Light luxury designer minimalist modern style crystal molecular lamp


Designer lighting fixtures, living room chandeliers, light luxury and atmospheric Nordic minimalist modern crystal dining room, bedroom molecular lights

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This designer lighting collection provides the perfect lighting solution for living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms.Its light and luxurious design style combines Nordic simplicity and modern elements, making this lamp a breath of fresh air in the market.

The living room chandelier is a highlight of this series.The combination of exquisite crystal and high-quality metal materials makes the entire chandelier both gorgeous and elegant.The lighting is carefully adjusted to provide even and comfortable light to every corner.It can not only enhance the atmosphere of the entire living room, but also provide a relaxing and enjoyable rest environment for family members.

In the bedroom, molecular lamps are an excellent choice.This lamp is known for its unique design and light texture.Crystal molecular lampshades are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also bring a warm and romantic atmosphere to the bedroom.It can be used as a bedside lamp or as a decorative piece of art for the entire room.

One of the features of this lamp is its use of environmentally friendly materials.All parts are made of harmless materials, ensuring the safety and health of users.Additionally, its durability is guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Overall, this designer lighting series is an excellent product that combines beauty, practicality and environmental protection.Whether it is a luxurious living room or a simple bedroom, it can blend in perfectly and add elegance and charm to your living space.Whether you are looking for a high-quality home lighting product or want to add a touch of art to your home, this lighting range is an ideal choice.





Additional information





Control type


Lamp shape


Number of lamp heads



Chinese mainland

Warranty period

5 years

Number of light sources



Minimalist and modern

Is it intelligent control


Number of accessories

1 unit


111V~240V (inclusive)

Irradiation area

15 ㎡ -30 ㎡

Main material of lamp body


type of light source

LED lights

Pendant type

Crystal chandeliers

Lamp body auxiliary material


Main material of lampshade



Spray paint frosting

Lampshade auxiliary material


Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence

Does the lighting fixture come with a light source


3C certificate number

two thousand and twenty-four trillion and three hundred and seventy-one billion one million and forty-five

sort by color

6 original patents (with a complimentary tricolor light source), 9 original patents (with a complimentary tricolor light source), 12 original patents (complimentary tricolor light source), 15 original patents (complimentary tricolor light source), 18 original patents (complimentary tricolor light source), Package 1 (comes with three color light source), Package 2 (comes with three color light source), Package 3 (comes with three color light source), Package 4 (comes with three color light source), Package 5 (comes with three color light source), Package 6 (comes with three color light source), Package 7 (comes with three color light source)

18 reviews for Light luxury designer minimalist modern style crystal molecular lamp

  1. Anonymous

    I really like it?? I love you, I love you

  2. Anonymous

    Take a good look, the quality is super good. I like it

  3. Anonymous

    Very beautiful and shining, the installation master is professional????

  4. Anonymous

    If the evaluator fails to provide timely feedback, the system will default to positive feedback!

  5. Anonymous

    Good looking~The living room has become more beautiful! The installation master is also very good~

  6. Anonymous

    The lights are beautiful, atmospheric, and the customer service attitude is good. I have been teaching them all along

  7. Anonymous

    It looks good, has texture, is bright enough, and looks classy even when you turn the light on or off! It doesn’t look cheap!

  8. Anonymous

    This is a lamp that I like very much. I was not disappointed when I opened it after receiving it. It is highly recommended. I love it.

  9. Anonymous

    The lights are really bright and beautiful.It is the highlight of the living room, and the lighting masters said it looks good.Just rush with your eyes closed.

  10. Anonymous

    The effect is very good. The first and third colors are similar, but they are already very beautiful and easy to install. The item was delivered to Hong Kong without any damage

  11. Anonymous

    Very good-looking and stylish, my friends said they chose it very well, and it also matches our home style very well. Each lampshade is very sturdy, not the light and floating type with poor quality

  12. Anonymous

    After searching for a long time, I finally found this lamp that I liked. The style is particularly fashionable and atmospheric, adding a lot of style to my small house. Logistics is also very fast, and customer service is also awesome.

  13. Anonymous

    Paired with a set of living room and dining room, it is very beautiful. When the lights are installed, the home instantly becomes more stylish, but the photography skills are not very good, and the effect cannot be achieved. The customer service is very good, and they can patiently help solve any problems. Recommended recommendations.

  14. Anonymous

    Super good! I bought both the living room and dining room lights as a matching set. When I bought the lights, the customer service attitude was good and professional, and the lights were also very beautiful. The technician who came to install them was very skilled and professional, but the light bulbs were a bit difficult to install. The overall effect was amazing! Very satisfied!

  15. Anonymous

    ps: You can’t capture that effect with your mobile phone.1. It’s really beautiful, more like a work of art.2. The installer is very professional. It is not recommended for those who want to install it by themselves. There are many lamp holders, which will make you doubt your life.3. The after-sales service is very good and responds immediately.A very satisfying purchase.The key is that my wife likes it??

  16. Anonymous

    I have been struggling for a long time to choose lamps after decorating my new home. I liked this one at first sight and finally chose it. The quality is really good when it arrives. It is a crystal lamp head, but the light source inside needs to be aligned with the hole, which is a bit troublesome. There was a little problem with the installation, and the after-sales customer service answered it very patiently. In general, it is really beautiful. Don’t miss it if you like it.

  17. Anonymous

    This light looks great whether it is turned on or not. It is really beautiful. I can’t take a photo of one-third of its beauty~~ I installed it myself. I suggest you order it from other people’s homes. The two of us and three of my electricians did it. It took two hours~~ It was actually very easy to install. It took the three of us half a day to study it~ Hahahahaha. Moreover, this lamp comes with hanging rods of different lengths, so you can choose the length you want.That crystal is very heavy and of great quality.I rarely write good reviews. This lamp is my favorite thing I bought for decoration. I looked at it for two months before picking it out.Really beautiful~~

  18. Anonymous

    Sisters, it’s worth buying.How can I put it this way? The crystal of this lamp is very sparkling, and it’s not only good-looking.The main reason is that it is extremely easy to take care of, and it is also extremely easy to wipe away dust.It was delivered to my home and installed. The installer was very skilled and installed the lights perfectly. He even helped me choose the angle.I spent a little more money to upgrade the light source and added a remote control, which is good news for lazy people????.All in all it’s a worthwhile choice.The living room area is 4*5, and I chose 18 heads, like a big snowflake??.If your home is modern and simple, Italian minimalist, light and luxurious, I think this lamp is suitable for it.The main reason is that it is much cheaper than the physical store.

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