Facial mask household rejuvenation lamp VLVEE blue light

French VLVEE large row lamp electronic facial mask instrument red blue light mask beauty instrument household face color light skin rejuvenation

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French VLVEE Large Barlight Electronic Facial Mask Device Red and Blue Light Mask Beauty Instrument Home Facial Light Rejuvenation is a multi-functional beauty instrument that integrates red light, blue light and LED colored light.It can provide a full range of phototherapy care for the face, effectively improving skin problems such as dullness, spots, fine lines, etc.The instrument has a simple and easy-to-use operating interface, allowing users to adjust the intensity and time according to their needs.At the same time, it is also equipped with a variety of facial mask functions, which can meet the needs of different skin types and provide deep nourishment and care for the face.Whether you are doing daily maintenance or special care, this instrument is your indispensable beauty partner.

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face mask

Power supply

USB charging


Brighten skin tone

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Blue, Red, Other

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Household use


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[2024 Black Gold Edition, ] Upgrade 280 LED beads/4 different light sources/3 levels of intensity, [2024 Black Gold Edition, ] Upgrade 280 LED beads/4 different light sources/3 levels of intensity

19 reviews for Facial mask household rejuvenation lamp VLVEE blue light

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    Recommended by a friend, it works really well, I like it

  3. Anonymous

    The item has been received and looks good. I really like it

  4. Anonymous

    I’ve been using it for a week and I haven’t seen any results yet.

  5. Anonymous

    Baby arrived, very satisfied! I will use it in the follow-up review~o (≥ v ≤) o

  6. Anonymous

    A product that has been in use for a period of time, with good results, convenient to use, and very user-friendly

  7. Anonymous

    This electronic mask is very beautiful and has good texture.There are four levels of effect.Very comfortable to wear.I hope it will be effective if you keep using it.

  8. Anonymous

    I have received the item, it is very useful. There are four types of light sources, and after using it for a few days, I feel that the effect is indeed good. The skin feels finer and I really like it

  9. Anonymous

    I used it for a few days and it was really good. The overall workmanship of the product is very exquisite, and the design is quite good. It has three adjustable gears and is very convenient to use. I have recommended it to my friends

  10. Anonymous

    It can only be said that communication is not possible without a fixed strap, and it is not stable. I have been trying to find it, but there is no solution. Is it just that if I try to find it, I will be speechless?? Is it useless or ineffective??

  11. Anonymous

    It is very easy to use and can be taken on business trips. The effect is also good. Now I can take it every day and it doesn’t produce much oil. Before, I would produce a lot of oil. This has indeed improved. It is very good. I will continue to stick to it and believe it will get better and better.

  12. Anonymous

    I have always been troubled by acne. My friend recommended me to use this photon rejuvenation device, saying that beauty salons also irradiate the skin in this way. I accidentally saw this and bought it to try. It has a high cost performance ratio and high-end packaging, and I will continue to use it

  13. Anonymous

    Finally, I found a suitable beauty instrument. It is very convenient to use and the process of irradiation is very enjoyable. The main purpose is to have the effect of even skin color and reducing pores. At present, I feel good. After using it, I can apply a facial mask. The effect seems to be better.

  14. Anonymous

    Just received the goods, I feel it is very exquisite, the quality is good, and the price/performance ratio is very high in comparison.Looking forward to the effect haha.It is also very convenient to use. You must use it every day. The effect will be very good on the first day of use! I believe it will get better if you stick to it!

  15. Anonymous

    Very suitable for lazy people like me to use. It can be used immediately after wearing it, without the need for manual operation, which is very convenient and convenient. It is especially friendly to acne prone skin. Previously, I used to go to beauty salons for photon rejuvenation, but now I can do it at home. I look forward to the effect

  16. Anonymous

    The usage effect is quite intuitive. After use, it is absorbed faster with skincare products. When I dry my skin, the skincare products I use are quite oily, so I usually need to rub more. After using the instrument this time, it is quickly absorbed. I hope that using the instrument with skincare products can maintain my current skin condition

  17. Anonymous

    The effect of removing yellowing and brightening is very good. Every time I stay up late, my face turns very yellow. Before applying makeup in the morning, I take a purple light mode first, and the skin color can be significantly improved. After using it for a period of time, I feel that the overall skin color has brightened up. I really need to persist in using it. It is recommended to use it well

  18. Anonymous

    The packaging is high-end and you can tell it is genuine at first glance. The material is very good and comfortable to touch. The head circumference can be adjusted and there is almost no feeling when wearing it. You can watch dramas and take care of yourself at the same time, or even lie in bed and stare at it for a while. It is truly realized. Get “beauty sleep”.I stick to it for 10 minutes a day. After using it for two weeks, my skin feels a lot brighter.

  19. Anonymous

    The effect is really good. This is something I didn’t expect. I have oily skin and I have acne, blackheads, and enlarged pores. Going to a beauty salon once and taking a blue light treatment will help. After a while, the acne, blackheads, and other problems started to reappear, so I bought it. I got a photon machine and used it on my own for ten minutes a day. It really has the effect of controlling oil and removing acne. The blackheads are not that serious and it feels okay.

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