quite close to the face, and the massage effect on slimming and removing edema is quite good. It can also be used as an eye massager, and it is very useful for multiple purposes

  15. Anonymous

    I was always hesitant before placing an order. I really had to experience it myself to realize that the effect of this beauty device is really great. The nasolabial folds have faded a lot. Now I can hardly see the nasolabial folds on my face even if I don’t look carefully. My flesh also feels tightened, which is really a big change compared to the previous period.

  16. Anonymous

    In the morning, my face became swollen. I used this slimming and scraping machine to scrape and scrape my face. After using it, my face instantly reduced swelling and improved. The effect was not average good. After staying up late at night, if you have dark circles under your eyes, you can click and push down the position of the eye bags to really lighten them. I love it!!!

  17. Anonymous

    This facial slimmer is really not an IQ tax! This face slimming instrument is really suitable for people like me who love puffy faces and double chins. After using it, the whole face seems to be pulled by a pair of invisible hands. It looks exquisite and divine. I have to say that the face is smaller. It is recommended that sisters who need face slimming can start with it directly!

  18. Anonymous

    The little dolphin has been received.Pink is my favorite color.Use 5 minutes in the morning and evening.My face won’t feel so big in the future.It can also be used elsewhere.The lymph nodes under the neck are also want to be beautiful, and it feels very comfortable to tremble slightly, especially around the eyes.There are two modes: hot and cold.Keep using it and hope it will work~

  19. Anonymous

    I have been paying attention to this beauty device for a long time. After comparing it a lot, I found that this beauty device not only has an exquisite appearance but also has many functions. I just used it after receiving the goods. It is very easy to use. I put some essence on my face and then use this. , it is absorbed very quickly. After using it, my skin feels smoother and smoother, and it feels more delicate. It is very easy to put on makeup the next day and does not remove makeup. It is really worth recommending.

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