Mingting Internet celebrity Yunduo children’s room bedroom ceiling lamp


Nordic creative children’s room bedroom light LED super bright eye protection ceiling light Internet celebrity cloud boy and girl room light




1. Ceiling design, easy to install, suitable for various room sizes.

2. LED light source, soft light, no flicker, protects children’s vision.

3. Super bright lighting, providing sufficient lighting to facilitate children’s learning and playing.

4. A variety of color temperatures are available, which can be adjusted according to needs to create a comfortable atmosphere.

5. Energy saving and environmental protection, long service life and high cost performance.

6. Suitable for boys and girls’ rooms, suitable for various decoration styles.

This children’s room bedroom lamp is a must-have lighting product for every family. It not only provides a good learning environment for children, but also creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere for children’s growth.Choose this children’s room bedroom light to make your child’s childhood better!



Additional information






Mingting Hall

Warranty period

3 years


Minimalist and modern

Lampshade shape

flower shape

Irradiation area

10 ㎡ -15 ㎡

Is it intelligent control


Main material of lamp body


Lamp body auxiliary material



Polishing and polishing

Type of ceiling light

Iron ceiling lamp

Intelligent type

Connected to Tmall Genie

type of light source

Energy saving LED lights

Does the lighting fixture come with a light source


Main material of lampshade

PMMA high transmittance lampshade

Lampshade auxiliary material

PMMA high transmittance lampshade

3C certificate number

two thousand and twenty-two trillion and three hundred and one billion one million one hundred and eighty

sort by color

A-style Cloud [White], A-style Cloud [Gold], B-style Cloud [White], B-style Cloud [Gold]

control type

LED white light, Tricolor dimming, Infinite remote dimming [equipped with remote control], Support Tmall Genie voice, mobile app, [with remote control], Intelligent offline voice control [no need for audio connection]

18 reviews for Mingting Internet celebrity Yunduo children’s room bedroom ceiling lamp

  1. Anonymous

    Extremely bright and beautiful

  2. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  3. Anonymous

    Very cute, good-looking, chosen by the daughter

  4. Anonymous

    Overall good, the brightness is also sufficient~It looks very nice

  5. Anonymous

    The seller is very good, and the lights are also very beautiful, worth buying

  6. Anonymous

    Tri color conversion, remote control and voice control, affordable and cost-effective

  7. Anonymous

    It is very easy to install and the children like it very much in the children’s room.

  8. Anonymous

    The light is fine, just the right size, with three color lights, and each light is very bright

  9. Anonymous

    It’s good, very bright, you can adjust the light sensitivity, the price is very good, and it’s quite beautiful.

  10. Anonymous

    I was worried that it wouldn’t be bright enough, so I chose a solid color, but I didn’t expect it to be too bright.

  11. Anonymous

    The three colors look great and are packed well in the bag room. The installation is convenient and the logistics are also okay

  12. Anonymous

    It looks very nice and bright. The child is playing in the house, and the lighting is sufficient. The installation is also very simple

  13. Anonymous

    It looks good, and the brightness is also good. This panel is quite good, it is separate, but the price and light source are quite good

  14. Anonymous

    The style of this lamp is really suitable for children’s rooms. The brightness is just right, not dazzling and not tiring to the eyes. It’s great.

  15. Anonymous

    Three color light source, very safe. The design of clouds is loved by children. The quality is also quite good, and the installation is also convenient??????

  16. Anonymous

    The three-color lightening is good and cute. It’s suitable for my daughter’s room, but the photo is too bright. The room is small, but fortunately the quality is good and beautiful.

  17. Anonymous

    The lamp is very beautiful, simple and warm, and suitable for children’s rooms. When installing it, I told the master about the installation direction, so that the children can see the rising sun every day while lying on the bed??

  18. Anonymous

    The packaging of the lamp is very tight and safe, with three layers inside and three layers outside. The received product is very intact and undamaged. The bottom plate of the lamp is clearly marked with the wattage, not the kind of wattage adjustment. After receiving the product and testing the brightness with the wire, I was very satisfied. During installation, due to the irregular shape, I needed to drill holes myself. The bottom plate is really thick, and I used two holes to fix it without any other screws. It is also very sturdy, and the details show that the shop is very attentive. I am very satisfied with a shopping experience!

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